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As a Red Darrow grew up working the mines deep beneath the surface of Mars enduring backbreaking labor while dreaming of the better future he was building for his descendants But the Society he faithfully served was built on lies Darrow’s kind have been betrayed and denied by their elitist masters the Golds—and their only path to liberation is revolution And so Darrow sacrifices himself in the name of the greater good for which Eo his true love and inspiration laid down her own life He becomes a Gold infiltrating their privileged realm so that he can destroy it from within A lamb among wolves in a cruel world Darrow finds friendship respect and even love—but also the wrath of powerful rivals To wage and win the war that will change humankind’s destiny Darrow must confront the treachery arrayed against him overcome his all too human desire for retribution—and strive not for violent revolt but a hopeful rebirth Though the road ahead is fraught with danger and deceit Darrow must choose to follow Eo’s principles of love and justice to free his people He must live for

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    “I will die You will die We will all die and the universe will carry on without care All that we have is that shout into the wind how we live How we go And how we stand before we fall” I almost didn't write a review for Golden Son It doesn't matter how many reviews I write or how snarky I've been in the past there is something extremely intimidating about writing a negative review for a book that all my friends loved that critics praised and that has an average Goodreads rating of 449 I spent some time actually trying to come up with what was wrong with me as a way of explanationIt must be me right? I must not have appreciated it right It must be the wrong time I must be hormonal Because I just DO NOT GET IT In the last week alone I've had multiple reuests from people telling me to continue with this series calling it one of the best series ever and saying Golden Son is so much better than Red RisingIs it? Because I struggle to see the leap between the two So many reviewers have acknowledged that Darrow was the very definition of a Gary Stu in Red Rising and yet many are now citing his epic failure at the start of this book as evidence of him shedding the Gary Stu ness But I just don't buy it Even when he fails he fails like a damn hero with fireworks going off behind his head rushing back to rescue a damsel in distress in true self sacrificing perfectionEven when he fails he doesn't failEven when things are awful he has to deliver a melodramatic rousing speechDarrow is possibly the most self obsessed character caricature I have ever come across He loves to hear himself speak or think as it may beThere's a word arch that's used in various contexts but is often used in theatre and acting as an example of how not to act It refers to delivering lines while mentally side eying the audience with a visible self awareness of the part you are playing and what comes next For example playing out a dramatic scene with visible knowledge of your next line Darrow feels like that I feel like he is reading off a script Every dramatic speech and inner monologue does not feel like someone making a realistically important speech in the face of death it feels like a bad actor dramatically wiping his brow doing a Sally Field lip bite and launching into his linesHe's not really scared because duh he's playing Darrow he knows he can't fail in the endNot only is he an epic drama llama but he is still the voice of insufferably good and just morality On one side he has the Sons of Ares willing to go to extreme terrorist lengths for their cause and on the other side he has many cold callous Golds who DNGAF about the lower classes Many times it feels like Darrow is the only one allowed to care about anything and allowed to be upset about the deaths of innocentsEven the most interesting character by far feels so unnatural and out of place in the story Everyone is saluting Mustang as this amazing strong female who completely overwrites the issues the last book introduced ie all female characters are useless and need saving and yet she does indeed feel like a direct response to readers' concerns Her most memorable scene is a feminist speech she makes about being super smart and unapologetic and I can't help thinking Brown is going for the female vote Because we all know how much he loves to milk thatAnd in a sea of books about civil unrest and divides between rulingslave classes I think the only way the Red Rising trilogy stands out is by its heavier use of scientific language and technical descriptions I don't feel like it does anything different in terms of plot or charactersI lack the ability to care what will happen going forward I feel like there is literally nothing I’m reading for I don’t care how the war ends I don’t care if Darrow lives or dies I don’t care about any relationships There are just no answers I’m seeking from this series Which is why I won't be reading Morning Star no matter how many people tell me I shouldSeriously though who talks like this note this isn't Darrow “ I was in a dark woods blind and lost as Dante before Virgil But uinn helped me Her voice calling me out of misery She became my home As she puts it “Home isn’t where you’re from it’s where you find light when all grows dark” Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Store

