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All around the border battle was a way of life as both Englishmen and Scots rode off across the moors to do as their fathers had done and their fathers before them So when Storm Eldon was kidnapped by her families ancestral enemies she knew there were rules to be honored by both sides If her stepmother agreed to the ransom demanded Storm would not be harmed by Tavis MacLagan the handsome highland warrior who held her captive But as days of waiting turned into weeks it began to be clear that in this contest of wills no one was fighting fair Tavis' hands off policy had changed into an all out siege of the senses and Storm realized she was less interested in guarding her virtue than becomingHis Bonnie Bride

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    Ten year old Storm is taken hostage by her English family's enemies on the Scottish side of the border The Macwhatevers are headed by Colin and his eldest son Tavis Storm's a little hellion but also a healer and she saves Colin's arm with her special salve before the ransom is paid Tavis thinks she's kinda hot for a little kid Give 'er six years or so and he'll visit her again FF six years or so and you got it Tavis is skulking around the Eldon properties He gets a point for saving Storm from a rapey suitor who's trying to marry her dowry but he loses it again because he fully intends to be rapey himself Oh he'd like it if she were willing but he's not prepared to take the time to persuade her Nope He gives it a week then basically decides it's time even though she's still telling him to go stuff himself Screw willing he'll settle for helplessThe first love scene goes like this Tavis having bathed and donned a robe I'm envisioning this skeazy porno actor walks into Storm's guarded chamber and has his men remove her young cousin who's trying valiantly to protect her S Please don't do this I'm a virgin I'd like to be willing and wedded my first timeT I've been fantasizing about you for years sweetheart and I'm way too horny to give it up now S Why don't you go bang your mistress—you know the nasty bitch who just sucker punched me a little while ago and you didn't protect me? T Been there did her Now it's your lucky day hun Your stepmum's dragging her feet about paying a ransom so now you can pay for your board and keep in my bedS I know our families are enemies but please don't make me whore for my freedom T What I'm going to do with you has nothing to do with your being a prisoner because this guy would TOTALLY have a shot if S wasn't completely helpless By the time your ransom's paid I'll be tired of you This is just because I've had a Jones for you since you were a tyke and I don't give a rat's bum whether you want this it's going to happen because I do So then there's lots of heavy breathing and of course Storm can't help herself—she's into it When it's over she cries out of helpless frustration and he feels guilty for like a second then he saysT I've had your virginity and even if I could give it back I'd just take it again C'mon I want to have another go and it's not as much fun if you cryAnd I'm supposed to like this guy And then there's the rest of the clan They talk about how they like her and respect her and they respect her dad even though they're feuding with him and they don't want to see her hurt but they all shrug and say He sure took his time when Tavis finally forces her As for Storm rather than wishing the lot of them to hell she's a perfect little saint Tavis has been eating his guts out with guilt no not because he forced an unwilling virgin because he thinks he got plotzed one night and banged his stepmummy God forbid this creep should feel guilty about anything Storm proves he didn't do it and also saves Colin's life—again by proving stepmummy was trying to poison the old coot Stepmummy tries to kill her and manages to slash her pretty good Tavis holds her down while she's stitched then takes her to her room and leaves her still unconscious so he can go get plotzed again What a guyOK so THEN when Storm starts to recover the clan is visited by the MacDubhs As the evening wears on Storm sensitive to her hosts realizes that if she weren't there they and the MacDubhs could plot readily against her family So she politely excuses herself Yeah I totally understand this woman Alexander MacDubh has had a lifelong rivalry with Tavis—in fact years ago he seduced the first woman Tavis lurved so Tavis has a bit of a complex Alex tries to seduce Storm and Storm politely refuses But natch Tavis assumes the worst He calls her a slut and reminds her that she's HIS slut and sends her to bed She's pissed and says a bunch of stuff in Irish Gaelic and when she gets to her room she throws her clothes around handily making herself naked for when Tavis arrives He follows and now remember he had to seduce her forcibly accuses her of being an easy sleazy whore and while he rants she gets past her anger and starts seeing how he must feel unsure of himself as well he should since he had to RAPE her so she's all empathetic and struggling with how to make HER RAPIST feel better about himself without telling him SHE WUVS him The ONE intelligent thing she does is when he pouts that she would sleep with Alex she admits it—says if Tavis casts her aside as he PLANS to do and she has nowhere to go she'd go to Alex But that seems meant to manipulate Tavis to keep her around If she'd said it to drive him nuts I'd be OK with it But no she wants to reassure him that she'll only screw Alex when Tavis is done with her No reallySo she's saved the laird's sorry aed life—twice—and made sure her RAPIST feels like a REAL man And now the creepy English wannabe fiance steals her back to England When Storm's young cousin tells the MacScumbags that Hugh the creepy Englishman will abuse her until she agrees to marry him and will keep her alive only long enough to rape her and claim her dowry what does Colin say? Gee sorry kid but can't risk my own lads to save her It's only after the cousin tells them how to sneak into the Eldon keep without taking any risks that these wusses agree to try Meanwhile S is being beat all to hell She realizes in the middle of the beating duh that Tavis could've made her pregnant and then fears for Tavis's baby while Tavis and the MacWankers are arguing about whether to exert themselves to rescue her I'll be fair one time Tavis does end up paying for some of the hitty things he does so by the end I was OK just barely with the HEA but I would've liked it a WHOLE lot better if SOMEONE had beat the snot out of him first I'll give it an extra half star for that So it gets threeNOTE Adding insult to injury I also bought His Bonnie Bride when I noticed it was a title I hadn't read yet Turns out it's a re release of the same dam story I'm giving that one ONE star because I'm PIED that I spent the dinero for the same book

