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Although the Iron Fist's legend is immortal Danny Rand is definitely not Why is Danny sweating over an inescapable legacy that has haunted the Iron Fists for centuries? And what is the deeper meaning of Xao's ominous threat? As Danny and the Immortal Weapons begin another dimension spanning adventure they discover that the Seven Capital Cities of Heavenmight have an Eighth COLLECTING Immortal Iron Fist 17 27 Immortal Iron Fist Orson Randall and the Death ueen of California 1 Immortal Weapons 1 5 Immortal Weapons Sketchbook

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    In preparation for Netflix's newest addition to the Marvel tv lineup I figured it was high time I finished this run of Iron Fist I'd thoroughly enjoyed Brubaker Fraction's The Immortal Iron Fist The Complete Collection Vol 1 but since volume two was something I had to track down piece by piece on my Marvel Unlimited account laziness won out and I'd just never gotten around to reading the rest of this thingThen THISSo yeah The prospect of seeing a dude with a glowing fist on television was what I needed to give me a kick in the ass The again I don't see how you could not freak out over itGLOWING FIST PEOPLE GLOWING FISTOk admittedly I'm easily impressed So some of you may not be as interested in seeing a CGI glow fist come to the small screen WhateverI think it's badassOk well it turns out that Swierczynski's conclusion isn't uite as awesome as the last collection but it's certainly pretty readable My biggest complaint would be that there's just a ton of shit here that has to do with Iron Fists but not necessarily our Iron Fist Which is cool and all learning about the past and even future Fists but at the same time ehhhh I want to read about Danny not other guys Danny Rand Luke Cage kickin ass Danny doing kung fu y shit with the Defenders and especially about Danny and MistyBut a big portion of this was Legend of Iron Fist shit So prep yourself for a lot of mystical mumbo jumbo and folklore about people other than the main character I'm not saying that's bad I just wasn't expecting itEach Immortal Weapon Iron Fist's counterparts from the other realms gets an issue dedicated to telling either their origin story or just a cool story Plus Orson Randall the previous Iron Fist has a noir y detective story tossed in for good measure It has nothing to do with the main story but it's not badThe art is ok but nothing to get excited about Which is kind of my general feeling about this whole thing Not bad but it didn't get me pumped up eitherStill I'm glad I finally finished thisRecommended for Iron Fist Fanatics

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    When Matt Fraction and Ed Brubaker moved on from this title I really hoped that Marvel would have gone in a different direction Tiger’s Beautiful Daughterand the occasional appearance of Iron Fist Wenches in Waiting the Complete Illustrated History Wild West Cowgirl Hookers The Reckoning Kung Fu with Misty Knight and Colleen Wing Naked If You Want To But after the restraining order I can’t get within 50 miles of a Marvel employee in order to bum rush them with my great ideasThe knee jerk reaction to this title changing hands would have been “This is going to suck” Alas True Believers it doesn’t suck as much as one would have thought After continuing the plot threads beueathed to him Duane Swiercznski has a record of 1 and 1 with the “Let’s get the hell out of Hell” storyline the lone winner and the “I’m gonna die cause I'm Iron Fist and I turned 33” the better luck next time champ entryThe last issue in continuity is chock full of storylines and felt rushedThe Immortal Weapons each get a story with only Jason Aaron’s Fat Cobra being the lone winner A couple of issues devoted to past and future Iron Fists a fun pulpy Orson Randall story and a decent coda to end the volume about Iron Fist's inability to help one of his students round out this collectionDon’t be a chump Start with the BrubakerFraction run and if you’re feeling giddy read thisBottom LineMe I think this replica of Tiger’s Beautiful Daughter would look perfect on the mantleMrs Jeff So would your severed head on a spike

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    I thought the 1st collection of this was pretty good This one felt monotonous to me Fight after fight with little to it At the end there is an issue for each of the 6 immortals that is actually rather interesting I enjoyed the stories At the end was a story about Danny and a student which didn't have good art but it was a good story I enjoyed that I didn't know if I was going to make it through the first part of this story I think this saved the collection from being a 1 star for me The art is high uality and what Marvel delivers I want to hold onto from the characters character development Maybe I need another MarvelDC break for a time is all I do like the characters of the Iron fist and I like the Asian influences of the story and I don't feel it was the best telling in this book It didn't hit me right

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    I was a bit concerned about the Brubaker and Fraction less continuation of this series but Swierczynski did not disappoint I am not familiar with his comic book writing so I didn't know what to expect We find out why most Iron Fists have not survived longer than their 33rd birthday and then Danny learns about the 8th Celestial City We also get an issue on each of the Immortal Weapons exploring those characters for a bit; some of those issues are better than others All in all it was a good read and I will definitely check out some Swierczynski since I hear he has some crime noir stuff

