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Crazy Chester is missing and there's only one man for the job; Captain Harry the son of di beach Join Harry and many of your old friends from Di Island Song Series Novels as well as some new faces from Paradiso Shores as they follow the island hopping trail of that shoeless and shirtless forever Caribbean amphibian Crazy ChesterThe Captain Harry Series of books of which this is the first are light mysteries focusing as much on the joy of life in the tropics as the whodunnit aspect of the story You can expect colorful characters to go with those colorful shirts and drinks and a simple laid back style of writing that's perfect for that beach towel in Jamaica or backyard hammockNote While this story is the first in a new series of books The Captain Harry Series and was written to stand on its own it incorporates many of the characters from my Island Song Series novels In other words in most ways it is both the first story in the Captain Harry Series and the fifth in Di Island Song Series overall How you choose to enjoy them is entirely up to you The other novels in order are I'm Gonna Live My Life Like A Jimmy Buffett Song Jack And Di Rum Song Let Di Song Of Change Blow Over My Head and I Just Had To Go Back To Di Island

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    Set in the same world as “Di Island series” ‘Captain Harry’ is a fun light hearted mystery that takes the reader all over the Caribbean to places real and imaginary Many of the characters are the same with some new ones mixed in It’s not as funny as the Author’s other books but it’s interesting and fun and is the perfect reach for the beach or a parrot head