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In training under her Master's cruel ownership Erica is ordered to the airport by her Master wearing a shamelessly skimpy fuck me dress and carrying only her passport and purse She doesn't even know where she's going but Erica can't defy her Master's wishes Once she's received her e ticket to Paris no less and been seuestered in the First Class departure lounge at the Dominion Air terminal Erica receives her further instructions from her Master She is to take her seat on the flight to Paris and have sex with whoever sits next to herFrightened and deliciously degraded Erica knows better than to disobey her Master She also knows to her shame that the repulsive older Frenchman who sits down beside her will be putty in her hands despite his obvious distaste for her slutty clothing As unattractive as Erica finds the man she sets out to seduce him and sexually submit to him with humiliating and explosively erotic resultsBut Erica's Master has even challenging degradations in mind for His plaything He's sent one of his friends along on the flight a powerful black man who orders Erica into the First Class restroom to join the Mile High Club in style with a hard fuck deep humiliation and an enforcement of Erica's absolute obedience to her MasterBy the time Erica arrives in Paris she'll have a new definition of sexual submissionand a whole new set of humiliating experiences to fuel her journey deep into her Master's dungeonsErica's Orders is an expanded version of several interior sections of NT Morley's 2010 Renaissance Ebooks novel The Addendum a novel of erotic slavery Although its details have been altered significantly from the version in the novel it remains consistent with the action in the novel It can also be enjoyed without reading the rest of the book or can serve as an introduction to the erotic world of The Trust as depicted in The Addendum and related worksThis story is intended for an adult readership and concerns explicitly sexual themes It may include such topics as male andor female bisexuality threesomes group sex BDSM Domination submission consensual erotic humiliation and degradation role playing and erotic pain and punishment as well as explicit descriptions of anal sex oral sex unprotected vaginal sex and other forms of sexual variation Do not read it if you find such themes offensive

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