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Each of the sensual slutwives in these nine explicit erotic stories calls the shots in the bedroom and beyond She may fuck around right in front of their husband or just out of sight within earshot She may cuckold and tease him in their bed or in a hotel in a back seat or at a house party even perhaps in a piercing parlor or a restaurant ladies' room There are few limits to what these horny wives will do to fulfill their carnal desires Some husbands admit how much they crave the powerfully erotic sense of degradation That kind of cuckold begs for the deep humiliation of watching his wife's hot body being stripped sullied spread touched and possessed by another But other hubbies migth not be so self aware Many's the wife who takes pleasure in cuckolding a man who doesn't know what he needs or what SHE needs Maybe he doesn't realize or can't admit just how badly he needs the degradation of being cuckoldednot until it's rubbed in his face But once a promiscuous wife spreads her legs for her first stranger how can she resist the next? As she opens herself again and again to sensual exploration with friends lovers and strangers alike she feels her power growing Each iteration of the humiliating ritual increases her control over her husbanduntil he finds himself under her thumb slipping helplessly into his new life as a cuckold slave Cuckold Husbands contains 9 stories for a total of 33400 words of explicit cuckold couple watched wife and voyeur husband erotica Edited by Miranda Hendrix With stories by Meredith Marshall André Schmidt Tina Taylor NT Morley Valery Bond Erica Dumas Audrey Bouchard and Ainsleigh Foster Stories Included Pierced by Meredith Marshall In Flight Cuckold by André Schmidt Five Men and My Husband by Tina Taylor The Wedding Party by NT Morley Ten PM Sharp by Valery Bond California Merlot by Erica Dumas Her Husband's Boss by Audrey Bouchard The Yoga Instructor by NT Morley Takes All Cummers by Ainsleigh Foster This anthology includes explicit erotic writing and sexual description It is intended for a mature audience

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