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If your looking for new apps to add to your Kindle Fire HD this is the book for youThese are the Top 50 Apps that you can download straight from the Appstore to your Kindle Fire HD This isn't another one of those 300 Kindle App books where all you get is about 10 good apps and 290 fillers We've cut out all the junk and narrowed it down to the top 50 Best New Apps

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    Nothing you can't find out for yourself or via GoogleI'm getting a Fire Phone delivered tomorrow and wanted to know about some apps that run on it This book gave me an anxiety attack did I just buy a crappy device?Out of the 50 listed there are two I found interesting The rest shouldn't make a top 50 list unless the device only supports 50 apps andor everyone expects they'll be supported or work fine Facebook for instance Is this really the best the Fire has to offer? I hope notSome typos here and there it's you're not your and only a short explanation a screenshot and a link per app Sorry but I've got a lot for 099 on my Kindle in the past