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Collects New Avengers Illuminati #1 5 The Illuminati An elite group of the planet's most powerful guardians to face its greatest threats Join Iron Man Professor X Black Bolt the Sub Mariner and Mr Fantastic as they take on the threats no one else can handle and learn of secrets that will forever alter the way they and you look at the Marvel Universe

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    A really cool concept Some of the heavyweights of the Marvel U are secretly meeting to take on the planetwide threats Begins with the reason why the Skulls are coming to Earth Then a couple of really good issues with the Infinity Gauntlet and the Beyonder The Marvel Boy issue was kind of dumb but ended on a great note leading into Secret Invasion These guys that are secretly trying to protect the Earth seem to do harm than good The stories are really well written and gives you a look back at some of the biggest events to ever take place in Marvel history

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    Doctor Strange Black Bolt Professor X Mister Fantastic Namor the Sub Mariner and Iron Man are the Illuminati a secret group that shapes the superhero world in theory for the better behind the scenes But as the saying goes the road to hell is paved with good intentions Brian Bendis and Jim Cheung’s New Avengers Illuminati is an ok comic It’s a collection of five short stories some of which are better than others The book opens and closes with Skrull episodes that are Secret Invasion lead ins The first issue gives some background on the Skrulls’ decision to invade and seeing the Illuminati escape the Skrulls’ torture camp was really entertaining However having recently read Secret Invasion I had a hard time giving a fig about the closing issue considering how bad that event turned out to be Not a whole lot happens in it either the team battles a Super Skrull meh I would’ve liked to have seen some background on the group’s formation because we don’t get any of that here Why create this clandestine group and why them if the ualification is intelligence like it seems to be with Richards and Stark why not Hank Pym or Beast why limit it to just six? The moral uestion is never really addressed either what gives them the right to make these decisions and who pays when these decisions that affect BILLIONS of lives backfires? Bendis addresses man’s fallibility in the Infinity Gauntlet issue when it looks like Reed Richards is about to go full Gollum with the Gauntlet as well as the nature of absolute power in the Beyonder issue but his treatment feels shallow and rushed A cerebral writer like Grant Morrison would’ve excelled at this type of story which the populist minded popcorn entertainment Bendis can’t uite pull it off Jim Cheung’s art is good throughout and at least half the stories were entertaining enough escaping the Skrulls the Infinity Gems uest and meeting the Beyonder and even having the characters just sit around and talk about their other halves is exactly the kind of thing Bendis does so well and can overindulge in But the Noh Varr issue did nothing for me nor did the Secret Invasion prologue which you don’t really need to read as the dead Elektra Skrull appears again in the full event anyway Props to Bendis for creating this teamconcept which though underdeveloped here is solid But I recommend Jonathan Hickman’s New Avengers particularly the first volume for a much better Illuminati comic that also really does them justice Hickman raises the stakes enormously and shows readers just how powerful this small group really is and the scale that they operate on as well as the impact of their decisions Bendis’ New Avengers Illuminati though is by no means a bad comic and serves as a decent jumping on point for this group

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    The New Avengers Illuminati describes Earth's best and brightest forming a group many years ago to handle the big decisions Iron Man Professor X Mr Fantastic Namor Dr Strange Black Bolt and The Black Panther meet together at Iron Man's reuest after The Kree Skull War on Earth Iron Man wants to form all the Earth's superheroes into an army but the others don't agree Black Panther refuses to take any part in this group and the others decide to form The IlluminatiIt is interesting to see Professor X and Dr Strange take part in these secret meetings to decide Earth's path Iron Man Mr Fantastic and Namor are all egomaniacs who need to control things so it's not hard seeing them do this I can't really figure out if it's in Black Bolt's character since he rarely speaks and when he does I'm generally too busy looking at what blew up to register his wordsThis was a fairly serious comic overall but they still managed to insert some humorThe Illuminati themselves aren't a bad idea but I'd be comfortable with it if Iron Man and Mr Fantastic were just advisors and if Namor had no part of it

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    I’ll put it this way it is a very neat idea and I always have a good time reading Bendis That being said there is no real arc that carries through for the most part it reads like an anthology detailing actions of this secret order throughout some of the Marvel universes biggest eventsBut it’s also a lead in it leads to secret invasionThat’s why it gets 3 stars Though if you’ve read Hickman’s run it’s pretty neat to see them all here

