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Wear your Diva lenses as you turn the pages in Diva Delights Devotions to Go and find aha moments a memory triggered by eating a favorite snack once enjoyed with friends a remarkable object lesson hidden in a household gadget treasures uncovered in basement storage bins or God s faithfulness accompanying you as you develop stretch marks Diva Delights Devotions to Go will lift your spirit as you discover your extraordinary treasures in ordinary days

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    I'm a total divaI like certain things and I like things a certain way It's not always my best trait though so I decided to check out this devotional I thought it might tame my inner diva a bit or at least help me use it in a better wayThis book shows you exactly how to use your inner for good and not doom Using bible passages helped make connections in showing how you can hurt or help a situation with your diva like behavior Making that connection is what I liked best about the book You can only fix what you fully comprehend I feel like this book helped me see myself in a slightly different light I'm sort of saddened it's over too Wish this book went on forever

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    I loved this devotion book The devotions are down to earth and understandable and they also seemed to always hit me where I was at for the day The devotions gave me thoughts to ponder and the exercises were a good way to look at my life and find new ways of doing things

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    Very good short daily devotionals I will look for others by this author