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Success for Marc Ryder means riding out eight seconds on the back of an angry rodeo bull She’s exactly the type of wild and reckless person artist Bridgette LeRoy has avoided since the senseless death of her brother But circumstances throw them together and Bridgette is drawn into a tumultuous ride of attraction passion and denial When she realizes it’s the only way to protect her battered heart Bridgette’s desperate mission to stop Marc’s suicidal return to the rodeo becomes a race in which every second counts

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    Another winner by D Jackson Leigh It was nice to return to Cherokee Falls and all our friends there Old favorites are back Skyler Jess Tory Leah and new characters are introduced the dashing and handsome Marc Ryder the focus of this book Bridgett LeRoy is our other lead; the beautiful artist you should remember from Long Shot It's difficult to write a review without giving away too many plot points but suffice to say this was a good and satisfying read The characters are all well written and have distinct and separate voices We gain insight as the book progresses and that's the way it should be when meeting new people All the elements are here and they work A definite re read is upcoming without a doubtNow I'm going to re read Long Shot because honestly it's still my favorite PS A uick note to those folks who might not be horse people When I picked up my first D Jackson Leigh book Bareback I was hesitant because it so obviously centered around something I had no familiarity with at all the world of Horses and the people who love them and share a special connection with them I'm city girl and horses are foreign to me and frankly did not interest me at all That being said purchasing and reading Bareback was one of the best decisions I made because D Jackson Leigh has become a favorite author of mine and I've read all her books each a guaranteed good read for sure These books are about characters and that's what truly matters

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    Twenty eight year old rodeo rider Marc Ryder Ryder to her friends is fearless She has no regard for her own safety at all As long as she stays on the back of a hyped up angry bull for the eight seconds it takes to win the rodeo that’s really all that matters to her Unfortunately for her her downfall was a bull named Funeral Wagon and she was badly injured She ends up back in Cherokee Falls for the first time in twelve years to stay with her friends Skyler and Tory to recuperate Ryder hasn’t had an easy life Abandoned by her parents to her uncaring mentally ill grandmother when she was a child now she can’t possibly allow anyone to get close to her She’s a player the love them and leave them sort Until she meets Bridgette It may just be that Ryder now wants than just one night But will Bridgette allow Ryder to get close to her? When artist Bridgette LeRoy meets Ryder it’s lust at first sight It could possibly be But when Bridgette finds out what Ryder does for a living she tries to avoid her at all costs Bridgette has avoided people who take chances with their lives since the untimely death of her brother Stephan Avoiding Ryder isn’t easy when she keeps popping up in odd places at odd times Before very long both Bridgette and Ryder are on a rollercoaster ride of attraction lust and complete denial Something or someone has to give What or who will give to allow the two women to love one another? Things come to a head after Ryder leaves for Dallas to compete in another rodeo Bridgette flies out to Dallas She has to protect her heart and try to talk Ryder in to giving up bull riding for good She’s on a race against time and all odds where every second counts I’ve loved all of D Jackson Leigh’s books and this one in my opinion is her best ever yet A sweet and tender hot and sexy romance with some of my favorite characters from previous books A real page turner from beginning to end from a master storyteller The thing I love about DJL’s books is that there is always an excellent story wrapped around a really true to life romance I’m always sorry to reach the end of a DJL book knowing I’m going to have what seems to me a long wait until the next book But all good things are well worth the wait This story is set partly among the horse world the art world and bull riding rodeo From the scenic descriptions it was easy to just lose myself amongst the characters The two main characters Bridgette and Ryder are so obviously made for each other everyone can see it except them They are both well formed and multidimensional and interact so well together along with the rest of the cast of characters Each of these characters plays their parts to perfection in furthering the story to it’s most satisfying conclusion This will join the rest of D Jackson Leigh’s books to be re read I hope to see of these delightful characters among the horse world very soon

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    I love a good cowboy story I grew up wanting to be one in the worst way and ended up coming pretty close lol The bronc riding too wild for her own good Marc Ryder could have been an interesting character especially when injured When striped of the one thing that was everything to her could have been a great jumping off point to explore her deeper self I thought that was going to be THE central issue In fairness the book did lightly touch on that moment in one's life when the realization hits you that it's time to grow up There are those that get that message then there are others that don'tever Marc Ryder is in that latter group surrounding herself with hero worshiping enablers Starting off with the airport sex scene should have been my tipoff which way this story was going to go No doubt that scene was an attention getter the whole point I guess but not in a good way The plot repeats this type of gratuitous sex throughout view spoiler Also to pair her up with Bridgette the college art teacher was a plot twist of stereotypical proportions especially considering Marc's mother was a well known artist and absent parent hide spoiler

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    This is definitely the best yet from D Jackson Leigh It moves along well and has several threads going at the same time The characters are multi dimensional and there's enough backstory provided for each one to make her actions understandable though not always sympathetic Marc reminds me of Shane on the 'L Word'For me the best part was the amount of detail about things I am unfamiliar with The rodeo descriptions were so well done that I felt like I dlearned something about that unfathomable sport both what happens in the ring and what the rider might be doing and feeling This is a hallmark of Leigh's books for me because she writes about things completely foreign to me and I still enjoy the reading