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    Did I mention that I listened to these almost exclusively as audiobooks?I did And the narration was to put it plainly purely brilliant Dude knocked it out of the parkIn fact the narrative voice was so strong that when I picked up a paper copy of the book so I could read it faster I read about 5 or 6 times faster off the page The narrator's voice stuck with me in my head like when you read some text next to a picture of Morgan FreemanSo yeah Not just some excellent books But excellent audio production as well

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    Gah FairyLoot edition Can I just take a moment to give credit to this wonderful ending ↓I can't even right now Okay lets move on to a little bit of a sedate review First off I love Darrow Sevro Ragnar uinn and Mustang and I swear Well I love a lot of the side characters but I'm most in love right now with Sevro Darrow and Ragnar in that order I can't even write this review This book is all over the place with everything Blowing people up in space bloody battles stupidity people being blown up here and there and everywhere People you like getting killed People you don't like that you want to beat into the ground Oh and the part with Darrow and his mom made me cry Let me just add some random excerpts that have to do with Darrow and Sevro and stuff I explode through the bridge like a ball of lead shot into a store of china and glass I crash into displays and strategy desks before blasting through the reinforced metal of the bridge walls through the steel of the hallways till at last I slam bodily into a bulkhead a hundred meters through and past the bridge Dazed Can't find Sevro I call him over the com He groans something about his ass Maybe he did shit himself Okay so here is a moment that Darrow and Sevro had together after finding out a revelation It brought a tear to my eye for reasons there's always reasons people Well the tear to my eye came after the first part and some stuff and then the other stuff D Sevro spits in my face right under the eye Guess wrong again and I leave you like this He snaps his fingers I will not come back I will not help you I will not bleed for you I will not sacrifice my friends for a man who doesn't give enough of a shit about me to put his neck out just once Trust goes both ways Darrow This time you have to take a leap shfosehgsoihgsiodhfsidfhsifh some stuff and He can't say any because I'm hugging him and crying I sob and hold on to him shaking scaring him He doesn't move except to pat me on the head All the weight falls from my shoulders Someone knows He knows and he's here He knows and he came to help me To help me I can't stop shaking and saying thank you Eo was right I was right You are my friend I tremble out like a child It almost makes him cry seeing me this way Once again that ending I can't even It was messed right up and sad but good We can't have it all Happy Reading Mel 🖤🐶🐺🐾MY BLOG Melissa Martin's Reading List

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    Psst A new video is up all about the bad books I've read this year Now that you know that this one is on it check out the Worst Books of 2019 video to see what other ones made the cut The Actual Review I don't know what's wrong with me but this one is so gory damn boring that I could scream Am I the only one? Does it get better??? An Eternity Later It didn't get better but on the plus side this book is over I can FINALLY read something else The Review Okay So A lot happens in this bookAnd most of it isn't importantThe premise is still the same Darrow's world is incredibly caste divided Reds workers Golds rulers Pinks sex slaves etc and thanks to genetic modification everyone is perfectly adapted to their roleHowever Darrow a Red is transformed into a Gold and given a secret mission to infiltrate the higher up world of Golds in order to dismantle their world from the inside outLast round we had a hunger games esue free for all only with far brutal murders and actual schemingIt was hella interesting to have the Greek themed houses strategize and overthrow I was so invested in the howlers and the fate of Darrowbut this round? EhhhDarrow flies around on a ship wheeling and dealing as he gains power There's a couple of big bads but Darrow's big brain saves him every timeI just really wasn't feeling it too much was happening and it was all too big We are talking about the fate of billions of beings and intricate worlds and politics galore and I'm just not about that lifeIt's the sort of issues which take decades to resolve in any meaningful manner and I just don't feel like sticking around for itSorry folks I'm outAudiobook CommentsRead by Tim Gerard Reynolds the only good thing about this book was the uality of its narrationYouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading

