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Collects X Force Sex and Violence #1 3 Wolverine wants Domino He wants her bad Unfortunately he's not the only one She's being hunted by the infamous Assassin's Guild Sensing her mutant powered luck is about to run out Domino accepts Wolverine's help and the two set about fending off their attackers and putting the moves on each other

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    Black White Buddy Read thanks to this assholeview spoilerMike saved me from having to read an actual black white comic book when he mentioned that the inker on this one was in love with his black pen or something to that effectExhibit A Gavin Joseph And since Gavin only suggested this theme to be an ass I'm eternally grateful to my fellow Shallow pal for his timely comment Whoever nominated that numbnuts to pick the the Buddy Read? Huge mistake HUGEAnd I apologize for it hide spoiler

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    This is the Swan Song for Craig Kyle's X Force run Does it live up to his series which was mostly good great? WellDomino has done something bad Without spoilers she's upset the guild and the hand at the same time Wolverine gets involved in this and tus comes in the sex and violence A lot of both a lot of half naked people and a lot of bloody deaths By the end you actually do get the X Force team coming in but not till the very very end Good Really dug the fight scenes Brutal intense and very very bloody I also thought wolverine and domino together was pretty funny and good banter throughout Nice and fast paced too so never boring Bad The storyline is kind of one note heist style movie storyline Just save the girl and kill everyone So kind of lame there I also thought the X Force wasn't in it enough Overall this was a fun little end note to the X Force run for Kyle While not as amazing as the great moments in the series it still holds up as worth reading for fans of the series A 3 out of 5

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    Surprisingly not bad despite clearly reveling in the exact gratuitousness that the title would lead you to expect With other characters on another team this would have felt over the top Not so much when it's Domino and Wolverine going horizontal after a bit of the old ultraviolence The art is sometimes on the messy side but it always looks good and the action is very clear to read Fun but ultimately a bit forgettable

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    Dialogue just enough to keep you guessing and funfunny enough to make me want Art crazysloppy enough to make me uestion my loyalty to the hyper real art that I'm digging so much these days and yet clearly comes from talent and a sense of kinetic style as well as a clear eye for clean action never leaving the reader confused what happened from panel to panel Awesome new artist on the block and thankfully not as in love with his inker as the previous pencillers were in this seriesI've already read Morrison's Xorn originWolverine Domino foreplay and that's a cheap way to bulk up this novel

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    Now this was fun Domino double crosses both the Assassin's Guild and the Hand and talks Wolverine into helping her escape both groups It felt like one of those romantic crime spree movies like True Romance or Natural Born Killers Gabriele Dell'otto's art is perfect for the series It gives off this kinetic energy amidst a fever dream

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    X Force SexViolence is a 3 issue one off which delivers exactly what it promises It's got sex and it's got violence and it's loads of fun The art is great dark and gritty It's also sexy but in a very adult way This is not your pubescent wet dream this is come as you are warts and all gotta have you now action packed sexinessDomino is in uite a jam and Wolverine helps bail her out She's managed to piss off both the Assassins Guild and The Hand and can't take them all on her own As they fight their way through a year's worth of bad guys they can't deny their sexual tension any longer and make a pit stop at a hotel room I have to give major credit for allowing Domino to be the major instigator for this sexy romp She's in charge she's getting what she wants and she's sexy as hell doing it I would've liked this short run to be a little longer it's a lot of fast paced action crammed into 3 issues But they were wise to keep it short as the typical Marvel book is not this gritty and definitely not going to show any nudity than we get here Which is basically some cleavage and a braless back I'm sure someone out there has drawn a far explicit fan fiction for this and if you want to link to it in the comments I wouldn't complain Definitely recommend for a nice uick bloody sexy readFor the full review with all the pictures please visit

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    The title ain't lying it's got plenty of both There is also some great artwork here

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    So my X men reading rampage has now infected my girlfriend Today we were at our LCS for FCBD google it and I was scouring the X books looking for sales but finding none As I was about to give up I heard This one's called Sex and Violence?? I like sex and violenceTo be fair my girlfriend is already a pretty big X geek Soon after we started dating I discovered that in her world the Holy Trilogy isn't Star Wars or LOTR or even Dark Knight it's X Men She even likes X3 for chrissakes She'd just never read any of the comics So I dug out my collection of Morrison Whedon and Claremont but after flipping through them she ended up settling on X 23 complaining however that X 23 needed to fight Wolverine often This should have been my first clue And as she started picking through various X related backissues I thought I'd head back down the dark road myselfSince then of course it's just been a sad unending overindulgenceAnyway aside from X 23 she hasn't been too excited about the print versions of her favorite characters especially the ones I bring home the technicolor simplicity of Astonishing X Men the snot nosed goofiness of Wolverine and the X Men et alSilly me I should have been buying the books where Wolverine slices ninja guy's heads into three pieces in between having hardcore sex with his co star Sex and Violence is another ridiculous book in the ridiculous world of R rated black ops brutality that is X Force I get the attraction there's amazing painted interiors negligible continuity and Wolverine slices apart ninja heads I'm just too much of a pansy to enjoy it It's Serious It's Unpleasant And if there's not a wink and a nudge involved I can't get into it But my girlfriend loves it and I'm excited to share my addiction to X books with her so I'll probably read whatever she brings home I got through this volume and only shrieked like a preschooler two or three times throughout I'm very nearly positive I can make it through the rest of the series without wetting my pants like some kind of whiny kindergarten baby Now if you'll excuse me I need to find my bankie

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    The correct name would be „Gratuitous Sex Violence” And bad blurred drawings that really cut the whole fun There's little sex and the violence is just as violent as the shaky cams of recent movies If you like not understanding a thing from what you see this one's for you

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    Let me tell you this book lives up to its name And I loved it The artwork is fantastic although very visceral with plenty of blood flying The action is non stop as Domino gets herself into uite a fix with the Assassin's Guild not to mention she has the Hand on her tail As her colleague Wolverine steps into the fray to help protect her flank guard her back and if they get some uality time in between that's okay too I don't know where it's going maybe nowhere but Wolverine and Domino make sense as a couple At least they have plenty of chemistry and their personalities mesh well Between Wolverine's healing factor and Domino's incredible luck they make a good teamAnother excellent book in the X Force series I wasn't that keen on the X Men Annual attached It was decidely odd But it does add to the sex and violence uotient promised in this book titleOverall rating 4550 stars