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Length 15 hours 41 minutesIn this third book in the bestselling Lunar Chronicles series Cinder and Captain Thorne are fugitives on the run with Scarlet and Wolf in towTogether they’re plotting to overthrow ueen Levana and prevent her army from invading Earth Their best hope lies with Cress who has been trapped on a satellite since childhood with only her netscreens as company All that screen time has made Cress an excellent hacker – unfortunately she’s being forced to work for ueen Levana and she’s just received orders to track down Cinder and her handsome accompliceWhen a daring rescue goes awry the group is splintered Cress finally has her freedom but it comes at a higher price than she’d ever expected Meanwhile ueen Levana will let nothing prevent her marriage to Emperor Kai especially the cyborg mechanic Cress Scarlet and Cinder may not have signed up to save the world but they may be the only hope the world has

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    BEFORE READINGOH MY GOD I THINK I HAVE MADE A MIRACULOUS DISCOVERY So I was re reading Cinder when I came upon the part where Dr Erland is explaining why he hates the ueen so much and it's because his daughter who is a shell was supposedly murdered by the ueen His daughters name is Crescent Moon CRESCENT MOON CRESCENT SHORT FOR CRESS BY ANY CHANCE That was not my only discovery but we all know that the 4th book called Winter will be about Snow White Does anyone else remember in the beginning where Cinder was talking about all the rumors about the ueen and said They said she forced her stepdaughter to mutilate her own face because at the sweet age of thirteen she had become beautiful than the jealous ueen could stand MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL WHOSE THE FAIREST OF THEM ALL? I may be wrong this is just a guessAFTER READINGOh my This book was just am Characters were absolutely incre Plot was spot o Seriously I don't even know where to begin this review for this undeniable master piece of a novel For one it totally lived up to every single one of my expectations which was pretty surprising since I had such high expectations; there's nothing worse then hyping up a novelmovieevent so much that when you do readwatchgo to it it's all a bit anti climatic because of all these impractical hopes you had So when I did read Cress I was in absolute awe on how much I loved it The characters were all so dearly loveable and each one of them had a clear distinct personality Thus when reading all the different point of views you could clearly distinguish a uniue voice making each chapter a refreshing breath of new air As for the new characters Cress was a brilliant actress in the making and captured the dreamer inside of us all perfectly I particularly adored how Meyer made view spoiler Cress totally idealize Thorne Took away the fabricated fascination Yet she still had the ability to make Thorne perfectly imperfect hide spoiler

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    “Have you given any thought to your wedding vows?” Kai snorted “Delete anything that has to do with love respect or joy and I’ll sign on the dotted line” 3 12 stars After I finally gave in and read Scarlet recently people have been urging me to read Cress I can see why this book is so so much funFirstly I have to say that Meyer has really worked on her pacing since the days of Cinder which I personally found really boring This book zips along from action scene to discovery to maybe romance and all of it is pretty well balanced It's not high literature but it is pure enjoymentIn this book we get to know Cress a girl locked away by herself in a spaceship and based on the fairy tale character Rapunzel While completely different from the level headed Cinder or the fiery Scarlet Cress is absolutely lovable I usually tend to find myself liking stronger cynical characters but Cress' naivete is both realistic and completely charmingIn fact this is the funniest book yet with lots of humourous banter to balance out the plagues near death experiences and evil bitch ueens The author pokes fun at instalove and silly romantic obsession portraying Cress as a sheltered girl with unrealistic romantic expectations suddenly receiving a cold hard shock as she enters the real world and finds that eyes do not simply meet across crowded rooms “You want to know another secret? The biggest secret? I’m scared Kai I’m so scared” As well as the light entertainment things are also getting serious My sympathy for Kai and his unfortunate situation increases with every book and I like Cinder when she is not the sole focus of the story And I'd just like to say that there is something really exciting about the psychotic villains of this series hence why I had to pick up Fairest right awayBut mostly I think I am just in love with Captain Thorne He's such an hilarious unconventional love interest and I welcome every scene he is in He kind of gives off a Gilderoy Lockhart vibe good looking self obsessed lovable and so full of it His comments in dire situations had me laughing out loudThat's all for now I need to go read Fairest and Winter It looks like all kinds of crazy has been set up for the next bookBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Store

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    FAVEMay or may not be because of ThorneIt totally is

