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' Lavishly illustrated particularly strong in its coverage of both basic techniues like increasing and decreasing and advanced techniues like knitting cables without a cable needle and working with charts excellent knitting reference' Library Journal Beginners will find everything needed to make their first items and experienced knitters will love the sensuous photos of the creative process and the finished projects From needles to fabrics all the essential techniues appear along with a variety of stitches and weaves not only the basics but also intricate double face jacuard and intarsia Add buttons and buttonholes zippers borders and pockets Weave or embroider one of many popular designs onto the fabric Finish off with charming touches like pompons piping fringes and tassels The projects all accompanied by charts and patterns are breathtaking colourful socks gloves and mittens; sweaters; vests; polos; and pullovers

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    This is one of the best book on knitting techniues that I have read I leaned a lot of small tips that will help me to improve my knitting skills

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    Doing an auditinventory of my books and found this one stuffed behind some others I've had this book for several years I was given it when I first started to learn to knit and it's a good reference for new knitters or anyone who needs a refresher on a skill or techniue I usually use Youtube for this nowadays though which is why this book was collecting dust in the shadows But everyone is different and some people learn better being able to read instructions so this is a good book for that

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    This book is great for learning new techniues and fancy stitches It starts at the beginning for people who have never knitted before It is lacking in patterns though I think it only has a very basic pattern for things like a hat scarf mitten glove and sweater I haven't made anything from this book but I have certainly referred to it to learn something for different patterns Very useful as a refresher if you haven't picked up your needles in a while too

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    As well as providing information on the essential techniues needed to knit this encyclopedia covers all other aspects too including materials and euipment The book is suitable for beginners but will also prove useful to experienced knitters

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    Morning Star says this book is loaded with helpful illustrations and appropriate regardless of your level of expertise Sounds like the ideal knitting book to have on hand A good gift to give someone who wants to learn??? She received it as a gift from dh

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    Clearly written with dated but illustrative photography this is my go to guide for whenever I forget how to do double knitting think I'm brave enough for entrelac or feel ashamed of my poor finishing techniues If only it came packaged with time

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    This is a great reference for anyone interested in traditional techniues and conventional styles Clear instructions walk the knitter through repairs seaming and solving problems that occur in your knitting

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    This book is a nice book divided into different sections to help knitters with specific things they might need help with so it is easy to open to one section and get the help for that item and then put away until next help is reuired

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    I bought this book many many years ago probably in 2004 It's was decent knitting book but I really don't use it as much as I thought I would I'm debating about donating it to a knitting circle or guildI purchased uite a few knitting books from 2004 to 2009

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    Yes it is and that is much appreciated I referred to this uite often in my TKGA Hand Knitting masters studies The clear photos and directions were so helpful I recommend this book to anyone who wants to shift from homemade to hand made