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    I FINALLY finished reading this one It has been pretty much years LOL It had nothing to do with the story thoughI adore Hannah Howell and everything she writesWhen I had started this book way back when I had started getting into Fifty Shades and books like itbasically Erotica Of course these Highlander books are far from that and at the time I veered away from it I do miss this genre though and while I was reading another book that was frustrating me I decided to finish this oneAnother great read by the ueen of Historical Romance I love how she writes her Highlanders and also how she writes little children in her stories This one had a few very cute kids in it and they melted my heart like usual I will always hold Ms Howell's books close to my heartthey are a special kind of read

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    Tavis MacLagan Scotsman is the WEAKEST most SPINELESS excuse for a hero I've ever read in an HRpossibly ever I wish Lord Hugo had gelded him physically because he really lacked balls emotionally mentally and morally He never fought for anything other than land When it came to women he just took whatever he wanted as long as he didn't have to put much effort in obtaining itview spoilerStorm Eldon English was a really impressive heroine In fact her father Lord Eldon and even Lord Colin MacLagan were better men stronger and decisive in actionWhat disgusted me than Tavis weakness there was dubious consent in this book It made me ueasy The English girl Storm was abducted by an enemy clan the MacLagan Scots and the clan chief's son Tavis wanted to bed the redhead beauty Storm begged him No because she's a virgin and if he deflowered her it will diminish her chances at marriage Tavis told Storm that she had a large dowry so she'll still get suitors Plus he said he's been dying for a week to have her and he cannot help himself Storm begged him not to do this thing because she wanted to gift her husband with her maidenhead Tavis said everyone knows you've been our captive for a week they'll expect that you've been ruined You are like a fire in veins and I must have ye Then he seduced herMy issue whether or not he loves her she begged him not to take advantage of her I don't care if he was gentle and brought her to orgasm which the author kept emphasizing Hannah Howell also writes that this girl is attracted to the clan chief too and she has been for a long time She would have been his if he had just waited a little BUT TAVIS DIDN'TThe author on 5 separate occasions attempted to justify Tavis by saying he didna force the lass just seduced her But every time Storm was asked if she was willing she consistently said while attracted to Tavis she said naeI just cannot see this as anything else but RapeAlso at every single opportunity that Tavis had to claim this girl he didn't Her family rescued her and her cousin and he hasn't come to get her back though he's miserable In other HR when men have women they love removed from them they almost go crazy He is looking for a reason to go kidnap her or hoping he got her with child so he can have claim But he isn't doing something affirmative yet Only when she came with a pregnancy and a knife did he marry her so his offspring wouldn't be a bastard hide spoiler

