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Angel wants only one thing the very thing Marita has already given Jim Worst of all Angel fears that Jim's sudden desire to be a full time father to Charli means he's given up hope of starting a family with her Marita has no intention of losing custody to Jim the man who initially abandoned them But in the battle for Charli Marita is almost certain she will lose Limited resources and a uestionable reputation threaten her standing as the best parent to raise her daughter Both women are determined to keep their families togetherbut at what cost?

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    I won this is in a Facebook giveaway and while it is not something I would necessarily choose to read I thoroughly enjoyed Casting the First StoneIt's a bit uncomfortable in the beginning because the reader is a fly on the wall during a custody mediation that doesn't go well and those kinds of confrontations always distress me But the story is so compelling and well written that I was hooked Usually I like lots of action and suspense in my reads but despite this being tame by my usual standards I was held in suspense wondering how it was all going to work out The characters were well drawn and believable and the conflict so well depicted I felt fully invested in seeing things work out for these two disparate women and for Charli the prize they all were fighting for I found Angel to be sweet and brave and Marita to be charming Charli was perfect as the 'tween just starting to stretch her wings of rebellion I though Jim was a jerk and I hoped fervently that he would figure things out without hurting those around him too muchFinally I'm not a big fan of being preached at in books and while the theme of church and faith was strong it was deftly handled so that I never once felt like this was a lecture disguised as a novel Very well doneIf you enjoy a clean character driven read with just the right amount of angst and interpersonal struggle you'll enjoy Casting the First Stone

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    The author's background as a counselor shows she has a way of getting inside the heads of the two main female characters Marita and Angel as they deal with a custody battle for a teenage girl

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    I really enjoyed reading this book It's not one that I would ordinarily have picked up I don't usually read Christian literature not that I dislike it; it's just not usually what I seek out to read and I find it hard to relate to books about custody battles as my parents have a great marriage and at this point in my life I do not have any children But when my former guidance counselor asked me to review this for her I was super excited about it and I'm even excited now because I can honestly say that I liked it I think my favorite part of the book was the characters Obviously custody battles are incredibly difficult for everyone involved Hess did a great job of showing that in most cases there are no bad guys just parents trying to do what's best for their kids but sometimes the tension makes it difficult to keep that in mind I really liked being able to see both Marita and Angel's points of view Marita's tough and fiesty and she definitely has a chip on her shoulder She thinks everyone's out to get her understandably so as she's had a hard time as a single mother Her relationship with her parents actually reminded me a lot of Gil Girls which was totally fine with me since I love that show Marita views her daughter's stepmother Angel as a prissy young girl who bows her husband's every whim and because of the shifting POVs we get to see that this is definitely not the case Though Angel is young and is very dedicated to being a good Christian she has plenty of challenges of her own including her husband Jim was the only main character in the book who I did not like at ALL He does sort of turn himself around by the end but for the majority of the book he's a bully I felt so bad for Angel for having to deal with him all the time I would NOT have her patience if I were in the same situation I did feel that there were some details that were kind of superfluous such as Marita's date with Gregory and her relationship with Lukas which was never really finalized by the end of the book They weren't bad they just seemed like extra details that weren't really necessary to the book Lukas' role was significant than Gregory's as it showed Marita's efforts to try to demonstrate her ability to be a good parent as well as her change of heart toward religion but I still wish that her relationship with Lukas had been defined by the end of the book since it was included Without there being a significant purpose to it and a definite conclusion it came across as filler information view spoilerI also felt that Angel's pregnancy was pretty predictable I knew as soon as she started experiencing nausea that she was going to be pregnant but it took her a good while before she even considered this possibility which I suppose was due to her many disappointments in that area in the past However I still think that with being so anxious to have a baby she probably would have suspected that much faster than she did But I've never been in that situation so maybe people who have would have a different reaction? hide spoiler

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    In her first novel CASTING THE FIRST STONE author Lisa Lawmaster Hess did not marginalize the struggles both Christians and non Christians bring into relationships Neither of the two main characters Marita and Angel are cardboard characters They fight complain manipulate and love their way through their insecurities to do the right thing for their child And they make mistakes and wrong choices along the way I found myself talking to them “Not a wise move Marita” Why do you care what they think Angel?” “Did you have to say that?” or “Stand up for yourself” More than once I reminded myself that these characters were not real people I didn’t put the book down until they settled things That’s when I realized that Hess’s characters Marita and Angel ARE real people like so many of us Read CASTING THE FIRST STONE It'll give you a better understanding of a mother's heart

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    This was one of my read for the fun of reading books and I was not disappointed Lisa writes about a familiar situation single mom raising her child with an ensuing custody battle when the father reappears with sensitivity and a view of God in the midst of difficult situations

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    This is a well written book about the choices people make and the impact they have on others It is not a typical teenage mother raises daughter on her own book This book deals very well with forgiveness and grace If you want to read a book that will give you back some hope for humanity then read this one The ending is not all perfect but it has a good start of something good This book shows how we can read someone wrong and make the wrong assumptions about someone Before you decide what a person is like or what they think take the time to talk with them and really get to know them before you make any rash conclusions This book can show that it is possible and even to everyone's advantage

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    This story about the unplanned pregnancy of a sixteen year old girl whose boyfriend denied his child She has raised her daughter on her own Now years later he wants his child because he and his wife have had problems conceiving one of their own Even though he signed away all parental rights he takes his baby moma to court This is a trying story line The emotions run up and down You get a glimpse of the wife as well as the parents of the child I was not happy with lots of the the father was Money means power This has Christian based thoughts but not much

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    Casting the First Stone This subject of custody of children is a heavy one but I liked the way it was handled by the author It had some humor in it and it seemed to have lightened things up at least for me I recommend this book for those who like a good Christian drama

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    read audio version but would prefer to read print version but passed away time on the treadmill Angel is much too sickly sweet

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    A story of bitterness and resentment and unfulfilled dreams replaced by cooperation forgiveness and answered prayer