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Sarah Larker's world is crashing down all around her She has a wonderful Immortal husband and a beautiful son on the way But sadly she is slowly dying Victor desperately hunts for an answer to save her life With everything on the line they decide to trust an enemy who promises them a life saving cure an eternal bloom mentioned in myths and sacred books Can the bloom really cure her? Will Sarah live long enough to deliver her precious son?

10 thoughts on “Eternal Bloom (Ruby Ring Saga #5)

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    I don't get what made me continue in reading the seuels of the Ruby Ring Saga I admit the first book Eternal Vows was intriguing all the way ending with Sarah staying in Tastia The seuels however was far from okay The long agonizing journey of the next books of Ruby Ring Saga despite the fact that I hoped for improvements book after book teared my heart out because I truly believed that it could've been better than what was in front of me From Sarah and Victor being married to Sarah and Victor declaring their love to one another almost by page after frickin' page to Sarah pregnant to Alexander to her almost dying to her begging and praying and pleading everyone to help her not die Although what really annoyed the shit out of me was Sarah crying every damn time and the plot was just really really getting boring after every 'The End' And I just couldn't take it any that I had to give it 2 stars

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    I guess it was a nice ending in general but a bunch of bullshit all together It became pretty horrible after the first novel but I stuck with the series wishing and hoping The author should of just stopped while she was ahead It sucks being disappointed about a series but I can't help but be I keep asking myself why I continued to read it I should of just uit

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    As Sarah continues to have issues with the baby and the power she finds out that her baby is taking the brunt of the power problems They find out the immortals are feeding off humans like vampires They rescue some from the place she was held but fear it's only the beginning She then finds out from the rebel faction of the immortals that there maybe a way to save her and the baby Her and Victor head to the island to find the flower that will help her But they get there to find that the residents aren't what they seem and that getting the flower won't be easy After many tests and trial will they get what they need and will the baby and Sarah survive?

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    Good series Just got bored of the sappy 'I love you's' Books kept bringing back detailed memories of their fake wedding and it was a bit too much at times Sarah was way too emotional dramatic for my taste but she was pregnant I was hoping they would be back in Victor's timeworld Willing to wait for book 6 to come out

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    Love the story but man the repetitive lovely dovey stuff annoyed the hell out of me After book 2 I swear to God every time their eternal love was brought up I wanted to stop reading We get it alight they have an unbreakable bond we know how the met and we know what is going on there is no need to continually rehash what has already been said

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    Ruby ring sagaExcitement romance power terror Warriors enemies are throughout the pages of this series Each book continues the hold its words has on you pushing you to finish it without putting it down I've lost sleep reading the series cause I couldn't wait to see what happened next

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    It was great to see the story move forward I'm still not a fan of the blue ringed Immortals And I find it odd that no one uestioned a 9 month pregnant women who planned to fly Looking forward to the next one

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    This is a good book I love how they express their love to each other it's wonderful but it's a little too much in some spots Such a tough lady to be big pregnant and searching for this flower to save her life so she can be there for her baby Good book

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    Hooray they finally resolved some of the long standing issues This is still at a PG13 content level Overall a good book I hope they don't screw up everything they just resolved in the next book

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    still very interesting to read