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I honestly wish I could believe that things will end perfectly with one big bright happy ending But these last few days have taught me that life isn't made up of shiny moments Life is hard; it's gritty One day you are filled with joy and the next you are crawling through the muddy trenches with no inkling of when you might be able to climb your way back up again Willow Mosby Exposing ELECan Willow expose Project ELE for what it really is? Just when Willow Mosby thought that her life might return to normal her parents and Tony are ruthlessly abducted along with many other victims from the shelter In an effort to save them Willow has to take a stand against the darkness brought forth by the masterminds of Project ELE In the midst of all of the chaos Willow is faced with some impossible choices Is Willow strong enough to make these decisions? How can she decide between the man she first loved and the man who has sworn to protect her? When certain events are set in motion Willow finds herself caught in the center of an even darker diabolical scheme than she could have ever imagined With her abilities rapidly growing Willow finds herself powerful than ever before What she hadn't realized is that someone else has noticed her power and they will stop at nothing to get it From the authors of Project ELE and Finding ELE comes Exposing ELE The third book in an all new apocalyptic series with a paranormal twist The ELE Series

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    Review as it appears on my blog Amy's Book World This book seems to center around Willow and Tony's world than anyone else So for those Tony fans Me you will be happy that he gets face time Willow sets out to save her parents and Tony Willow being Willow her first priority is not herself but others She wants to bring Tony and her parents back safe Alec doesn't understand He has it in his mind that this is all because she has some feelings for Tony I'm sorry but Alec is a jerk If he really knew his girlfriend the way he thought he did then he would know that she would do anything to help others Especially those she cares about Tsk Tsk Alec He breaks up with her Yes There is hope for Tony But not so fast Tony fans When she does find Tony something has happened that has changed him At first you think is a Reaper because his eyes turn red Willow heals him though only temporarily We find out later that it is all connected to Zack because of the shot he gave him Is he Reaper? I don't think so but we won't know yet not until future books Willow and Tony spend lots of time together trying to get the Hasting men Tragedy strikes and Willows is left devastated Luckily Tony is there to comfort her They try to get revenge with the Hasting men Willow finds out some information about Tony's condition She is left having to make a tough decision and thus we are left with another cliffhangerTony has been my favorite for Willow since he appeared on scene in Finding ELE Willow is a strong female She is independent strong willed and stubborned Someone sensitive like Alec will just leave her wondering if he was okay if there was a battle Tony can fend for himself So when Alec dumps Willow it is like opening a door for Tony and he takes his chance But so far the odds are against them I found that this book is of a turning point n the series Willow has to take on of a leadership role We find out about why Dr Hastings wants Willow We don't find out everything but we know than when we started I personally think out of everyone Willow is just special and that is why the shots reacted differently on her So that leaves you wondering what is ELE It think it has a lot to do with what Dr Hastings is doing Maybe he is trying to create a super human Who knows I look forward to finding out Well the dynamic duo of Gober and Nuckels has done it yet again The story pulls you in and you find yourself sucked into the fictional world with the characters You root them on laugh with them and cry with them Let me tell you this book will have you crying So grab your your tissues you'll need them especially for chapter 3Overall I loved this book and I can not wait for the next book The only thing that I didn't like was that once again we were left with a cliffhanger Grrrr But it's all good This a definite recommend series but it should be read in order though Disclaimer I received this book from the authors for the purposes of an honest review

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    This book was given to me as a pre edit ARC Book due to be released in the middle of DecemberExposing ELE is the third part in the dystopian style young adult series that follows Willow Mosby a 16 year old girl having to cope with unimaginable circumstances that are developing around her at the same time as her remarkable powers are evolving At the end of the second book Finding ELE things were looking pretty dismal for Willow and everyone with her and this is where Exposing ELE picks up and then just runs off with youBe prepared for laughter and tears twists and turns as Willow tries desperately to make sense and come to terms with everything happening around her New powers will develop and just as one crisis is dealt with another seems to be waiting just around the corner but in such a way that it never feels that is is being forced in to make up the storylineFor me the thing I love most about this series is that even with everything going on the writers never let you lose track of the fact that at the end of the day Willow is just a teenager yes she may have all these powers and have been thrown into an unimaginable situation but she never feels too grown up which I often find in these style novelsBe warned that you will not want this book to end and whilst I was grateful for the epilogue know that this book does not end with all the answers You will need to and I am sure want to get your hands on book 4 as soon as possible which could be a problem as the writers haven't even started it yetVV

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    Disclaimer I received an unedited ARC e copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewThis is the third in the ELE Series and the story just keeps getting better and better I'm attached to the characters engrossed in the story and glad that I'm not in their situation The triangle between Willow Alec and Tony is just insane and I'm not sure who I want to win Aside from that Zack is a complete jerk and he just keeps getting creepier and evil every time he's mentioned Willow's friends are all amazing and her little brother Sebastian is just the cutest thing I love the way he talks This one made me laugh out loud the Trivial Pursuit uestions about Beiber and Gaga were hilarious and when Willow called Zack a sparkly vampire I thought I'd die laughing cry uite a few times you'll know them when you get there and I definitely cursed at a few charactersscenes especially the To Be Continued at the end I NEED to know what happensThe story keeps building and building and we're nowhere near the end I can't wait to see what Rebecca and Courtney come up with next 10 stars even though it only says 5