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    Got this graphic novel compilation for the fact that my favorite Marvel character Dr Strange figures prominently in it And to have other Marvel heavy hitters like Iron Man Professor Charles Xavier and Reed Richards in it was just too tempting to pass upVerdict?I wouldn’t say that it was a must read but given that it prefigures into the reason behind the Secret Invasion I say that that alone was price of admission This edition collects Illuminati 1 5 and shows the collective force of Dr Strange Mr Fantastic Iron man Namor Professor X and Black Bolt of the Inhumans and how they operate along the sidelines if not behind the scenes at some of the cataclysmic Marvel events and how they were able to do some damage control thereby proving to be a worthy force to be reckoned with And reckon with and deal with extraterrestrial events this secret group sure did; from handling the Infinity Gems of the Gauntlet love that the Gauntlet resurfaces albeit briefly the encounter with the Beyonder during the Secret Wars saga of the 80’s to the “reforming” of Captain Mar vell and recently the discovery of the Skrull presence on EarthBut as such with power come both the responsibility in wielding it and the line that one has to draw to prevent such wanton misuse and thereby blurring that same line and changes the hero from champion into a walking power hungry ego with legs and superhuman abilityThe Civil War penned Bendis storyline has shown that our heroes aren’t perfect and are subject to the same flaws and judgement error phases that ordinary people go through and this compilation is no different Is that credit to Bendis’ writing? Perhaps Or is it the natural progression of heroes nowdays in Comics to embody their real life reader counterparts and be given angst pride distrust and all other emotional facets that make us tickSo did the compilation do its trick or job to clue me in? It didn’t exactly tick me off and made me conclude that it would be a useless gesture to read this because it doesn’t supplement or create depth to the Secret Invasion But what it did show me that this Marvel crisis was something that was painstakingly planned well The foundations were certainly laid down well and justified the progression of the Skrull crisisFor an added history lesson into that crisis and ties to the Skrul Kree dynamic and how they relate to Earth then yes read it But if you don’t really want to know the laying in of bricks and mortar to the whole scene and would just want to stroll into the building itself and get to the heart of the conflict then by all means walk along and go straight to Secret InvasionBut then again a little knowledge never hurt anyone So still try it out Who knows you may like it and appreciate Secret Invasion I know I did Only after reading it a second time I may even have appreciated it the first time had I read this first

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    I couldn't uite bring myself to give this one 4 stars To me it was lacking that special something that great stories have The concept was cool enough but the way the story was pieced together just didn't give it a cohesive feel for me The 'secret society within a secret society' theme reminded me of the storyline in Identity Crisis As a mostly Marvel girl I hate to say this but DC did it much better this time aroundHowever it is definitely worth the read because of the inside information on the whys and hows of the Secret Invasion storyline There is also a highly enjoyable scene between the guys about the women in their lives that I found to be uite funny

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    I really enjoyed this The concept of a secret group of the brightest minds in the Marvel Universe coming together to take out threats to the Earth without the knowledge of anyone elseIron Man Black Bolt Dr Strange Prof X Mr Fantastic the Sub MarinerThey first formed after the Kree Skrull War via retcon but done nicely and we follow them as they confront major problems right up to Secret InvasionI just liked the concept right out of Plato of the Philosopher Kings who rule Black Bolt and Namor both are Kings as well because they are the smartest There's also some hard decisions made ones that would never fly in the AvengersX MenFF etcI don't want to give much away other than to say Bendis nails this one on the head The personalities clash the right amount and work together the right amount as well but it's also nice because we don't get to see some of these guys much so to have them get a chance to shine is welcomeStrongly recommended

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    Some of the most powerful members of the Marvel Universe join forces in the aftermath of the KreeSkrull war to protect Earth from threats the other heroes can't handle It's an interesting conceit and puts a different spin on some of the mega crossover events that have happened over the decades In some ways Brian Michael Bendis is the Roy Thomas of his generation deftly and seamlessly weaving new narratives into existing continuities This book is a touch on the short side and seems to exist mainly as a lead in to the Secret Invasion crossover event I think my favorite part of it was some of the banter between the lead characters particularly the whole conversation kicked off by Dr Strange complaining that Clea left him How much you enjoy this probably depends on how much of a Marvel reader you are I liked it but I've been reading various Marvel titles since the 70's so I was able to pick up on most of the references Not sure how new readers will fare

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    I love the IlluminatiI like the basic concept that Bendis came up with the secret organization of the world's most powerful super heroes He manages to tie it into Marvel's history even though he only created the team prior to Civil War For me it really works Seeing these heroes shape and change the Marvel universe without the rest of their team mates and family members even knowing It's also pretty amazing to see Jim Cheung draw the different eras of Marvel We see Skrulls Galactus The Beyonder and a uest for the Infinity Gems When the story feels a little weak it's helped by the art because it's just so gorgeous to look atThe illuminati is one of my favourite concepts that Bendis introduced during his run on the Avengers franchise And I'm also glad to see Jonathan Hickman carrying on with the team and taking them further

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    I liked this book for the simple reason that it coveredskimmed just about every significant moment of recent Marvel historyFrom the Infinity Stones the troubles with the Kree Battleworld and the Beyonder the Civil War and Captain America to the pervasive and every ongoing threat of the Skrull empire this book had it all brieflyI need to buy and read Omnibuses Why? Because I’m all over the placeJust like this book that touches on everything I’m scattered in the Marvel universeIt did help fill in gaps that I was missing and overall it was a pretty entertaining bookI don’t know how true fans that have read every single event will feelI do know that this book leads up to Secret Invasions thoughSo if you’re a new traveler into the Marvel world like I am I can at least tell you that this book is a great starting off point to that new adventure