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    45Dannnnnnng that ending I totally get why a lot of people say this is their favourite in the series it's definitely mine

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    “Even in the Future the Story Begins with Once Upon a Time” Once Upon a Time there was an avid reader let's call her Teri who lived and breathed words When she was sad she bought a book to cheer her up When she was happy or successful she bought a book to celebrate When she was worried she bought a book to forget her problems One cold winter's night she found herself in a magical place known as the Bookstore A place full of wonders and fairydust a safe haven from a world so mundane and self destructive A place to be herself She spent hours strolling in the corridors illuminated by the brilliance of Luna and when she left she took a piece of Luna with her She took Cress “I promise I will not let you die without being kissed” After Cinderella and Red Riding Hood it was Rapunzel's time to contribute to the interplanetary efforts to ger rid of Evil ueen Levana and her bloodthirsty minions whose only life purpose was world domination and extermination of mankind And Cress' story reminded Teri so much of Disney's Tangled that she kept trying and failed to supress the urge to sueal she will get angry if she finds out I told you this but she's watched Tangled than five ten times When Cress crossed paths with the crew of Rampion and everything went to Hell Teri wasn't sure whose story she wanted to follow the most Kai's decent attempts to make peace with his painful but noble decision Cress and Thorne's adventures in the desert Scarlet's struggles to survive or Cinder and Wolf's journey and their unlikely alliance with Jacin? Each chapter had magnetic powers with a hint of compulsion and Teri's heart was ready to explode from the emotions that kept piling up Every feeling was a star and together they shaped a constellation so bright that Marissa Meyer could see it from her house and admire the effect of her work If she also rubbed her hands in a villain fashion that I cannot tell “Maybe there isn’t such a thing as fate Maybe it’s just the opportunities we’re given and what we do with them I’m beginning to think that maybe great epic romances don’t just happen We have to make them ourselves” Teri wasn't sure if she liked Cress She was really naive really childish and her fantasies were wilder than her hair But Teri couldn't help but admit that Marissa Meyer's ability to paint so many different yet interesting characters was admirable There were no similarities between Cinder Scarlet and Cress besides the fact that their destinies were interwined that the fate of Earth and Luna would be determined by their joint efforts and sacrifices The diversity and complexity of the female characters the smart humour the sassiness the suspense the action and the unpredictable turns of the events made Cress such an addictive book And the swoonworthy male leads And the sweet innocent and pure romanceTeri was in love with Thorne His attempts to convince Cress that he was no hero or a good man but instead an opportunist thief that treated everything as a big joke failed when he showed compassion and kindness He was lost but he had a hero uality that no one can uestion There was also Wolf Shy and awkward and scary and savage Wolf that loved Scarlet so much that made Teri weak in the kneesAnd Kai who was torn between his hope that Cinder actually cared for him and his anger for everything that happened is one of the characters that hold your heart and you don't even realize it And finally Jacin who is cryptic and kind of an asshole but Teri is positive she'll fall for him in the next book But even though Thorne is Teri's favorite male character Scarlet her favorite female character ScarletWolf her favorite ship the entire gang their banters and their loyalty and friendship is after all the main reason the Lunar Chronicles is a series so specialPS Wanna bet who is Teri?✨ Cinder review✨ Scarlet review✨ Winter review✨ Stars Above review

