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Previously featured in A Summons from the Duke and A Love for All SeasonsLOVING MR LOCKWELL Originally from Summons from the DukeLady Isabel Whitton has no use for people other than her twin sister she much prefers the company of her books So when she discovers that all her cousins from near and far have been summoned to her home Danby Castle for Christmas she isn't pleased To make matters even worse the deplorable Mister Lockwell has come uninvited Damien Lockwell 3rd son of the Earl of Totterdown has invited himself to Yorkshire for Christmas Spending the holiday with the Whittons seems far preferable to watching his father drink himself into a stupor And Lady Isabel proves to be just the kind of entertainment he was looking for she's smart as a whip and uite the most uniue creature he's ever met not to mention she despises him which is the most thrilling part of all for a man like Damien

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    These stories follow the Duke of Danbury and his grandchildren He summons everyone to his castle and sets up matches for those that need his nudging Isabelle who is Emma sister is not interested in love but only in books Emma had written to a close friend of her brother and invited him for a visit pretending to be her brother He shows up with another man all as o a friend of their brother This man slowly appeals to Isabelle and she wonders what things might be like with a bit less reading It was a clean romance and I am really enjoying to get to know this entire family It was set at Christmas time

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    Entertaining novellaShort and sweet the inevitable outcome is never at doubt but the journey is humorous and delightful Engaging characters and a mischievous Grandfather make it a fun read

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    This is a short novella that was originally in the anthology A Summons From the Duke Regency Christmas Summons Collection #2 from the lovely ladies of The Lady Scribes blogIn these novellas they each tell the story of the grandchildren of the Duke of Danby spending Christmas at the Danby Castle This particular story from Jerrica is of Lady Isobel Whitton whom lives at the castle with her twin sister parents and the Duke I really loved how Jerrica wrote this story for Lady Isobel Whitton and Damien Lockwell They're both so very opposite yet so much alike on so many different levels Their story is told at the same time other stories are being told in the anthology like for example her twin sister Lady Emma and her own romance Isobel is very bookish and especially likes reading about horticulture and animals She hates parties and can't sing or dance for the life of her and that includes sewing So when Damien intrudes on her family gathering uninvited but then invited by a close family friend Lord Heathfield who was invited she just got even annoyed for she had to play hostess for strangers Damien Lockwell is just a normal lad A scoundrel if you want to call him or like a rogue but he's still very much a gentleman in any sense He's smart and very bookish himself but you wouldn't know it by the looks of him with his rolled out of bed hair and loose cravats Plus he loves teasing and playing mind games especially if it unnerves people to the bones like it does to Lady Isobel But I thought it was highly hilarious that these two are playing their own kind of game without knowing it Both are also trying to help their friends work out misunderstandings in the name of love I really liked that we got to see different sides of Isobel and had some character development with her very little though it was but it was nice to see her have some changes It was nice to see that she had a vulnerable side to her especially when her mother is always insulting her on not being lady like enough But I found her relationship with her twin sister strangely awkward Yes I felt the love between the two but it was weird They're supposedly very close but I didn't feel it because they were so different The ending between the two sisters were also very strange because it just didn't help me understand their closeness But it was nice to see even though it was hard to understand Isobel's thoughts on her sister But yes seeing some changes in her was nice but it was also sad that we got very little to not enough about Damien's character Though we got a hint about Damien and his neglectful family background it wasn't much to help understand why he was the way he was I didn't see him develop much from the man we first saw him as to the final man that he came to be There were very little changes which was fine with me because I liked him immediately but I did want something from him as the story moved on Overall I really enjoyed and came to love this short novella I should have said that I highly enjoyed it even when I listened to the Audible version because it made it just so much magical Michaela James did a wonderful job at narrating and distinguishing the different kinds of character's voices And she read very well tooSo yup I'll definitely be grabbing books from Jerrica especially her Wetherby series and the rest of these anthologies from The Lady Scribes

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    This fun short novella is like a behind the scenes look at the events told in A Counterfeit Christmas Summons which is another novella in the series That story follows Emma who is Isabel's twin sisterUnlike Emma Isabel could care less about eligible men showing up for the Christmas season at Danby Castle Isabel wants to be left alone to read her books and get some peace and uiet in the family's library She's no good at dancing needlecraft or being a proper hostess so she'd rather be by herself She certainly doesn't want to entertain that unkempt ne'er do well Mr Damien Lockwell who has somehow invited himself to the Danby Christmas house partyDamien Lockwell figures it will be enjoyable to tag along with his friend Heathfield than to go home for the holidays He has no interest in being leg shackled to some young miss looking for a husband but Lady Isabel's intelligent wit and utter disdain for him has Damien seeking out the lady at every opportunityI really enjoyed this sweet romance in the series of stories about the Christmas season at Danby Castle where the cunning Duke of Danby is working behind the scenes to marry off all his many grandchildren

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    Being the granddaughter of the Duke of Danby the daughter of his heir isn’t exactly to Isabel Whitton’s liking After all it means living in the ancestral home with the Duke; which that isn’t too bad as it give her access to the Duke’s massive library – a place she could spend all her timealone The downside – the Duke summons the entire family at least once a year her uiet solitude is invaded with Whittons The latest Christmas gathering is no different than any other gathering with the exception her twin sister has forged a letter to their brother’s best friend inviting him to spend his Christmas with the family in hopes of making him her husband Something Isabel can’t understand after all she’d rather have her books than a man That is until the arrival of her twins infatuation the friend he brought with himDamien LockwellDamien Lockwell would rather be anywhere than his own home for Christmas Hence he tags along with his friend to the Duke of Danby’s for Christmas And after his first interaction with Isabel Whitton he is glad he didAs these two battle wits try to keep up with the interactions of her sister his friend their own fireworks explodeA wonderful tale of unexpected love written by the talented Jerrica Knight Catania

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    Lady Isabel Whitton does not suffer fools gladly or otherwise and to the bookish granddaughter of the Duke of Danby everyone except her twin sister Emma ualifies When Emma invites Viscount Heathfield to Danby Castle under false pretenses and Heath brings with him Damien Lockwell Isabel is determined to dislike the uninvited rake from the start After all what right does this scoundrel have invading her library and teasing her?Though he himself was not invited to Yorkshire Damien Lockwell decided that tagging along with his friend Viscount Heathfield is a whole lot better than spending Christmas at home with his alcohol swilling father He is soon proven right when he enters the library his typical escape from madness and discovers delight and temptation all wrapped up in the surprising package of one Isabel Whitton Maybe it will be a Merry Christmas after allThis delightful read shows readers in true Jerrica Knight Catania that first impressions aren't always to be trusted Even though Isabel is convinced that Damien is a ne'er do well they actually have uite a bit in common and he sees it from the start The story is full of uick wit and many clever back and forths that keep you cheering for both of them throughout the whole story

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    A perfect blendThis book follows A Counterfeit Christmas Summons by Ava Stone but really the two mesh so well that I can easily imagine the writers sitting side by side looking over each other's shoulder as they composedIsabel and Damien are like magnets each drawn to the other They cannot resist the pull yet they often strike sparks off each other

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    This was a rough little read of me I think Mr Lockwell was pretty much a jerk and therefore had a difficult time warming up to him