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    Yes there are all sorts of snide comments to be made of THE Complete Collection emphasis mine reuiring a second volume Let's just accept that it's comic book logic and move onSadly Volume 2 mainly dilutes the impact of Volume 1 which deepened the mythology of the series and set the groundwork for new directions Volume 2 brings in Duane Swierczynski on the writing It's not bad but just not as interesting as Fraction and Brubaker's work on Volume 1 Essentially they created a new background for the series and Swierczynski plays in their sandbox but doesn't really bring any new toys to the game The characters exit Volume 2 pretty much the same as when they entered Danny Rand appears to have lost most of his fortune but does anyone really expect that to last? Comic book history is full of rich characters who lose their fortunes and gain them back overnight Tony Stark Oliver ueen heck even Richie Rich and Scrooge McDuck have been through this story a time or twoKudos to the people who compiled this book for printing issue #21 out of seuence It was part of some big themed event all Marvel titles that month being set in the year 3099 or something To reprint it in publication order would have been to interrupt the storyline for no good reason Happy to see someone looking out for the readers Also included is the Immortal Weapons miniseries focusing on the other Immortal Weapons The Fat Cobra and Bride of Nine Spiders stories are arguably the best in this entire bookTo sum up not bad but definitely a bit of a letdown after Volume 1 I'm not sure I recommend it but there are certainly far worse comics out there

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    Don't get me wrong this isnt a bad novel or collection It just doesnt compare to Vol 1 I think if this had been a solo novel without Vol 1 it would have held up on its own The main storyline was cool with the 8th city a short solo story of standalone fist and a few immortal weapon short story arcs haha I really enjoy Fat cobra It just didnt hit the amazing highs of Vol 1 Fraction and Brubaker just knock that Vol out of the park Probably isnt necessary to read if you want the Vol 1 story to continue but it still holds it own A little disappointed though it didn't carry the momentum Vol 1 ended with

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    They say that a writer is nothing than an inspired reader That certainly rings true to me whether it’s actually true or not I don’t know I say that because I’ve read almost nothing inspiring to me lately And so I'm a wannabe writer that hasn't been writing I did read a very good book recently about a serial killer in 1930’s Ukraine but it wasn’t the sort of novel that made me lay awake and dream of the storytelling possibilities So I’ve been going where the ‘inspiring’ stuff leads me A lot of television which turns out is really good I saw some pretty great movies recently too There was the one about the lady who dreamed of doing voice overs for movie trailers There was the one about this guy who was really an alien who came to destroy the earth but fell in love with earth music and decided to form a one man band instead And yes I honestly enjoyed that second movie He would stand on stage and talk about himself explain who he was and where he came from while dressed in his battle suit and people would laugh uproariously at him and then jam to his songs At one point he deadpans to the crowd “On my planet we don’t have buckets So on my planet this “ he points to the bucket he’s wearing on his head “is just a helmet”Then the crowd laughs some and he plays some excellent banjo music at the bar Anyway I’ve been reading graphic novels as much as I can too This one Iron Fist is the second collection I’ve read since its reboot several years ago Or maybe it was just a ‘boot’ since I don’t recall much about the old comics I did have several issues of Power Man AND Iron Fist where the two went on these wacky adventures together For a brief time it was one of my favorite comics as a kid I seem to remember Iron Fist constantly having to correct Power Man on his misconceptions about physics “How come I can’t catch up to this dude when I jumped off a building right after him? I’m heavier” or economics “Luke we don’t follow the gold standard any”Luke Cage kinda had the Worf problem from Star Trek His first response to any situation was to try to punch it until the crisis was averted But Danny was the wiser partner and typically right about most things But it seems like there was an Iron Fist comic before Power Man came along Not sure about that though It’s just how I feel about it And if there is anything I’ve learned in life it’s that unless lives are on the line how I ‘feel’ about something is accurate enough for me And it is way convenient that me actually looking stuff up But if there was an Iron Fist comic way back in the day then I don’t know if it was any good I kind of doubt it When I read those older books um anything before the mid 80’s well I don’t think many of them were that epic Of course I could be wrong but again I’m going by my ‘feels’ on the topic Where was I? Funny how I refuse to go back and reread what I’ve already written I’m really dedicated to this stream of consciousness thing for this review Iron Fist he’s this guy with amazing kung fu He also sucked the Chi from a dragon once not as sexual as I make it sound and can channel it into a single punch It tends to be pretty badass This collection was pretty awesome In it he uses said kung fu skills to be badass and to fight for his other pals in his adopted magic city in the mountains of Himalaya I have no idea if that’s where the city is but again feels right Through this collection he beats ass has his ass beat and also philosophizes about kung fuey things Also there is a collection of comics about other super warriors of the kung fu tradition added here Including one set in the future on a colony world in orbit around alpha centauri where a little kid version of the Iron Fist remember people it’s a mantle a title so when Danny Rand dies another will take his place you would know this if you read the comicsI’m reading it loving it and thinking the whole time ‘why did they have to use a real star?’ All I could think of is that this is part of a trinary star system would a planet in orbit around alpha centauri be stable enough to support human colonies? I mean I could imagine a complicated orbit there Also I could look it up but for the fifth time or third I don’t know feels Regardless I loved it That particular story and the overall Iron Fist universe Thumbs up from me But like the last collection The art is a little uneven Most of it is either fine or good but there is one or two comics in this collection that has some of the shittiest art I’ve ever seen in comic book form Still I think this was great overall