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    ready for a little biology lesson? goosebumps are a fight or flight response usually weather excluded they occur when experiencing intense emotions towards something and adrenaline is released throughout the bodyso what does it say about this book that i had goosebumps pretty much throughout the entire thing?? it means this book is straight up chilling and good gosh i am in utter disbelief right now i honestly dont know if i finished this book or if it finished me thats how im feeling right nowthe range of emotions i felt whilst reading this is exhausting i feel like a wet towel that has been wrung out for every last drop of water i never knew i could feel so much i am R E E L I N Gchokengtitiktitikchokeng i still think pierce brown is a total hottie and after reading this im pretty sure im in love 3↠ 5 stars

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    Buddy reading this book with my favorite Howlers Sarah Celeste Mary Tweebie JennymortTake all these 5 stars from me Pierce Brown take it you completely deserve it Unbelievable It wasn’t an exaggeration when literally everyone told me the seuels to Red Rising are much better Golden Son is truly an incredible installment in the trilogy I praised Red Rising I enjoyed reading it so much and yet it pales in comparison to its seuel I started reading Golden Son on 8th January the day I turned 28 finished it in 3 days and I’m so lucky to have chosen this book to be my first read in my new ageThere’s a new contender for the biggest lie I ever heard and that’s seeing this book shelved under “YA” I was reluctant to start this series because of it yes I'm not a fan of YA but I'm really glad that didn't stop me Forget all the similarity with other YA books you think you’ve seen or heard in Red Rising you won’t find any of them here at all It completely goes into adult military sci fi territory and written like one No sugar coating there’s a lot of harsh words bloodbaths brutality and some gore here Unless your 13 old kids have their balls or tits tempered with Thor’s hammer I recommend you to make them stay away from this book It’s up to you in the end though who knows? Maybe your kids will learn how to defy their bullies with Lego after reading this book since there are a lot of strategy and badasses involved hereWhether you’re one of those who loved like me or hated the previous book because of the plot I’ll assure you that this time the plot took off in a completely different direction than before and it’s so much better It relies on the foundation laid by the first book to hurl the plot itself to become a massive sci fi and space opera literally from page 1 Packed with non stop actions politics bloody space or ground warfare and twists and turns it will truly grip you right from the beginning until the end Seriously there are only a few chapters where you’re allowed to take a break before the story pulls you into all the madness and blood feud againHave I mentioned the ending is so mind blowing it's designed to give you an anxiety attack? I strongly recommend you to have MORNING STAR Last book of the trilogy beside you before you finished the book It’s probably one of the most fucked up cliffhangers I ever experienced in my whole life I’m actually typing this review after I read the first 2 chapter of Morning Star straight after finishing Golden Son otherwise this review will consist only of me typing my foamy mouth into words “argh urgh fruha euehoo dsuhckijk uhaorj uhjpkco”Frankly I didn’t expect myself to get attached to the characters in this book so much when I started the series but I do I really do I’m a huge sucker for great character developments I love when there is an improvement in the characters personality strength and weaknesses and changes in all their relationships Whether it’s in the form of love blossomed or betrayal casted as long as they’re executed perfectly and make sense I’ll never get tired of them and this book has them all There are some new great characters here Ragnar not Lothbrok Victra and Lorn specifically but my favorite part will have to be seeing the relationship development between Darrow and his best friends old and new