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    This title popped up in my feed I checked and discovered that I had not read it How is that possible? I have read all of Hannah Howell's highlander books years ago So I got it and started reading it It was not long into the book that I recognized the story line Upon further investigation I learned that the publisher had re published it under a new name It was formerly published as Amber Flame Regardless I continued to read and finished the book Given that it was a bit dated first published in 1988 I still enjoyed it Hannah Howell first introduced me to Highlanders back in the 80's well before other authors picked up on the genre Highlander books have always been a favorite of mine thanks to her ;

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    I actually started out really enjoying this book despite the fact that Tavis is kind of a man whore and his current mistress shows up constantly in the story I'll tell you now I really hate those kind of heroes and the fact that I was willing to overlook it should say how much I was digging this book Of course then the author had to go and get stupider than stupid I think the whole last half of the book was pointless Seriously? view spoiler What was the point of making Tavis' brother try to seduce Storm and get half way there? And really? All that crap at the end where they were separated for basically half her pregnancy because he was stupid and then he was stupid again? hide spoiler

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    It was a really great book and I really liked it The only thing that hesitates me giving it 5 stars was the hero There were several times I wanted to beat him upside the head I also didn't too much care for the forced seduction thing She said no that should be enough regardless I find that pill hard to swallow in any book Also when the brother hit on the heroine I wanted to smoosh like a little bug under my shoe He basically pounced on her and started undoing her laces and taking advantage when she was going to try to save the hero I found it a little backhanded and he did feel guilty later but I felt it shouldn't have been an issue at all It would be one thing if the hero was completely dead and gone but he was still alive and fairly well and I found his actions to be rather dirty Otherwise it was a fairly good book I just enjoyed Hannah's later novels the Murray's especially Still this book was packed with action and emotion The characters were greatly developed even secondary characters and I loved little Phelan Storm's cousin and Tavis's father Colin was great I understand that some of the book was how it was back then but it can still be irritating especially some of the men's views on things but later Storm kind of spelled it out to her father some of the hypocrisy I loved the heroine She was strong spunky had a great fire to her but still was soft enough to love

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    I really enjoyed the heroine in this bookup until they made her into a sex slave who was sorta whatever about the whole situation I couldn't get over the fact that she wasn't ashamed of it even though I know its normal at that time as the author reminded us multiple times it doesn't mean I would accept it as a story line I was trying real hard to ignore it because the story was actually very entertaining but yeah I just couldn't do itI gotta stop reading these kidnapping stories lol I just keep getting heartbroken whenever they cross the line and have sex but they're still captive and I end up hating the heroheroineI did enjoy the story enough to almost but not uiet finish it though so I guess it wasn't that hard to ignore that fact for a while however I disliked the hero very much at that point and I didn't see redemption so I dropped it

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    I’m constantly in search of a good Scottish novel and this one piued my interest because it sounded passionate and almost like a RomeroJuliet set up Who doesn’t love a burgeoning romance between lovers from opposite sides? In this case the English Eldon’s and the Scottish Lowlanders MacLagan’s are generational enemies as their lands are close to the border Although I really enjoyed the romance the rocky ride toward and HEA is not without its painful moments WHAT I REALLY LIKED ABOUT THIS BOOK1 HERO AND HEROINE they are both uniue and interesting characters Storm Eldon who is part Irish and English is the wealthy daughter of Lord Eldon and finds herself kidnapped by the Scotts as a child 10 years old and again as a young lady 17 years Both she and the hero Tavis MacLagan Scottish heir have this exciting little connection and chemistry So upon their second meeting Tavis plays the role of a savior as well as captor Even though I found Tavis to be dangerously appealing I definitely loved Storm a lot Tavis has some definite flaws that are showcased throughout the book Storm is a lot introspective about her feelings but as a woman she’s also a lot vulnerable and maybe that’s why I really sympathized with her 2 I thought the romance in the first part of the book was on fire Even though I must caution that the hero forcibly seduces the heroinewhich is hard to explain but ultimately the heroine gives herself completely to the hero and both enjoy a mutually passionate romance The romance in the first part of the book is filled with many indulgent and passionate moments that are so nice for the reader who is a helpless romantic3 There is a wide expanse of side characters which are explored with some detail You can’t help but feel an affinity for the brothers cousins and fathers on both sides 4 The narrator McNab Ashford is fabulousI enjoy her voicing for both males and females She does a wonderful job She has a really good English and Scottish accent THE PARTS OF THE BOOK THAT I STRUGGLED WITH1 The hero’s flaws are hard to stomach in some areas His mistress makes a few appearances and was not dealt with as effectively as I would have liked The hero DROVE ME FREAKEN NUTS in parts where he couldn’t seem to make up his mind about Storm in terms of her permanent presence in his life I kept thinking that perhaps this exhibited a feeling of high anxiety or that he was simply overwhelmed with the complexity of barriers they faced as familial enemies Many times Tavis mentioned that he felt like grabbing Storm and running off with her but there are parts where he did not speak up when he should have Although there was no doubt that Tavis was smitten with Storm in terms of love Storm was the courageous one 2 The villains were absolutely despicable and I felt as though their depraved sexual and violent lifestyle was explored a lot than I would have liked Seriously Lady Mary Storm’s evil stepmother and her lover are monsters 3 It’s weird how Part 2 of the book was littered with so much dialogue among characters Conversations between characters were really drawn out pre battle during the battle post battle etc I found myself forwarding or skipping the long drawn out parts 4 The misunderstanding between Tavis and Storm in Part 2 was a little exhausting time consuming and just angsty Both Tavis and Storm are good with the physical communication of love but not the verballolEven though I struggled with some parts of the book overall I found this to be an enjoyable listeningreading experience I found that I cared about the characters and wanted to see them work things out till the very end I plan to continue with the series

