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Angelica Blackthorne is many things beautiful bold cruel and in the grip of a madness that threatens to destroy her Resurrected as a vampire sorceress known as the Blood Witch Angelica's lust for power knows no bounds and she will stop at nothing to claim back her ex lover the vampire Nerissa Naughton despite having murdered Nerissa's family years beforeNerissa Naughton may be powerful but confronting Angelica could cost her everything even with the help of an unusual alliance of vampires werewolves mortals and the vampire huntress Rowan OakwoodWith Angelica desperate to win Nerissa back only three things are certain hearts will be broken blood will be spilled and nothing will be the same again'The Blood Witching' is a dark vampire fantasy for young adults It is the second title in 'The Breathing Ghosts' Series

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    Goofy ueer vampire soap opera continues There's blood there's gore there's hilariously overwrought descriptions of the titular blood witchery there's belief defying coincidences there's incest there's a vampire kitten there's a valiant attempt to write a trans character that unfortunately devolves into cliches and Teachable Moments but hey she ends up doing okay for herself narratively so I'm counting it as a win Sad isn't it The writing tries to be by turns horrific and archly Wodehousian and never really manages either It's far from the worst lesbian vampire novel I've read but that's not saying a lot honestly