especially Sevro These two friendships are what I’d definitely called #friendshipgoals they understand each other bantered carelessly and most of all loyal to each other Sadly I can’t tell you much on this part this time as there are a lot of factors that I think would be much better for you to experience it yourself rather than hearing it from me but I’ll let you know that Darrow and Sevro are definitely my favorite and the best characters in the book for meDarrowSevro’s re introductionThe world building scale is bigger than before as this time we deal with space travel and worlds hopping It’s much easier to read and imagine compare to before as almost all the info dump was established already in the first book This time none of the world building felt like Earth any and that’s a huge plus for me I don’t want my head to imagine Earth when the settings are clearly notI mentioned before in my Red Rising review that I absolutely loved Pierce Brown’s writing it still holds true here in fact I love it even now as I really think he really improved his writing style It’s much engrossing immersive poetic and yet still retained all the previous elements that captivated me There are also a lot of great one liners and fantastic uotes which will give you hope laughter or something to think upon when you go through the book here are some of my favorites “I will die You will die We will all die and the universe will carry on without care All that we have is that shout into the wind how we live How we go And how we stand before we fall” “Home isn't where you're from it's where you find light when all grows dark” “Friendships take minutes to make moments to break years to repair” I'm Gold bitch What'd you expect? Warm milk and cookies just because I'm pocket sized?” Adrenaline inducement is imminent words you read will shoot straight to your heart and fill your feelings with love towards the main and side characters rage and hatred towards the villains Betrayal bloodydamn epic action and military warfare ground and space seuences are written so vivid it felt like I’m experiencing a much epic and dark version of Star WarsTrek yes I said that deal with itI’m putting this entry into my favorite shelves Golden Son is everything I ever wanted in a Sci Fi book Pierce Brown himself said this is his favorite book out of the trilogy and I really don’t think the 3rd book could top this one but it still remains to be seen I can say with confidence though that if Morning Star didn’t disappoint this series will definitely become one of my favorite series of all time I urge you strongly to start this series if you love any of these Sci fi space opera great actions fantastic climax great characterization with strong plot perfect pacing or if you’re eager get your adrenaline fix hey you don’t need to ride an extreme roller coaster look no further read this book and you’ll get all these experience for hours I may sound calm in my review but inside my burning heart I’m typing this review with fingers full of adrenaline rush from the endless “one chapter” syndrome this book gave me This book is the kind of drug I need in this world where sometimes we simply need a portal to escape from our boring reality and I bloodydamn hope you will experience this as well

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    Updated ReviewI have this uirk I call it my false sense of urgency It sometimes makes me impatient and unforgiving when I'm reading a book for the first time and if the new book happens to be the latest installment of one of my favorite series the possibility of that first read suffering the effects of my FSoU goes up exponentiallyglances sheepishly at GOLDEN SON 1 I don't care about the bloody Ash Lord2 There was TONS of info about Obsidians and Stained it just wasn't the info I wanted so I threw a temper tantrum3 The seuence that I felt heavily resembled a seuence from STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS I don't know if it was bc I had watched the movie just prior to reading it or if it was another byproduct of FSoU but this time Yeah it didn't bother me at all shrugs awkwardly4 I downplayed it in my original review but I was also extremely aggravated by Darrow continuing to keep his friends at arms length even as he recognized the damage his withholding was causing to those relationshipsOn this second pass not only did it no longer feel redundant and obstinately foolish but the friend I most resented being kept at a distance came across as petulant and self righteous about that it the spoiler tagged sectionFunnily enough before my reread I thought I might have to lower the rating to 40 from 45 now that the post first read high had worn offInstead I'm raising it to 50 SPOILERY FINAL THOUGHTSview spoiler1 I'm sorry but Roue is a little bitch Where the hell does he get off blaming Darrow for their