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    When Storm is abducted again by her family's mortal enemy Tavis MacLagan the tone has changed Tavis is still fascinated by her but now his fascination is of a adult natureI wanted to like this a little than I actually did Tavis is annoyingly dense and it takes way too long for a happy ending including too many odd delays I'm not sure he ever really expresses his feelings even at the end The villains are cliched to the extreme and it's hard to take them seriously as they sneer and whore about There are also some unbelievable plot twists that had me shaking my head

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    I've been in a Highlander romance kick recently and stumbled on HIS BONNIE BRIDE republished by Zebra Books 2012 during an ebook sale over Thanksgiving I was just looking for something light to read while I traveled in the car for 11 hours and this ebook looked like the perfect escapePreviously published in 1988 under the title AMBER FLAME HIS BONNIE BRIDE is the first book in Hannah Howell's HIGHLAND BRIDES SERIES and for me a solid 4 star read Set in the 14th century it tells the story of Storm Eldon a feisty independent and witty English border woman and Tavis MacLagan the confident good looking heir of the Scottish castle Caraidland Their families are enemies and have been stealing cattle horses and other property from each other for generations It's at the end of one of these border thefts that Tavis and his brothers save Storm from being raped by one of her stepmother's lovers The men strip the attacker strap him to his horse and send him back to the Eldon stronghold in shame Once they determine that Storm's father brothers and male cousins aren't around to protect her from further harm by the man Tavis decides to put her on his horse and head back to Caraidland He wants to seduce Storm but waits until his clan has heard whether or not her ransom will be paid All of Storm's adult male relatives are in another country fighting leaving her stepmother in charge of the Eldon stronghold She is a spoiled woman who kills whenever she wants and spends as much money as the Eldon clan can raise Storm's future with Tavis is set when her stepmother refuses to pay the ransom and Tavis begins his seduction of Storm in earnestI thoroughly enjoyed the book with all its parallel storylines and interesting characters particularly since there's something for every taste A murder plot; a kinky lusty evil stepmother; rugged handsome highlanders; a strong heroine; sensual romance; battles and altercations; secret goings on; and some laugh out loud humor I read the whole book in sort of one sitting not too difficult on an 11 hour car ride and was glad I discovered this story It turned out to be just the thing I needed to turn a long trip into a fairly pleasant ride BEWARE Because of the sex scenes and a bit of gruesome violence I only recommend HIS BONNIE BRIDE for readers 18 years and aboveIf You Like This Book You May Also Like Other Highlander series by Hannah Howell Highland Adventure Series by Vonda Sinclair Stolen Bride Series by Eliza Knight Hot Highlanders Books by Mary Wine Bad Boys of the Highlands Series by Victoria Roberts The second book in the series is HIGHLAND WEDDING also reprinted in 2012 Visit Blue Moon Mystery Saloon blog for book reviews