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    This collection started off strong following up from the previous volume with the search for the mysterious Eighth City This whole arc is really pretty good and occupies about half the matter of the book It is a good conclusion to the story from the previous volume and ties together nicely However the second half of the book is somewhat patchierFor a start the artwork starts going all over the place again which I had a problem with in the previous volume For the most part the change in style is not too jarring as the subject matter tends towards a side story set some time in the past or in one case the future and often enough does not actually involve Danny Rand himself However in a couple of places the artwork is frankly shockingly ugly in particular in the final Caretakers story which has some of the most dreadful artwork I have ever seen in a graphic novel Its position as the final story sadly left a bad taste in my mouthLuckily for the most part the art is a lot better than this final barrel scraping offering and for most of the better stories the art matches It did seem that the poorer stories were often accompanied by the lower standard artwork so perhaps these were issues where the editors took a holiday or handed off oversight to someone else While I really enjoyed the asides into the lives of the past Iron Fists in the previous volume and the felt like a great counterpoint to the main story and added to it here they felt generally irrelevant and distracting and in the case of the future story 3099 somewhat stupidYet some of the extra 'additional content' is really very good In particular the Fat Cobra story is great and the Dog Brother chapter is particularly poignant These two stories are the hidden gems of this volume I would probably have given the first half of the book a good four stars as being really enjoyable but the latter half is so disappointing that it is of a two star mish mash Thankfully the Immortal Weapons stories in particular the two mentioned above come through and help salvage the mess which we are left with I was definitely left with the feeling that there had been too much material to put this story into a single volume with the earlier parts of the story we saw in the prior one but the Eighth City arc was not enough to form a volume of its own really so we got bits pieces of some other lackluster stories to fill out the pages Luckily there was some uality in there too

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    Man there must be a doctorate thesis level of material in here about the Asia is portrayed in American comics Honestly I don't know what I feel about it Like the last volume the writing and art are terrific Most of the stories are legitimately great though the sections that are about previous Iron Fists or the other Immortal Weapons and NOT Danny Rand are much much better than the stuff about him Taken on its own this is high uality comic book writing but it's also amazing that you can write an entire series mostly set in China and starring mostly Asian characters and have almost no references to actual Asian mythology or culture Like they spend several issues in a Chinese Hell dimension but it's kind of a cultural blank slate? And Kun'lun itself is as generically Asian as possible This was written recently the run began in 2006 so it's not as if the internet didn't exist and it was hard to find visual reference material You get that excuse for comics written before the 90's maybe the 80's where you could just draw a forest and call it Tibet but not now So either they didn't do any research beyond a specific brand of kung fu movies or they actively decided to make it as generic as possible so as to not offend anybody Different ages cultures and languages are conflated and the story doesn't end up being about anybody with a specific origin with the exception of some stuff about previous Iron Fists from different generations though the one about the Opium Wars is just straight up wrong The most researched storyline is obviously the one about the previous Iron Fist who is Western and who lived in Hollywood in the 1920's so that's when the story takes place On the other hand I really enjoyed reading all of this I just don't know what to make of it

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    This is the riveting conclusion to the new Immortal Iron Fist collectionHere we have collected the followingTwo decent stories about Orson Randal one of which was significantly better than the first I enjoyed the noir almost Sin City esue tone to the Death ueen of Hollywood story but the tale of him and John Aman came up lacking for several reasons not least of which was for its odd inclusion out of seuence with the rest of the stories It would have served much better being read after issue 12 or 13 The origin stories for the rest of the Immortal Weapons which on the whole were pretty good I would have preferred a in depth story attached to Dog Brother #1 but Fat Cobra and the Tiger's Beautiful Daughter were far better than they deserved to be Even Bride of Nine Spiders had a pretty decent story although it couldn't really be classed as an origin tale as much as a satisfying little horror comic Ditto for Prince of Orphans he remains pretty cloaked in mystery These however were uite goodThe main thrust of course is the continuation of the previous volumes plot Here we venture into the 8th city learn about the fate of the Iron Fists and the demise of the Rand corporation Altogether this story was satisfying and well rendered Arguably it ended a bit too soon but that's what future arcs are for My only complaint about it all was the small epilogue story Caretakers which while a great story had significantly sub par art which was so bad as to be distracting Oh well at least the writing was consistently strong Altogether a very fun read