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For the last 50 years Caim has been living the life of a demigod He has been living with the evolved elves known as the Effeelions in a city floating in the sky The demigod vowed the Effeelions that he would help them in their uest to find the realm of Cosmus However lately the demigod has been having some humanly desires He begins to miss his life as a human One day Caim witnesses how his humanly desires brought danger to the sky city

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    40 out of 5 stars A Fantasy Spectacle of Mythological Proportions Worth a read'Fall of a Demigod' by AJ Martinez is the story of a young Demigod named Caim After 50 years as guardian of the heavenly city Kazenolumos Caim finds his humanly desires for a mortal greater than his loyalty and duty to the Effeelions his people His love for the mortal woman has vast conseuences when a powerful creature follows Caim homeThis short story is a good read for fantasy and Myth lovers alike Aside from a few minor grammatical and spelling errors The only reason for the missing star that sometimes detract you will find that this story of love and loyalty finds a special place in your heart

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    While I had a crush on The Ungifted Elf from page one I have to say it was a little different with the demigod Caim and I are having a love hate relationship Still And I'm really curious to see where this goes Stoked to read he might make another appearance in the Rift of Chaos trilogy? Either way I'm looking forward to lay my hands on a copy of the first book Sin of Mages cos I totally love how Martinez develops his characters and throws in a smashing dose of fantasy and myth

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    I received a copy of this book for free through Goodreads First Reads for a honest review I liked the story plot and the characters but the book has a lot of typosgrammar errors and that really took away from the reading experience

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    Firstly I wish to thank the author for an ARC copy Took me a long time to read this novella but better late than neverSimilar to other works by this author the story focuses on a single character in an exotic setting with unusual names and supernatural fantastic elements happening albeit the ordinary humans don't get to see it A peaceful race similar to elves appear in this story with physical traits reminiscent to the elves in the Grinch films with mouse like faces and tiny statues than LOTRThe protagonist of this tale is a guy named Caim who was once a human monk and became imbued with godly superpowers upon absorbing the energy of a flying comet His hair turned white he lost most emotions and stopped aging For reasons the book never develops Caim is recruited by the elves even though they had nothing to do with him obtaining his powers and hire him as the guardian of their hidden floating city and forced to proclaim an oath of no interference in human matters so that he could focus on locating a mystical city of the dragon godCaim was taught how to properly use his powers by the elves and has traveled many places but a yearning for human companionship entices him to fall in love with a teenage woman named Kairi who doesn't know his true identity During his most recent escapade to sleep with her a masked stranger sees the encounterI liked how the story doesn't focus too much time either on the romance or the superpowered fights between Caim and the mysterious thief Jairo Caim is aloof and immature but likeable during the whole story and the story moves at a nice pace The book suffers a bit from repetitive sentences of things we already knew such as Caim has been a demigod for 50 years and the air dragon bestowed his powers but they are luckily less freuent and distracting in comparison to other works from the authorI liked the overall main story and how it ends on a positive note with than sufficient story left for a seuel but it still stands on nicely on its own as a standalone I do believe this has been AJ's strongest work I have read so far and while perhaps the book is no timeless classic it is still an overall really entertaining albeit very brief read

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    What a great mix of fantasy and romanceThis was not what I was expecting at all This story is full of interesting vibrant characters humour and romance with plenty of battles and some swearing tooSet around a Demigod who falls in love with a human the story adds elements of chivalry and almost forbidden passion and mixed them up with a nasty adversary intent on total destruction The battles are plentiful and interesting incorporating air as the element of choice this time around I loved the idea of opening portals to evade entice trap foes everything about this story was entertaining to readThe only downside was caused by spelling errors and certain phrases being repeated regurgitated somewhat giving a sense of deja vu and the explanation of the plot in certain areas seemed unnecessary as if we wouldn't grasp what was happeningThis aside I really enjoyed this book and look forward to of the authors work 455

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    Could not get into this bookThis book was not my cup of tea I was not a fan of the writing style or the story

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    I received this book in the mail yesterday I won it in a firstreads giveawayThis book is really really good The back of the book says that this is Mr Martinez' first romance Great job You should write of these I intended to give the book a uick look to get the idea of what to expect I wound up reading the book cover to cover it's short about 86 pages or so It grabbed me right away and held me til the endThere was action a plenty but it is ultimately a love storyI don't usually read romance novels don't get me wrong I like romance as a part of a story I just prefer it be a part of the larger story not the main focus In Fall of a Demigod there is no doubt the love story is the main focus But the author wove the action in so skillfully that I thoroughly enjoyed the experienceI read and reviewed another of Mr Martinez' books and was pretty harsh on the editing so I was a little nervous about how Fall of a Demigod would read Well there were a few problems here and there but they did not interfere with the story at all A smooth fast paced readMr Martinez has demonstrated what a great storyteller he is I recommend this book to romance andor action readers you won't be disappointedMike

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    This book feels like a fairy tale or fable The characters plotting and story are all very good The main message is about the importance of love This lesson is discovered by Caim a demigod and his friends the Effeelions elf like beings who live in a sky city The concept of the story is interesting The downside is the lack of editing There are spelling and grammatical errors like tense shifts and sentence fragments The author should simply hand the manuscript and a red pen to a someone with a good sense of spelling and grammar than re publish a cleaned up versionI received a copy of this book through a Goodreads giveaway

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    I won this novella in a goodreads giveawayThis book was very short definitely a novella It has a good fantasymythological premise an interesting main character and it was an ok short story but the writing was terrible Words were used incorrectly and the sentence structure was barely passable I felt like I was reading a first draft of an interesting idea which would take a significant amount of editing and rewriting before it was ready for publication Until this story is revised and edited I cannot recommend it

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    It was an interesting read to be honest once I started reading I couldn't have enough until I finished the story Though the world is obviously rich in lore and details the magic fights were planned in a way that builds suspenseWhile the pacing was slow and I found it a bit too descriptive in the beginning it soon took off as what interested me was how Caim the protagonist even when presented as a God or a demigod in this case still has humanly flaws that get the best of him Definitely an incredible read