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The Second World War is raging abroad when 18 year old Kitty decides it's time to do her bit So she joins the VAD Voluntary Aid Detachment as a nurse going to work in the military hospitals of southern England Helping the injured soldiers on the wards Kitty sees the grisly effects of war at close hand notably the casualties of Dunkirk But the move from her comfortable safe home environment to the harsh world of a wartime hospital will teach her a great deal about life and relationships

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    Would you look at that? It's my childhood calling I have to thank the My Story Girls series Horrible Histories series and also The Lady Grace Mystery series for single handedly making me the historical fiction and history lover that I am today Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk 3

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    War Nurse is a good book but has horrible happenings 19 year old Kitty Langley trains to be a VAD Voluntary Aid Detachments and starts when WWII starts While here older brother Peter fights as a solider There she works with her friends Bunty MollyMarjorie and meets Nurse Jean Mason whom she shares a room with At first Jean seems a bit distant but after a while Kitty discovers she is poor and that she can't give back so that's why she didn't take a chocolate from Kitty when she offered her one the day they met and why she was so reluctant to take a biscuit from Kitty too Soon they warm up to each other and become good friends Kitty's best friend Anne is also a VAD but she gets sent to work some where else She promises Anne she'd keep a diary and Anne promised her the same They also write to each other While she's a VAD Kitty works really hard and gets little pay and has to follow the Sister's orders sometimes on very short notice She also experiences the horrible sight of wounded soldiers suffering Kitty kinda has a boyfriend called Giles who is a pilot for the RAF Royal Air Force but she soon discovers that she dosen't like him the way age thought Later in the book he dies The Germans were power hungry people Not all of them were to blame though One day the Germans bomb the hospital and sets one of the patients beds on fire Kitty bravely saves the patient by grabbing some sheets and puts the fire out burning her hands and arms in the process She faints after that and she wakes up in the hospital She gets congratulated by a Matron and gets told that everyone in the hospital is proud of her She returns home so her hands can completely recover She mentions that she'll be back before hopping on the train to go home I almost cried cause there were heaps of things that were mentioned in this book that made me want to cry On every bed is a solider loved by someone and who longs to see someone again To many innocent people died because of the 2 wretched WWs and I believe we should not let such sadness or horror happen a again But there are still wars i just hope WWIII won't exist In every war to many innocent people die The Historical Note was very interesting as well as the pictures The bonds shared in this book are strong Kitty's mother is so kind to her so is Jean I loved this book It's made me want to help people who are suffering from war or give to charity I'm sure this book will make you feel the same after you read it Sara ;

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    War Nurse by Sue ReidThis is about a girl name Kitty how signs up to be a red cross nurse in a military hospital She work along side her room mate nurse Mansion and her friends Bunty Molly Marjorie In this story she try to keep s in touch with her brother Peter and her boy friend Giles Well working in the hospital she experiences many injures and losses of lives and horrible incidentsI think theme them of this book is that war comes with a coasted I think this because she is treating soldiers how have been injured well in action A lot of these soldiers die in the hospital and some are treated and discharged The results of the war were described In the book by mean lying on the floor in the corridors because there are not enough beds for themI would recommend this book to other readers If you like reading war books the then you will enjoy this book as well as people hoe like to read diaries of interesting points in history This book is good to read because there is always action and there is back ground problems as well

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    I enjoyed this The only reason I read this is that it relates to some research I'm doing but what it aims to do I think it does very wellThis is aimed at school aged readers but it uite readable and informative for adult readers The detail comes across as authentic; it appears well researched Sometimes the exposition is a little heavy handed as though a scene only exists to convey historical information rather than serving the story but given the educational intent I think this is uite acceptableOverall a worthwhile read for anyone interested in life on the home front and in a military hospital in Southern England 1940

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    This entire series is a wonderful way to learn history or teach it to adolescents I find today's generations seem to recall when they learn through other people pop songs celebrity gossip etc so what better way to teach history than through someone else's perspective? Yes authentic diaries would be better but would the language really hold the modern student's attention? Did the diary writer know what WOULD be important in the context of history? Probably not

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    During World War II in England there was a shortage of nurses so they used VADs short for Voluntary Aid Detachments akin to what we now know as Nurse Aides They were trained by the Red Cross and did a lot of the grunt work in the hospitals This book is the fiction journal of one such VAD and how she starts out as a nervous young girl and in through all her trials becomes a competent mature Nurse

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    I really enjoyed reading this book and it must've taken me around a week or less to read it because I just couldn't put it down Some of the things that happened in the book brought a tear to my eye and that rarely happens to me when I read a book It was very well written too and it has to be my favourtie 'my story' book

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    Interesting but the girl on the cover looks about 12 I get that these are for children but seriously It's not about a child playing dress ups

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    It's so good it tells u how it's like in the war

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    i think i was a very good story about the horrors of the second world war