friends' deaths? Eff you dude Efffff youuuuuuuinn's a big girl She and everyone else who got involved understood what they were signing up for CHALLENGING THE SOVEREIGN No one is responsible for her death except for Aja also a bitch As for Tactus he was a turncoat who had to be talked down from murdering Lorn's GRANDCHILDREN I'm not saying I didn't hurt for him I did I hate that he was so screwed up by his upbringing that he couldn't just let himself be But it was no one's fault but his own that he bit it2 Obviously in light of all that I'm no longer holding out hope that Roue is some kind of double agent grimaces Sorry Robin It made sense when we talked about it last year but not a chance in hell Hopefully by the time you finish your reread you'll think he's a prat too crosses fingers3 “I found out later Nero contrived an agreement with the daughter of the sitting Sovereign You know her as Octavia au Lune Younger then she convinced her father to give Nero the throne of Mars and his revenge; in return she earned Nero’s support when she led the faction that overthrew and killed her father five years later That is the man you started a war for” HOLY SHIT4 “Narol is he ?” “Dead? Aye He’s dead” The breath goes out of me “How long?” “Two years ago” she chuckles “Fell down a mineshaft with Loran Never found the bodies” I'm with Darrow's mamma I'll believe it when I see their dead bodies5 “Then farewell hope and with hope farewell fear Farewell remorse all good to me is lost” He whispers to some distant fading part of himself as he lazily lifts the scorcher to his father’s forehead “Evil be thou my good” “Stop” Aja steps forward “Adrius In the name of the Sovereign ” The Jackal shoots his father in the head There is something so sinister about Jackal uoting Lucifer's lines from PARADISE LOST like he's at that moment becoming a fallen angel Dude you've been an evil bastard your whole life Or at least since you were TEN and arranged the death of YOUR BROTHER GTFOPS I swear to god if Antonia Cassius and Jackal don't die and by die I mean die horribly there's gonna be 'percussions Roue too Maybe Probably DEATH COUNTuinnTactus Bellonas excepting Cassius and his evil motherPliny Victra LornAugustusFitchnerARES hide spoiler

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    “I will die You will die We will all die and the universe will carry on without care All that we have is that shout into the wind how we live How we go And how we stand before we fall”It’s been three days I finished “Golden Son” and I still don’t know how I feel about it let alone what I think about it I’m just so confused and devastated and my heart is nothing but an empty void There seem to be three bloodydamn good reasons why I feel that way though1 Pierce Brown ripped out my heart and gave it to the pitvipers2 He broke my mind and didn’t leave any glue3 His book shattered my soul and fractured it into tiny little pieces YES “Golden Son” uite literally destroyed me and I have no idea how I’m supposed to survive the third book I got so attached to all those characters and whenever something happened to them I almost got a heart attack The pacing was so fast I barely managed to keep up with all those many plot twists and every time I thought I knew in which direction it was heading the entire story line changed once again To read this book was like playing chess without any rules lol You have all the familiar chess pieces you need in order to play a decent game of chess but your nice little figures never do what they are actually meant to do It’s like they constantly give you the finger instead XDThat’s so rude Pierce So mean and cruel and painful You hear me? SO FREAKING SAVAGE AND EXCRUCIATINGmental breakdownOkay okay I’m fine again clears throat Where was I again? Oh yes the plot ”How could so frail a girl have such a spirit such a dream as freedom when so many strong souls toiled and kept their heads down for fear of looking up?”The plot ”They say a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand They made no mention of the heart”After graduating from the Institute Darrow Au Andromedus spent his last three years as a Lancer of House Augustus serving no other than Nero himself Left to his own devices and without any guidance from Ares he didn’t just try his very best to find his way amongst his fellow Golds but also worked than just hard to become an integral and important part of Nero’s forces This however isn’t as easy as it seems and all it needs is a small mistake that’s able to destroy the good reputation he has built After all there are plenty of enemies that want to get a piece of him first and foremost Cassius au Bellona and his entire House which still holds a deadly grudge against him With his loyal Howlers scattered all over the galaxy and only Roue at his side the growing pressure on Darrow’s shoulders might