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    Enjoyed that previous characters are back again in this story They really are a family of friends The rodeo descriptions are very detailed and accurate Details and passion are front and center to this writers style Not to mention details of passion it has it's hot and steamy moments The story also has some humor at least it made me chuckle a few times

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    Better than a 3 but not up to a 4 I'd give this a 35At first I was annoyed by the parallels between the bull and art coincidences but then the author moved past the superficial into of a psychological space that was surprisingly satisfyingI was not crazy about the audiobook narratorProbably deserves a re read

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    Great mix of new and old characters

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    This 3rd installment of the Cherokee Falls series was my least favorite I liked the first two but I simply couldn't get into the characters The playboi Marc character just didn't resonate I think her background story and development in the story could have been fleshed out better I was left with with the impression of a rather shallow person and couldn't see how she could be redeemed Enter the redeemer Brigette and well it was simply too fast and too shallow to feel even remotely romantic I ended the book feeling like I'd wasted time on two people who had no depth This one needed a bit development to be satisfying for me

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    Marc Ryder rides the rodeo bulls in a mindless attempt to keep the adrenaline flowing Between the rodeo and the women she leads a jet set life with nothing to tie her down But when an ill–judged dismount leaves her leg in tatters and in need of recuperation she accepts an invitation to go ‘home’ for some RR after 12 years away There she finds that the world has moved on her mad cap friends have grown up and once again the people she desperately wants to love and need her have left her behind againBridgette LeRoy finds Marc irresistible but just cannot seem to get away from her Between shared friends on the ranch on the softball team and at the bar she keeps bumping into the woman she would rather avoid And when the college she teaches at needs a donation from Marc it seems fate keeps throwing them togetherDespite their on again off again fling Bridgette is determined to keep her emotional distance from the woman who brings up so many painful memories Can she let herself care for the vulnerable woman she sees under the bravado? And can Marc even begin to understand her own demons the pain that pushes her to self destruction? Marc Ryder is a brilliant character – warped damaged and dangerous She oozes sex appeal conuers just about whatever she fancies and lives in a world where she is untouchable – which keeps her from harm but prevents her from feeling The rodeo accident is a trigger that starts to unravel her protected world Suddenly she can be hurt physically and soon she starts to open up emotionally But as a deprived child she doesn’t have the tools to handle either She has no self worth because everybody always leaves her Everybody wants her lust and her passion Nobody wants her heartD Jackson Leigh has created the archetypal bass ass heroine She is an extreme but one we recognize instantly The challenge she faces is to stop running and start living and the author holds us just on the brink hoping Marc can emerge from the image of Ryder It is an emotional rollercoaster full of suspense and passionBridgette from “Long Shot’ is the opposite in so many ways Calm reflective meditative But inside she is just as scared and withdrawn and has her own demons to battle Between them they present a delightful tug of war where their obvious and overwhelming lust for each other battles their fear Enormously engaging and charming in the most subtle of waysBehind these two are a wonderful cast many of whom we met in ‘Bareback’ Here we see the studs tamed and corralled by their soft yet powerful southern women We have lesbian parents horny ranch hands and great new characters like the extremely hot TSA Officer ClaireThe sex scenes are steamy from page one fast and furious If you don’t like full on bodice rippers this may not be the one for you but they are well written and sizzling hot While Marc is a player she is respectful caring and honest – even when slapped hard in the face for a 12 year old transgressionI loved this book it kept me up all night with pure entertainment Another great story of southern women horse breading and romance Definitely one for the re read pile

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    I started off rather disliking Marc For many varied reasons But it’s Bridgette who really pisses me off in this book Talk about taking miscommunication to an extreme She keeps herself bottled up tightly leaving many to get the wrong impressions etc Including me the readerI said in the last book’s review that I saw Bridgette as cold in the first book she appeared in and then realized I was wrong when I’d seen inside her head and saw how emotional she actually turned out to be But then I realized a truth She is cold To everyone outside of her Not letting those ‘others’ know how she actually feels and etc etc I’m just repeating myself nowAnd Marc despite being a reckless manic seemingly eager to kill herself as a guard against feeling lonely and unwanted sure seems to keep putting herself into positions to be punished Despite many attempts to blow her off by Bridgette Marc kept going back for And then when she was at her lowest weak concussed broken whimpering in an emergency room she clung to Bridgette’s promise to stick around And of course Bridgette didn’t Didn’t even say bye Can you see why I kind of loath Bridgette? She’s in her own little pain filled world acting hot and cold with Marc and basically apparently not caring about anyone else outside herself Because She be broken She watched her brother die By bulls And Marc rides bulls This pisses off Bridgette Not that she ever actually even hinted at what kept making her go all cold towards Marc but bah Hot and cold Hot and fucking cold Already knew Marc was crazy I mean you have to be to get onto a bull and ride one for money Repeatedly So she might actually be ‘perfect’ for Bridgette eh? Since Bridgette’s a crazy little bitch Even when she realizes where her heart truly lies she still acts like a crazy little bitch view spoilerturning up at 3 am not letting Marc say anything Telling her to just listen Then just kissing her instead of talking Crazy little bitch hide spoiler