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IT'S A JUNGLE IN HEREBehind our stress clutter and confusion is an infinitely spacious place one might call stillness or joy This is our natural state of being but we usually don't experience it because we are caught in a web of material possessions desires and fearsOur clutter often becomes another member of the family that we feed house and lug around In Your Spacious Self author and professional space clearing expert Stephanie Bennett Vogt shows us that it's not our stuff but the holding on to it that creates a force field of stuck ness that clouds our perceptions and paralyzes our livesClutter is not just the junk spilling out of the closet It is anything or thought that prevents us from experiencing who we truly are With daily tips meditations and a decluttering checklist Your Spacious Self will show you how to CLEAR THE CLUTTER in your home and in your lifeREVEL IN YOUR OWN SPACIOUSNESS a place of stillness and joyLET GO OF THE PEOPLE PLACES AND THINGS that no longer serve the joyous being that you areRadical in its message and elegant in its simplicity Your Spacious Self offers a new model that combines the ancient wisdom of space clearing with the modern practicality of clutter clearing It teaches us that clearing is not just something we do but is also a powerful way to be one small step drawer or moment at a time

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    I like self help books and I have to say that I enjoyed this book It was easy and fast to read and the concepts were explained in plain English I like when things are kept simple so I can understand it better and not sit there and go huh? I actually had many a ha moments when reading this book and thought it all really did make a lot of sense I have a better understanding of myself and why I tend to hold onto things that I no longer even need or want I see now how clutter can really hold you back and I like how this book explains how to change itI did a few of the exercises in the book and definitely felt a change after doing some of them When I clean out a closet or drawer and finally throw stuff out I really felt lighter and a positive energy shift It's such a nice feeling to have and I felt motivated to keep working at my place one room at a time I'm still working on it but I know its not something that can be done overnightThis book is for everyone whether you are a pack rat or neat as pin The author explains both physical and emotional clutter and how to rid yourself of both I recommend you read it and see for yourself the positive changes you can make in your own home and yourself

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    This book was not at all what I wanted or needed at this point I was expecting a book on decluttering based on the title and description and was actually very much looking forward to reading it Instead it was highly metaphysical and each tiny chapter was essentially identical to the previous tiny chapter with a few words changed It's probably great if you're looking for a book on meditation as it relates to decluttering this might fit that billI fully recognize the mentalemotional aspects of decluttering and how critical it is to address those of one is to make any lasting progress Indeed a book that doesn't mention the emotional side of decluttering is pretty much useless to me Alas this book had the opposite problem It rarely actually mentioned the stuff making it very difficult to relate her concepts to the actually purging process And yes I know it's not about the stuff as the author writes but this was so disconnected from it that it lost all meaning for me It seems as though the book is a summary of her workshops; perhaps something is lost when not actively participating personMuch of her method involves journaling I actually use journaling as a large part of my decluttering journey but this book still did not resonate with me Again it felt as though the same tiny chapter kept getting repeated over and over and I forced myself to plow on adkept waiting to get to the meat of the text Halfway through I realized that clearly was the point of the book and decided to shelve itIf you are someone who is moved by metaphysical concepts this method might work for you I clearly need something at least a bit hands on

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    I got this book because I am taking SBV's year long class A Year to Clear I was thinking it would be a supplement to the daily drip lessons I'm doing Unfortunately I jammed thru the book so fast and skipped the lessons well I feel like I need to re read at a slower pace I must say tho I do like her approach and I'm trying to add a daily practice of clearing to my life I am so happy for the opportunity of her year long class

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    I didn't enjoy this book as much as I thought I would There are NO practical tips for decluttering at all Not in the entire book It's all about your mental and emotional state as you declutter There are journal prompts and meditations and emotional exercises The main theme is internal awareness accepting your own emotions and corralling your thoughts This is about clearing the mental and emotional clutter and it's relationship with your physical clutter But there are NO actual tips about how to declutter your home or possessions I wanted of a mixture of internal decluttering and physical decluttering and this book was so heavily focused on the internal stuff that I lost interest Some of the ideas about decluttering your mental space and your heart space are really wonderful Some of them are common sense things and some are a little strange all about energy transferring to our possessions and roomsThe writing was also repetitive saying the same basic concepts with a slightly different perspective or with a different example So I got bored with it by the middle and end because I felt like I had already grasped and understood that concept the first time and I didn't need to hear it two or three timesI didn't do any of the journal prompts or meditations because I already have my own journaling and meditating practice that I do regularlyOverall a good book but with a narrow focus