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    Maybe great epic romances don't just happen We have to make them ourselves Fun lighthearted and delightful I absolutely love how each book in this series is better than the last As with the previous two we have a fairytale themed futuristic dystopian adventure While each book follows a different couple we get to catch up on the previous ones and get hints at the new This one focuses on Cress Rapunzel She's a Shell a Lunar who is immune to Lunar glamours She's spent her entire life in a satellite in orbit and while her isolation drives her a bit mad but hey at least she has the internetAnd on that internet she discovers Thorne excuse me Captain Thorne He's the daring and dashing hero the defender of innocents the savior of all things good and Cress is completely and irrevocably enthralled “Captain” she murmured “I think I’m in love with you Finally Cress makes a harrowing break for freedom and much to her delight she is accompanied by Captain Thorne Only she soon discovers that the man she's dreamed of for the last few years is nothing like the man before her A hand landed on Cress’s head She gasped and recoiled but Thorne was already wrapping his arm around her shoulders and sueezing her against him “Just checking it was you” he whispered With the revolution starting and the plague spreading does Cress even have the time to get to know the real Thorne?Overall LOVED itCress and Thorne have got to be my favorite couple I loved her joyful innocence and his blustery confidence cinched them as a couple in my mind “How are your eyes? she askedWell I've been told they're dreamy but I'll let you decide for yourself” Cress and Thorne have such a natural chemistry Every time they were on screen I was ecstatic “Yeah I guess you're right he said sueezing Maybe there's a little bit of a hero in me after all But really Cress Only a little” In addition I feel like the other couples have gotten stronger in particular Scarlet and Wolf are really hitting it off However Cinder Kai just don't click for me To be fair they haven't been in the same room for a couple books I still maintain that Cinder EASILY could've sent him an email and thus completely resolving the issues of book 2 and 3 Hopefully they will be together a bit later on?Anyway I really feel like Marissa Meyer has hit her stride in this series the characters are fabulous the banter is witty and the plot is just swimming along I could not be excited to see how this series turns out PS Is it just me or does Iko really need to fall in love? Give the poor girl a robot boyfriendAudiobook CommentsRead by Rebecca Soler and she was a fabulous reader Cress sounded so freaking adorable throughoutIf you are curious about Rebecca Soler check Tucker the Reader's interviewYouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading

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    This is my 100th book of 2013 and it was magnificent NEED WINTER NOW When I first jumped on the Lunar Chronicles bandwagon I was late to the party I tend to avoid any novel in the blogosphere that is garnering a ton of hype due to past experiences where the hype completely killed my enjoyment However I dove into Cinder trepidatiously and came out completely in love mostly thanks to the sweet nostalgia feelings from the cleverly added Sailor Moon references And if that wasn’t clear before I’m somewhat of a huge Sailor Moon fangirl Like it's a little scary Perhaps you should run?Unfortunately with Scarlet I didn’t get the same warm fuzzies and I began to worry that this story was simply too big for Meyer to conuer Don’t get me wrong I did enjoy Scarlet but the pacing and connection to the characters didn’t happen for me It wouldn’t be the first time I read a series where the best book was the first book So again I found myself wary for Cress but those worries proved to be unnecessary Ahem allow me to eat my words Cress is a complete improvement over Cinder and Scarlet Where Cinder had its issues with predictability Cress’s plot was noticeably tighter While Scarlet had parts where the pacing felt off due to the dual point of views Cress kicked it up a few notches with perfectly timed highs and lows At no point did I find myself bored to tears banging my head against the wall from frustration throwing the book across the room or simply suffering from major disappointment It’s action packed well plotted and excitingI should probably take this time to mention that if you haven’t read Cinder and Scarlet 1 it’s time to re examine your life choices 2 the rest of the review may contain slight spoilers for the first two books But you should know by now that's just how I rollThe novel begins with the gang Cinder Thorne Scarlet Wolf and Iko on a mission to rescue Cress from her satellite STUFF happens and things go horribly wrong causing them to separate What I loved about this was it gave the reader the perfect opportunity to get to know each individual character in a intimate manner Thorne and Cress end up stranded in the Sahara Desert which is interesting because Cress has never stepped foot on Earth and being isolated for years didn’t exactly grant her the best social skills and due to certain circumstances on the satellite Throne is left blind I didn't like this one bit How could Meyer do this to my precious Throne? MY PRECIOUSSS MY PRECIOUSSS He is sacred and must not be touched Still it makes for an unlikely team and optimal time for character development and revelations The only thing that I’m not too sure of is the romance brewing Why does everyone in this series have to be paired up with someone? There is absolutely nothing wrong with self love Even Oprah knows this That's probably something you never wanted to see Welcome to a Steph Sinclair reviewCinder on the other hand struggles with decisions that she made on the satellite ultimately leading to unfortunate outcomes for both Scarlet and Wolf Can she really do this lead people and start a rebellion? Should she simply give up and continue hiding from Levana? Is she slowly becoming the very woman whom she fears? She’s conflicted for most of the novel and tends to second guess herself a lot once she realizes how severe the conseuences of her actions can be Basically Cinder is no Mary Sue and carries mistakes and flaws just like any other character in this seriesScarlet is not as present in Cress but her role looks like it’ll be important in the final installment Winter I can’t really talk about what Scarlet endures in this novel because I’m tip toeing around a minefield of spoilers here but I was very surprised to see how far Meyer was willing push her character’s limits And if you’ve already read Cress I think you know exactly what scene I’m referring to Can we say “SHIT JUST GOT REAL?” I’m resisting the urge to throw in a “Brace Yourself” memeOh what the hellOverall I’m left both amazed and impressed with Cress I can confidently say that this series just gets better and better and I’d consider this my favorite so far With the sneak peek of the newest character Winter she's adorably certifiable at the end I’m eagerly waiting for the final book Gimme Gimme Gimme An ARC was received from the publisher for an honest reviewMore reviews and other fantastical things at Cuddelbuggery

