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Written by a lecturer in the subject the uick guide to forensic psychology is designed to let you dive straight into this fascinating topic and be useful and engaging whatever your connection with the topic student educator professional or general interestForensic psychology has been the subject of a host of books films and television series in recent recents However despite its continued coverage and popular profile very few people get to study the topic in depth One of the main reasons for putting this guide together therefore was to the make the academic study of forensic psychology accessible I say academic study because what I hope this guide will also offer is a balanced account of forensic psychology as opposed to the often distorted sensationalized and inaccurate view promoted in the popular mediaThis clear and concise guide will save you time looking for information relating to the issues that matter and provides access to great free resources and additional information links that will allow you to learn as much about forensic psychology as you would like Topics covered in the guide includeWhat is forensic psychology?The History of Forensic PsychologyWhat Does A Forensic Psychologist Do?Forensic Psychology Careers InformationWhere To Study Forensic Psychologyuality Forensic Psychology Links

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    GreatFantastic starter for those interested in the line of forensic psychology A must read for any aspiring student as well