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Bohemian girl London SW 24 in digs interested most things educated lonely desires man pal London or abroadOn September 1 1920 the Metropolitan police received a tip off that a certain magazine the Link was running extremely dubious personal ads An investigation and court case followed and the editor found himself accused of promoting loose living homosexuality prostitution and white slavery As he struggled to defend himself the full weight of official disapproval and media outrage was brought to bear on him So begins this fascinating sideways look at the history of relationships—and attitudes to relationships—in 20th century Britain From World War I soldiers hoping for lady friends to send them food packages to lonely clerks and typists desperate for love in the cities of 1920s England through to the 1960s and 1970s swingers and today's internet junkies it shows how the personal ad has mirrored and encouraged seismic shifts in society and popular attitudes to relationships At the same time it also unearths the stories of the heroes and villains of the personal ad—the former deb Heather Jenner who in 1939 set up a marriage bureau for Tatler reading aristocrats the shadowy Cyril Benbow whose cryptic Gentleman has books for sale masked a burgeoning pornography empire and the tragic figure of Irene Wilkins brutally murdered in 1921 by a man who scoured the personal ads in his search for victims

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    This is an engaging study of the history of the personal advertisement in mostly twentieth century British newspapers although there were ads placed in the press for marital partners as far back as the seventeenth century Early twentieth century censorship was severe in restricting what sort of sexual services or material could be advertised and it is intriguing to see how the advertisers had to use euphemisms and coded words to inform readers what sort of material they were supplying or indeed what sort of people they wished to meet for what sort of activity It was then up to the readers to interpret and understand these coded words Up until recent times and certainly before the advent of the internet using dating agencies or journals and papers to find suitable romantic or marital partners had a certain stigma – it was seen to be either the resort of the inadeuate or was dangerous in potentially putting yourself at risk from total strangers The occasional murder when females responded to such ads reinforced this common belief But it was increasingly recognised that modern urban society could make it difficult for both sexes to meet suitable partners for marriage This is an accessible unchallenging read though fully footnoted and provides an insight into trends in British society via the development and attitudes to personal ads in the press

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    This is the social history of the small 'classified' in the Western media focussing obviously on the personal advertisement The writing is accessible and the research thorough However 228 pages devoted to the topic of sexual repression in Western society through the censorship of people's desires advertsied in the media is a wee bit excessive A book half this length and tightly written would have been a enjoyable read

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    A fascinating history of 'small ads' in the populist academic style I adore so much Concise without feeling too shallow and thoughtfully endnoted