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Collects Marvel Zombies 4 #1 4 They're nobody's idea of heroes but they're all that stands between our world and an unstoppable apocalypse They're the new Midnight Sons and their uest to track down the undead who escaped from ARMOR will lead them around the globe and right to a cruise ship overrun with undead undersea dwelling cannibals

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    I didn't enjoy this one uite as much as the previous volume but that in all honesty is probably due to the absence of Machine Man and Jocasta in this one so my nerdgasm wasn't uite so powerful This was a still a great little story though featuring some of the big guns of Marvel's darker corner Morbius Werewolf by Night Son of Satan Man Thing oh and Jennifer KaleKev Walker's art was top notch and Fred Van Lente provided a tale of thrills chills spills and ills that he can be justly proud of

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    25 starsThis was a pretty meh book It started okay with the Midnight Sons Werewolf by Night Jennifer Kale Daimon Hellstrom and Morbius being sent to destroy a zombie plague outbreak on a cruise ship The carrier seems to be the severed head of Deadpool who constantly tells horrible jokes throughout the book From here the story just meanders around using fairly standard zombie tropes The only enjoyable things about the book were the art and seeing some little known characters get time in the spotlight

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    Originally reviewed on The Raving AsgardianAfter proving that there was to Marvel Zombies than Robert Kirkman’s first two miniseries Fred Van Lente continued the madness with Marvel Zombies 4 In this installment the zombie plague has started to spread in Marvel 616 Earth from zombie universe But a motley crew of supernatural powered operatives the Midnight Sons and 1 daughter were keeping the infection at bay thanks to a vaccine and their natural resistance to the plague However their timetable to eradicate the virus was advanced because one mysterious party seeks to weaponize the virus and create its own zombie enforcersVan Lente’s Zombie work stands out because he wasn’t able to use Marvel’s popular characters Instead his stories are crafted with lower tier characters that no writer was currently using But he shows his writing chops by telling an engaging story without the use of the big guns He was able to dust off these characters whose heydays were in the 70’s and 80’s It shows the breadth of his knowledge of classic Marvel loreThis story is signature Van Lente He weaves a horror story with character moments and flavored it with humor The humor is darker but appropriate as the art by Kev Walker to the storyThough this was a short series it still got the oversized trim treatment but Marvel did add to page count by including the original Marvel Zombie Simon Garth in his Marvel debut all in its black and white glory This was certainly appreciated since that issue was rarely reprintedDeadpool fanatics may also want to check this miniseries out The severed head of Marvel Zombie Deadpool played a key role in the story before he moved on to star with regular Deadpool in another Deadpool spinoffThis is my Halloween reading for 2012

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    Other then Jennifer Kale and Micheal Morbius I knew next to nothing about the Midnight Sons However this story was decent and with Deadpool playing a major role and a cameo by Dormammu This was actually pretty decent

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    Well so much for the ridiculous silliness Van Lente used in Marvel Zombies 3 In place of that we get a convoluted story during which I was trying desperately to understand anything So after Marvel Zombies 3 Zombie Deadpool's head disappeared with some Marvel Universe zombie named Simon Garth I don't remember this being mentioned in Marvel Zombies 3 which I read two days ago so the setup from the outset was hard to grasp Also there are straight up no built in goals for any character Deadpool and Garth and just walking around They have no purpose Then a team of monsters led by Morbius the Living Vampire set out to track them down So their goal is to find some aimless zombies that are not doing anything Good startOnce the story starts to progress I just kind of had to turn my brain off Van Lente jumps from scene to scene with no rhyme or reason Characters just show up in new places and stuff happens without explanation Even though there is no indication of how Morbius's team is tracking the zombies they still manage to find them repeatedly The Hood shows up and does some extremely out of character stuff that his team even blatantly says is out of character but he's just like Forget about it There's some insane plot development where the zombie virus turns into a cloud? And then that cloud sometimes kills people sometimes just turns them into zombies and sometimes creates new super zombies? It can seemingly do anything I felt drunk the entire time I was reading this like I was missing something my brain just couldn't process but I think Van Lente just forgot to explain anything that was going on It's kind of important in a story to give context and stakes and this bullshit just doesn't have any of thatSomehow the good guys win and that's that I don't even really understand what they did to win this thing is so all over the place Ugh it's making me frustrated even thinking about itFinish this off with the absolute dumbest zombie story I've ever read included as a bonus to explain the origin of the Simon Garth character he's just a lifeless zombie Written by Stan Lee and Steve Gerber in 1973 this thing feels so dated it's actually a little upsetting It's a little racist a scheming conniver is named Gyps it's super duper sexist women are idiots who just want to take their clothes off and can only function if men tell them what to do and to top it all off it's WAY BORING I don't think Gerber or Lee even tried to write a story here A horrible asshole gets murdered then resurrected by his voodoo secretary who is secretly in love with him sure He rises from the grave fully decomposed he died moments ago and is now a zombie who has to do the bidding of anyone who holds a sacred amulet Only he constantly defies the people who have the amulet so they ignore their own setup within seconds of creating it? Then he just kind of wanders around and encounterskills people we are led to believe are terrible mostly due to the fact that they all scream at their wives or somethingOnly that doesn't even really hold up? There's a hunter who's shown to be abusive to his dogs He's a miserable old shit and keeps yelling at them yelling is the way people are shown to be bad here exclusively So he sicks them on the zombie when it shows up but the zombie just kills the dogs? And this is presented as if it is a moral lesson? What? This would be like teaching a sweatshop worker to appreciate his employees by killing a bunch of them IdioticAnyway I hated this entire thing and will be throwing it into the garbage as hard as I can

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    Too much of a good thingis exactly what comes to mind after attempting to follow the continuing exploits of the zombies and those few uninfected survivors on Earth Z What started off as a clever series which was helped by The Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman in earlier installments has disintegrated into a morass of tired plot clichés hackneyed art although the covers and coloring are uite spectacular in their own right and characters who you don’t really give a damn about The cast of third rate Marvel characters like Daimon Hellstrom Morbius et al makes it that much harder for a mediocre writer to succeed in maker the reader careAlthough my thirst for all things zombie continues I know that I’ll be looking elsewhere to satisfy my craving And it will certainly not be by revisiting the denizens of Marvel’s Earth Z

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    This is a four star rating where I am breaking my personal code for ratings If I were to only give my personal feelings for this installment in the zombie superhero series I would have to say that I was only mildly in like with the story I was only vaguely familiar with the main characters and the storytelling did little to make me interested I didn't think the justifications for the plot was explained clearly nor how it fit into the vast landscape of the Marvel Universees?BUT the art was great the dialog great the story better than some the colors creepy as expected and the whole package just had a feeling of uality to it It darn well could have been a 4 star on a different day so I'm willing to let it claw its way a tad higher out of the grave

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    Volumes 1 and 2 were written by Robert Kirkman and I really enjoyed those Volumes 3 5 are written by Fred Van Lente and they are completely different I don't want to continue with the series because I'm not interested in it

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    I don't understand why I keep reading Marvel ZombiesThey are never good

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    Probably my least favorite of the series Deadpool is by far one of my favorite Marvel characters but I didn't like how this edition and Part 3 started to break away from the iconic superheros Still a fun read with some amazing illustrations