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    This book was given to me by the authors for an honest reviewExposing ELE is the third book in the ELE Series and it does not disappoint With each book released in this series Rebecca and Courtney raise the bar and they did it again Of the three books that are out in this series two are in the works yay this one is hands down my favorite I cannot even begin to describe what happens in this book for fear of giving too much away Let me just say that these ladies are extremely talented at what they do Rebecca and Courtney are so amazing at descriptive writing that you feel as though these are your friends and your family and you will do whatever it takes to keep them safe and calm their fears You ache for them when their hearts are broken and break they do numerous timesKeep your Kleenex handy and remember that even if you yell at them they still cannot hear you So I leave you with one spoiler and one spoiler only The end of this book leaves you hanging on a bigger cliff than Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible

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    My previous review of the first book yielded a lower rating The second book was even better and I am happy to say that the third book was an improvement from the first two The story was clean and consistent There were much fewer spelling and grammatical errors and the story line and character development were both strong and well written There were still a few typos and several vocabulary issues misuse of a word but less than ten It was another drastic improvement This series has captivated me and I thoroughly enjoyed it It was wonderful and after reading the first book I bought the 2nd and 3rd book and read them both in just a few days I cannot wait for the next installment I wish that I did not have to wait

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    When Willow thinks things may be getting better for her Her parents Tony and many are abducted It is up to her to rescue them What Willow doesn't know is someone is setting a trap for her She will have to make some decisions that are destined to break her heart Will now must step up and help take down the ones who create all her powers Powers that seem to be growing all the time Besides all that she has to deal with falling for two guys Her first love and her protector Willow is one of my favorite female leads in a book She is strong even so in this book She is faced with hard decisions and does her best to work through them She is young so she is still confused about a few things and she does make a few mistakes but that make her real Alec is as sweet as ever and would make anyone a good boyfriend Tony only wants to help Willow and protect her but still lets her make her own decisions Willow's mom and Dad are simply wonderful you get to see how far they will go to protect Willow Now the character that will still your heart is Sebastian Willow's brother I just want to cuddle with this little boy I should have learned with the first two books in this series not to start this book at night before I go to sleep No not me I picked it up and said I will read a little of it tonight and go to sleep Nope that didn't happen As soon as I started reading it didn't get put down till I had no pages left I love this book and series You get dragged into the world and you forget the world around you Willow really has an emotional struggle in this book but you can see it making her stronger than ever The book stay at a wonderful pace all the way till the end It is hard to review this series and book without spoilers I want to tell everyone so much about this series Some new powers are found in this book and it does make me wonder how many new ones they can come up with I look forward to seeing of what the new discovered ones can do In short to wrap this up so I don't give anything away read this book Read this series It is one of the best I have read this year It a dystopian series with some paranormal twist You will love some characters and hate some as well Even if it doesn't sound like something you normally like I would still try this one out You may be surprised I can not wait to see what happens next

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    This is the third instalment of the ELE series if you haven't read the first two Project ELE and Finding ELEyet then what are you waiting for? Seriously Go pick them up and read them You will not be disappointed I cant believe I literally stumbled upon this series with absolutely no knowledge of what they were about From the very first book this series has hooked me in and kept me on the edge of my seat And has found its way onto my rather short list of favourite book seriesThis book starts off right where Finding ELE ends outside the mountain trying to protect people from Zack and his father During the conflict Willow's parents and Tony are captured presumed dead Willow feels guilty and runs off to try and save them with disastrous resultsOnce again this book ends on a cliffhanger And that's something I'm getting used to with this series doesn't mean I have to like it but hopefully it wont be too long before the next instalment in the series is out

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    I was given a copy by the author in exchange for an honest review Exposing Ele is the 3rd book in the amazing YA series following 16 year old Willow's unimaginable life as her powers evolve We pick up where we left off with life looking pretty bad for Willow and TonyI was given the copy so far so i don't want to give anything away but WOW Rebecca and Courtney has done it again They have filled this book with so much action love betrayal suspence and characters to die for Be prepared for laughter and tears It is a must read so all of you Willow lovers get your calenders out because it is coming out in a week or so I can't wait to see what changes they have made to make it even better This is the first ever book to have made me cry I felt so sorry for Willow for all that she went through but i am not going to say any else I will give it away Happy reading everyone x

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    I loved this book from beginning to end Willow is back with her friends fighting old foes It's the end of civilisation as we how it Humanity has been nearly wiped out the survivors have been unknownly experimented on giving them new powers Willow happens to absorb every power she comes into contact with making her a very powerful young women the badies want her This book is packed full of action there is also sweet romance You will laugh scream at your kindle cry during this roller coaster ride of a book Cliff hanger ending as usual but it just makes you sooooo hungry for the next book

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    All I can say is that it was amazing the series is awesome and it was non stop could not put down The ending leaves me anticipating for the next and I will so be looking forward for the next it is a great series