soon become too strong to stand it any longer Will he rise like a comet or will he tumble into red dirt? ”Your people My people We have languished in darkness But there will come a day when we walk in the light It will not come from their mercy It will not come by fate It will come when brave hearts rise and choose to break the chains to live for ”The characters ”We’re all just wounded souls stumbling about in the dark desperately trying to stitch ourselves together hoping to fill the holes they ripped in us” This is the moment you enter my spoiler section There will be lots of uotes and information about the individual characters and most definitely also way too many subjective emotions for your own good Don’t say I didn’t warn you ; P Darrow ”I’ve seen her hanged a thousand times now as her martyrdom spreads across the worlds city by city Yet each time it strikes me like a physical blow nerve endings shivering in my chest heart beating fast neck tight just under the jaw How cruel a life that the sight of my dead wife means hope”Oh Darrow my torn and insecure child This boy is hurting so much not just because of the things people are doing to him but also because of his past his current present and the things that might eventually happen in the future He wears a burden that is too heavy for him but he still tries his best to stay strong to keep on moving and to fight for the things he values sigh He’s such a torn man it’s exceptionally painful to watch For instance Darrow still loves Eo and his family but he also grew fond of some of his fellow Golds and to say he is walking a thin line between acceptance betrayal and loyalty is actually putting it than just mildly In fact it doesn’t even get close to the truth That moment when he realised that Sevro knows about his true identity and accepts him the way he is oh boy did it kill me I was right there crying with him 333 Darrow has a too gentle soul for what he’s about to do but his determination and will are incredible XD I loved how he treated Mickey and I’m really sorry for what happened to the poor Carver I mean just like Darrow he’s a product of his environment and he certainly didn’t deserve to be abused by Harmony Still as much as I admire Darrow he definitely made some huge mistakes as well and I think the ending of “Golden Son” made that than just clear Urgh that ENDING I can’t even TT ”In so many ways I’m still a boy lost and afraid seeking warmth and love When I feel dirt I honor Eo And when I see fire I remember the warmth and flicker of the flames across Mustang’s skin as we lay in our chamber of ice and snow” ”He can’t say any because I’m hugging him and crying I sob and hold on to him shaking scaring him He doesn’t move except to pat me on the head All the weight falls from my shoulders Someone knows He knows and he’s here He knows and he came to help me To help me I can’t stop shaking and saying thank you Eo was right I was right “You are my friend” I tremble out like a child It almost makes him cry seeing me this way” ”Because you’re my friend” I bring his hands to my lips kissing them gently as he looks up at me with hopeful eyes “Weird as you are wicked as you were I know you want to be better You want to live for We all do And there’s not a place they could take one of my friends that I would ever abandon them”Mustang ”Shame you don’t respect me enough to suppose that I have my own plan You think I’m here because my aching loins thrust me into Bellona arms Please I’m no bitch in heat I protect my family by any means necessary Who do you protect but yourself?”I don’t even dare to say it but I was kind of disappointed by Mustang in this book I mean yes she’s still cheeky and she was one of the good guys but after “Red Rising” I really would have expected her to play a important role and to fight for her opinions and rights First she decided to work for Octavia au Lune and then she became Cassius girlfriend? Like seriously? We all know what a excuse my crude language bitch Octavia is and to date Cassius because she thinks she might protect her family by doing so? WTF? Where is her fire? Where is the snarky spark I loved so much? She doesn’t have to resort to the typical tricks of a woman she’s way better than that and the fact she chose to use her femininity instead of her strength intelligence and will power was just frustrating Truth be told I think Victra was a way better role model in this book She didn’t care what others thought of her she did what she wanted to and she took what she needed Yup I think I liked Victra lol Oh and don’t even get me started about Mustang’s reaction when she found out that Darrow is a Red It’s like she wanted to support all the classes and change the system and then BAM Darrow tells her he’s actually a Red and she hates him? I mean yes she’s entitled to feel betrayed everyone would do but to