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From the best selling author of “The Road To Key West” comes a seuel guaranteed to take the reader even higher – another rollicking hilarious Caribbean adventure that will have you ripping at the pages and laughing out loud “Back On The Road To Key West” reintroduces the somewhat reluctant adventurers Kansas Stamps and Will Bell casting them into one bizarre situation after another while capturing the true flavor and feel of Key West and the Caribbean in the early 1980s An ancient map and a lost pirate treasure a larcenous Bahamian scoundrel and his gang of cutthroats a wild and crazy journey into South America in search of a magical antediluvian device and periloushilarious encounters with outlandish villains and zany friends will keep you locked to your seat and giggling maniacally Not to mention headhunters smugglers and beautiful women with poisonous pet spiders You’ll also welcome back Rufus the wacky mystical Jamaican Rastaman and be captivated by another “complicated romance” as Kansas and Will struggle with finding and keeping “the girls of their dreams” So pour yourself a margarita and get comfortable You’re in for another rousing medley of madcap adventures in paradise with “Back On The Road To Key West”IF YOU ENJOY THIS BOOK BE SURE TO GET THE THIRD IN MICHAEL’S SERIES; “ALONG THE ROAD TO KEY WEST”EDITORIAL REVIEWSMichael Reisig takes us back once again to the Key West I wish I had known – and that others wish they remembered clearlyKansas and Will are back in “Back on the Road to Key West” with their trademark penchant for sultry sarcasm and sun drenched excitement Once again Reisig captures the character of the Keys in a way that proves he’s been here – and perhaps done thatNo one wraps us in humidity and surrounds us with saltwater like this guy whose tales of the tropics draw us constantly back to their welcoming yet provocative shores Mandy Miles The Key West Citizen Having lived in Key West in the late '70's and early '80's at a time when Mel Fisher still hunted the Atocha shrimp boats filled the harbors and ‘suare grouper’ were still an abundant species Michael Reisig's Back on the Road to Key West transports me back in time Will Bell and Kansas Stamps face an assortment of ruthless antagonists and chase adventure with the abandon of the era and whether you lived it or not don't miss the chance to now Vivid imagery strong prose and an exciting plot make this trip with the boys worth taking Enjoy the ride John H Cunningham author of the Buck Reilly Adventure Series Stumbling their way in and out of trouble and fortune Kansas Stamps and Will Bell continue to be the idols of what every true Parrot Head imagines real life in The Keys would be full of spontaneous adventure What a great read – Bryan Crews former president Tampa Parrot Head Club

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    Although I really enjoyed writing the first book in this series The Road To Key West I think this one is even exciting while being eually as amusing in places My editors tell me this one is better written which is something all authors like to hear and my editor in California Cris Wanzer said she blew coffee out her nose twice when editing the funny parts If you like a good Caribbean adventure with a handful of crazy characters and what I think is an intriguing plot then you'll enjoy this I like to think of it as a vacation to the islands for those of us who can't get our toes in the sand as often as we would likeI'm going to give myself five stars because what the heck if you don't love yourself how can anyone else?Michael Reisig

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    Zany hilarious tropical what else DO you need? If you think that darn monkey was funny in book one fasten your seatbelts and put down your coffee before reading about his latest anticsMister Reisig well done mon De Grand Messenger send you on some great mind adventures and you kind enough to share dese visions wit de res of us Thank you mon

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    An adventurous story of 2 friends in the 1980s living in the Florida Keys and looking for love fun and fortune In this adventure Kansas Stamps and Will Bell lose their wives to their wives fly in their Cessna 182 float plane to Cat Island in the Bahamas with a 300 year old treasure map and meet the love of their lives return to Marathon where they meet the love of their lives yes another travel on a Grumman Goose float plane through Mexico Central America South America to Bolivia and crash their plane on return in a wild Nicaraguan river and finally surviving to return to Fantasy Fest in Key West All the while they are chased by nefarious treasure hunters cruel bar owners a yacht stealing Cuban and his tarantula carrying Brazilian wife and other uniuely Floridian authors’ type characters I love this kind of absurd adventure especially when the author describes the islands and calls out the landmarks I know – Some of the action takes place in Marathon where I have lived for the past 2 months and where they eat at Herbie’s and the 7 Mile Grill I am happy to find and read another fun and funny Florida author

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    This second in a series jumps to 1982 and joins Kansas and Will in some new adventures in the Keys Their mutual female relationships continue to be a source of amusement They stumble into a new adventure at a popular bar in Key West They travel to the Bahamas and Bolivia meeting new and interesting characters along the way The way these two interact with each other and the wild and wacky things they do to get themselves out of various predicaments is so hilarious These two are definitely uniue and obviously complement each other At the end of the chapters the author concludes with uotes from songs and poems that are dead on as tie ins for what has occurred This is another fun and good read I look forward to the third installment

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    How to get published without any skillThis series of books is so full of cliches both old and tired that reading them is like listening to a room full of fraternity guys talking about potential pledges Empty or fake Boring and vapid Give this a miss Save yourself for rewarding reading

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    So much funI recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well crafted story of adventure and friendship imagination and hilarity Although it’s not necessary to start with Book 1 I recommend it I love this author and look forward to reading all his creations

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    A little repetitiveOver all good story but has too many repeating story characters and elements The monster spider was the best though

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    HilariousVery funny and engaging Great read I definitely want to check out from this author Love the descriptions of scenery

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    ConfusionThis tail rambled around so much it was hard too know what happing The story lost it realizing To many strange characters

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    FunFun and engaging easy adventure that doesn’t make a lot of sense but sometimes that’s just what a reader needs