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    Well THAT was fun Why Why did I wait so long to read this series??Cress Thorne Freaking cuteness overload Yep I'm going to talk about it because I may or may not have suealed aloud several times while reading this book They are easily one of my all time favorite shipsCress herself is just so stinking cute She's so not like a typical heroine She's extremely intelligent but is primarily a daydreamer and tends to be swept up in her imagination Ahem that sounds familiar Anywayyyy I love how socially awkward and naive she is to the outside world And Thorne who is obviously brother from another mother to Nikolai Lansov Grisha Trilogy because they are both so completely snarky cocky down right hysterical divasSo if it isn't already completely obvious I had some major Cress Thorne feels and their slow burn actually drove me a little nuts with my impatience I still need so much I enjoyed them SO much They are so similar the characters in Tangled but different too Of course they tended to take the front seat in this novel but the rest of the charactersstorylines were not far behind This book was definitely action packed and full of fun surprises Not to mention the hole left in my heart for CinderKia from book one definitely tugged at me again in this book Was it resolved? I guess you'll have to see And Iko I did not expect her to take on a bigger role in this book but she easily became one of my favorite characters Such a pleasant surpriseThe world building is still fairly mediocre to me nothing super uniue but it was fun just based on the fact that all the fairytales we grew up with are intertwined I still fail to see how Levana is anything beyond a typical 'evil' villain I don't feel strongly about her I'm hoping she gets complex Additionally while some of the other characters aren't as strong as others their vastly different personalities kept me intrigued Plus the plot was just down right fun The pacing was perfect in this oneDo I recommend this series? Heck yeah I do So far all three books have been light and fun while still managing to get some pretty strong emotions out of me It's been a nice change of pace for me a refreshing break from my average fantasy reads SOOO here I go to book four I'm hoping it doesn't disappoint because I STILL need so much resolution for my shipsMy Blog Instagram Twitter Etsy

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    MY LONGEST YEAH BOI EVERThis review only really needs to be two sentences long Here are those sentences1 This book has Cress2 This book has ThorneEnd reviewAs everyone knows because I never shut up about it for even one second I don’t love characters very often It just takes a lot for me to be Interested But these twothese twoI am a currently living human being hard as that may be to believe and that means I love heists If there is a better trope than the heist plotline I know not of it and honestly I don’t care to know it because I may be overwhelmed by Goodness Heists are the most fun and roughly 45 to 67 percent of that high level of fun ness is due to the dope character archetypes RAGTAG GROUPS OF FUN LOVING THIEVING RUFFIANS This seemingly unrelated paragraph has a point and the point is this Both Cress and Thorne are archetypes straight out of a heistCress is The Hacker Hackers are so fun and ridiculous that I firmly believe they should exist in every story ever This includes historical fiction because what could be fun and ridiculous than that? Picture your favorite pioneer West story or medieval royalty romance except with a hacker Try to tell me that isn’t both ridiculous and funYou can’tThorne is The Charming Rogue This is a trope that doesn’t always work for me because even though it is a classic heist archetype it is also a classic Cringey YA archetype And since I’m usually reading cringey YA that’s the feeling that comes through BUT NOT THIS TIME Because this time we have a hackerI myself can’t picture anything much fun than well executed iterations of The Hacker and The Rogue falling in love Except if there was a heist involvedBut that’d just be greedyBottom line I simply don’t care about anything about this book besides Cress And Thorne Luckily those two are enough in and of themselvesRIDICULOUS AND FUN pre reviewhonestly not sure whether I'd rather marry Cress or Thorne so I'll settle for them marrying each otherreview to come 45 stars I AM READY FOR JOY AND HIJINKSand this was my favorite book in the series when I first read them so if I do not get joy and hijinks I will be forced to burn everything to the ground