react like that? Preach water and drink wine right? ”If she gives me her heart I’ll break it My lie is too great to build a love upon When she discovers what I am she will reject me Even if she could survive that I would not” ”The human spirit tries to break free again and again not in hate like the Dark Revolt But for love They don’t mimic each other They aren’t inspired by others who come before them Each is willing to take the leap thinking they are the first That’s bravery And that means it’s part of who we are as people”Sevro ”He stands uietly in his armor watching us watching Roue hold the girl Sevro loves but has never told the girl he could never have The pain is raw and etched deep into the lines of his hawkish face Impervious Sevro immune to hurt to sadness to having his eye gouged out by Lilath the Jackal’s lieutenant; it all falls on him now”I still LOVE that boy to bits and pieces He’s truly the best thing about this series 333 Sevro is the best friend anyone can have and he’s so damn loyal and gentle it’s a pleasure to watch Yes I said gentle Because behind all his rabid wolf attitude and the tough façade he shows to others he’s actually the sweetest and kindest soul ever Plus I love his humour XD And just like Darrow I seem to have a weakness for men with only one eye and a really sassy demeanour Yes Lucien I’m talking about YOU here ; P I wasn’t really surprised to find out that he’s half Red I have to admit that Fitchner’s true identity threw me though lol Who would have thought Fitchner had it in him? Well I certainly didn’t XD ”Audentes fortuna juvat” Sevro chuckles “Fortune favors the bold? You deserve to die if that’s really going to be the last thing you say in this life” ”Sevro?” I look around for him He’s loitering around Pliny’s eyeball some twenty metres back We turn to look at him and he shuffles his feet awkwardly”Can I ” He gestures to it“What?” Mustang asks“Can I have it?”Mustang suints at him “All yours”He scoops up the eyeball and jams it into his pocket grinning merrily He runs to catch up “Collecting the set hopefully” ”I can’t do this without you” After a desperate moment “Are you with me? Sevro?”He pulls back and wipes snot from his nose muddying his face Tears make lines in the mud as he looks up at me voice cracking like a child’s “Always Darrow Always”Roue ”We are not our station in life We are us – the sum of what we’ve done what we want to do and the people who we keep close You’re my dearest friend Darrow Mind that No matter what transpires I will protect you as surely as you would protect me if ever I needed it”Roue my precious poet with principles My kind spirit in a cruel world OH GOD I CAN’T EVEN I knew this would come I saw all the signs Darrow’s betrayal uinn’s death the fact Darrow shut him out of his inner circle over and over again It was so damn hard to read Every little moment every small action every single word that left Darrow’s lips it was poison for their friendship poison for my poor Roue Darrow should have tried to mend things between them he should have given him time and an honest and long conversation but he did absolutely nothing and just left him out in the rain Grief is a powerful emotion and it can change people in ways no one would have ever thought possible Darrow of all people should have known this DAMN IT Roue was so lonely and isolated so broken broken beyond repair and no one noticed It’s really no surprise he did what he did I saw it coming yet I still wasn’t prepared to face it My heart is bleeding I AM HEARTBROKEN I feel so torn about Roue right now but I can’t hate him I can’t dislike him for what he did He’s still my Roue My gentle poet sobs ARGH I hate Pierce Brown for making me feel this way And how it happened in the end I guess I finally have my answer how Roue made it through the passage I wish I would have never found out It just hurts TT ”I didn’t mind that it was always about you Darrow That was what burned Tactus but not me I’m not in love with you like Mustang I don’t worship you like Sevro or the Howlers I was a true friend I was someone who saw your light and your dark and accepted both without judgement without agenda And what did you do to me? You used me like a man uses a horse I’m better than that uinn was better than that” ”Friendships take minutes to make moments to break years to repair” he says turning to glance over his shoulder “We’ll talk again soon” A needle from his ring pricks my wrist Gentle like the kiss he now plants on my cheek“And thus go liars with a bloodydamn kiss”One word shatters a thousand liesThe Jackal ”Come now Father ”“You are not my son”Adrius flinches With those few words Augustus releases something And the small part of Adrius that held out hope to be loved disappears He shakes off his humanity leaving only the JackalCunning cruel conniving relentless heartless and creepy In