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    I got it as audiobook and now that I finished it I realize I actually need it as a bookThis book is about clearing the clutter but it goes beyond stuff in the house It's also clearing your connections your mind clearing everything The reason why I want it as a book is simply because I can reread some things Every chapter has writing prompts too and in book form it might be easier to get back to these uestions to journal them out

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    I abandoned this book It's a shame because I liked it at first but then it seemed to change course I didn't like that it delved into metaphysical justifications for actions and had journaling and uizzes to complete While I'm sure there are many for whom this would appeal this science person didn't find it engaging I much prefer It's All Too Much by Peter Walsh

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    Self help is really not my thing but this book was different I started it as an on line course then bought the book and worked from that My first time through I actually moved house as a result This time through there was a lot less to get rid of physically but emotionally is a difficult thing to tackle I don't much like meditation and exercises on personal awareness doing those exercises was much harder for me than the sorting physical possessions part This isn't really a book you finish the whole process is on going I made big life changes as a result of reading it

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    The title is misleading as is the picture this book is around decluttering your mind from excess negative thoughts emotions and energy It is a great book if that is what you are looking for My favourite take away It’s not mine

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    A must read if you are looking for clarity of thought in your life Super beneficial

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    Clearing clutter is a very popular topic these days The National Association of Professional Organizers NAPO says on their website “The professional organizing industry has grown steadily in recent years as Americans and others all over the world attempt to gain better control of their lives” In the midst of the wealth of advice on how to get organized comes a new book by Stephanie Bennett Vogt that gets to the root of the problem – “Your Spacious Self clear the clutter and discover who you are”Vogt’s book is full of practical suggestions I liked one chapter where she gives a game plan for sorting through all the extra stuff that you may have accumulated over the years Vogt recommends sorting your goods in four main categories “Stay” “Go” “Throw” “Don’t Know” She breaks down each category into sub categories In the “Stay” category there’s a place for “Stays Put” things – “this is stuff that may need a little weeding and fluffing up but it remains in the current home” she writes Another subcategory of “Stays” is the “Tolerations Pile” – “possessions that you want to keep that need fixing finishing or upgrading” belong here Read Spacious Self for a complete description of the categories and sub categories I followed Vogt’s advice and it helped me sort through some unneeded electronics that had been collecting dust in our homeYour Spacious Self is far than your typical “organize your house” book though Vogt addresses the spiritual aspect of clutter “We do not need fixing” she writes “The core of our being is not broken We humans are simply out of touch with our true selves and out of balance And by extension our homes and world are out of balance because we are Not the other way around” She emphasizes the three “R’s” in getting rid of our physical and emotional clutter “Clearing raises awareness Clearing releases attachments Clearing reveals a spacious part in us that has been there all along” As I was reading “Spacious Self” I found myself thinking “wait a minute This isn’t just a book on organizing my stuff There are lots of valuable life lessons here” Emotional clutter is just as inhibiting as physical clutter if not so and in chapter after chapter Vogt gives suggestions on how to clear this insidious type of clutter too Emotional baggage that prevents us from living a life of freedom and joyEach chapter has detailed step by step procedures to follow in a “Clearing Practice” section followed by “Clearing Journal” exercises – uestions to ponder on what was presented earlier in the chapter Take the time to do the journal exercises and you will get even out of Vogt’s bookI’m still working on the emotional clutter that came to my attention in reading Your Spacious Self “There is no replacing the wisdom that comes from living life in present time embracing the shadow when it shows up and entering each moment with innocent curiosity” Vogt writes Her book is a wonderful guide for releasing attachments to the physical and emotional baggage we all carry around It is the best book on clearing clutter that I have readI received a complementary copy of this book for review purposes The opinions are completely my own based on my experience