short The perfect villain Adrius is certainly a force to be reckoned with and this time around I actually truly and completely blame Darrow He knew what he was getting himself into he knew “The Jackal” wasn’t to be trusted yet he still hoped his wrath wouldn’t reach him? I mean what did he expect? That the Jackal would stand aside while he became his father’s successor? Didn’t the death of Leto teach him anything? Adrius acted exactly the way I expected him to and I can’t believe Darrow actually fell for his trap I don’t even want to know what he’s going to do with him Knowing the Jackal it’s going to be cruel and savage though Conclusion“Golden Son” was brilliant and ingenious It caused me to laugh it caused me to cry and it thoroughly broke my fragile heart sobs I think I’ll never get over that ending never ever as long as I live It’s just too gorydamn painful TTThis said I actually must be a masochist because I really can’t wait to read the last book lolThank you Pierce Brown you successfully turned me into a sappy and weeping mess ; P

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    This comes out today And you should read it because it's fucking awesome RTC when I'm done with my re read and can find the words to do this beast justice

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    This 5 star rating might come as a surprised to some of you who know how conflicted Red Rising left me In fact it's one of the only books I've read but NOT rated How often does that happen? Hmm never So how did I go from unable to rate book one to loving book 2 something fierce? The short and lazy answer is I don't know The long and complicated version is this review HuzzahGolden Son is a remarkable improvement over some of the issues I had with Red Rising The writing and plot are noticeably stronger The characters are fleshed out The action and suspense are cranked up several notches Really I couldn't ask for  in a seuelFixed Issue #1 Super Slow BeginningFirst off unlike Red Rising where I struggled with the first 100 pages Golden Son starts off strong with plenty of action to keep the reader interested Since the pesky job of world  building has been taken care of long it gave Brown the opportunity to focus on what really mattered making heads roll What surprised me with Golden Son was just how many heads actually did roll but on that laterThe majority of this novel focuses on Darrow outside the academy and the war he purposefully started We find out a lot about the Sons of Ares and the inner workings of the politics of the Golds I was a little wary about that because a ton of political intrigue can lead to boredom But in this case that was not something that ever happenedFixed Issue #2 Treatment of Female CharactersMy biggest issue with Red Rising was the treatment of female characters specifically Mustang I felt she was put into deliberate situations that forced Darrow to swoop in and save her lest her virtue be ruined I'm so over that trope in books so I was disappointed to see it in Red RisingThe good news is that Brown clearly took care with showing us Mustang's strength slight spoilers but not really There's one scene in Golden Son where Darrow finally has a chance to talk to Mustang after certain events have pulled them apart and she ends up close with Cassius He claims that he understands how she must feel but she uickly corrects him This is my favorite scene in the entire bookNow I'm sure you understand that I felt lost One because I thought I'd found someone special in you Two because I felt you were abandoning the idea that gave us the ability to conuer Olympus Consider that I was vulnerable Lonely And that perhaps I fell into Cassius's bed because I was hurt and needed a salve to my pain Can you imagine that? You may answerI suirm on my cushion I supposeGood Now shove that idea up your ass Her lips make a hard line I am not some frill wearing tramp I am a genius I say this because it is a fact I am smarter than any person you've met except perhaps my twin My heart does not make my brain a foolI really love how confident Mustang is in that scene and how unashamed she is about it In that same scene she goes on to tell him that he is not as invincible as he thinks and how he needs her if he has any hope of winning the warI just really wished Darrow listened view spoiler If there was one thing that I had issue with it's that if Darrow had repaired his friendship with Roue none of the events in the ending would have happened Servo and Mustang kept telling him over and over Fix that Darrow and he would agree but never makes strides to actually do it I just wanted to shake him and say You are at war You need all your allies to be completely on your side My problem was that the foreshadowing for that was too obvious I knew that eventually it would lead to something devastating hide spoiler