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A window crashing high flying globe traveling ghost battling adventure from the earliest days of Doctor Strange’s training in the mystic arts Part Indiana Jones part Lord of the Rings thrill to this new tale of how a selfish arrogant surgeon collided with a hot headed martial artist to become the greatest team the mystic arts have ever seen

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    I really enjoyed this It had been sitting on my shelf for far too long I'm glad I decided to give it a go I loved the characters the story line the illustrations were perfection

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    Season One stuff was supposed to give readers a fresh take on the origins of certain Marvel characters andor teams Sometimes it worked well X Men Season One sometimes it didn't Spider Man Season One This one was ok Strange's origin narcissistic surgeon car accident ruined hands empty bank account no hope helloAncient One was basically told in a couple of pages with no dialogue It's only once he shows up on the mountaintop that this story begins The opening at the temple is almost exactly like the original origin where Mordo starts off by trying to convince Stephen to side with him against the Ancient One Strange saying no and Mordo casting a spell on him so that he can't tell anyone what he saw Mordo doing With no way he believes to help the master he decides to stay and train so that he might be able to protect the old man And just like the original tale the Ancient One then removes the spell tells Stephen that he already knew what Mordo was doing and that Strange has proven he is worthy to learn magic Ok at this point it veers off script and starts telling the story of Wong and Strange's friendship Except they aren't friends In fact they sorta hate each other's guts The back and forth between these two was the highlight for me It had a fun I hate you but someday we'll be best buds vibe that I enjoyed uite a bit I'm not sure that anything else about the story was all that great though The idea was that Strange had all the talent Wong had all the heart but neither of them could do shit magic wise Wong thought Strange was evil and Strange thought Wong was a dickBut unless they learn to work together they'll never beat the bad guyPretty cliche but I could live with itThere was some girl and I have no idea if she's old character or someone new that they were trying to help I think maybe she was supposed to be a shared love interest to add tension between them or something? Not sure She didn't make or break it for me either wayThis really didn't impress me but if you're looking for Doctor Strange this might be something you would enjoy I'd suggest getting it from a library or using a Marvel Unlimited account to read it though Definitely not worth buying unless you're a HUGE Strange fan

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    Since Stan Lee wrote Steve Ditko illustrated Doctor Strange in 1963 to creat a new dimension to the Marvel comics worldThe World of MagicAnd like 53 years later the Marvel studios add the character to enrich its Cinematic UniverseAmazingly by Benedict Cumberbatch portraying this rich character change from selfishness and arrogance to a SuperheroThat's what literally transferred us into this amazing adventures of multi dimensions that leaves you wanting travel between these worldsThe problem is if you start collecting every not so long lived comics issues it'd be tediously annoyingWell this Stange Origin or Season One by Greg Pak is all you need to meet this story of Doctor Stephen Strange Man of Science and not faith Man of Selfishness arrogance and not a SaintAnd how he has this journey around the world to heal himself In a uest like Lord of the Rings nerdmoi full of horrors and action betrays and twists that will made him Doctor StrangeThe one of his kind SuperheroI didn't like Emma Ríos arts much it's good and fine to enjoy enough but not as detailed or fun compared to Chris Bachalo who did the later first story of the current series that started last year in still going on Which you can check at the same volume hereDrStrange #1 ReviewAnyway it's really good start for this new run of comics series of Strange Doctor StrangeMohammed ArabeyFrom 11 Nov2016To 13 Nov2016

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    Dr Stephen Strange is a brilliant surgeon but he’s also selfish and arrogant After a car accident screws up his hands he turns to magic hoping for way to recover his old skills but as a student of the Ancient One he is forced to choose sides against the evil Mordo Strange races to find three powerful rings and discovers his true destiny as a master of the mystic artsThese Season One books are obviously not trying to rewrite the history of Marvel’s characters or put a new spin on them like the Ultimate line did Instead these are just designed to update and modernize the old favorites enough to keep their origins from seeming too outdated and this one is no different Nothing groundbreaking but it’d make a good entry point for someone who had never read Doctor Strange but wanted to give it a try

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    By the hoary hosts of Hoggoth has Greg Pak ever written a decent comic?Even though Doctor Strange’s origins seem to be covered in every Doctor Strange book Pak goes over it again because this is a Marvel Season One comic? Is this series aimed at new readers? Stephen Strange was once a world famous surgeon whose hands got maimed in an accident He goes searching for magic healers in the Himalayas ends up learning magic and by the hoary hosts of Hoggoth becomes the Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme Ever wonder how he and his assistant Wong met? Me neither But get this they didn’t like each other at first By the hoary hosts of Hoggoth has this story been done before? I don’t Hoggoth think so So Strange Wong and Arbitrary Female Character go looking for magic rings while Strange’s enemy Mordo hangs back in the wings like a good villain and predictably attacks Strange at the end cementing Strange and Wong’s friendship and Strange’s status as a “worthy” mage Throw in some magic sounding words – Agamotto Vishanti Dormammu – and by the hoary hosts of Hoggoth you can slap a bow on this puppy it’s good to Hoggoth Pak’s script is about as simplistic and obvious as you can get Strange is the reluctant hero initially studying magic to regain his former life where he was a wealthy arrogant twerp but re learns the initial reason he got into medicine in the first place helping people and he can do this as the Sorcerer Supreme Hoggoth fart Strange and Wong’s antagonist relationship is corny as hell Mordo is the villain which means he does standard unsurprising bad guy stuff because that’s what he’s supposed to do and by the hoary hosts of Hoggoth Pak likes sprinkling “by the hoary hosts of Hoggoth” on nearly every page which by the hoary hosts of Hoggoth doesn’t get annoying right? The only reason to read this one is for Emma Rios’ art which is uite lovely She also drew the slightly better Strange The Doctor is Out by Mark Waid and you can see how her style’s developed since then It’s much less manga y less polished looking and interesting and along the lines of her work on Pretty Deadly By the hoary hosts of Hoggoth she looks like she’s really having fun drawing these swirling fantastical magical splash pages They look totally fantastic and awesome elevating the book to lustrous heights that it doesn’t deserve given Pak’s flat writing Because this is only 100 pages Marvel throw in an issue of Matt FractionTerry Dodson’s Defenders to beef it up to a respectable length It’s got some scenes with Doctor Strange in but otherwise its Hulk centric and kinda boring There don’t appear to any truly great Doctor Strange books out there but Brian K VaughanMarcos Martin’s The Oath and the aforementioned WaidRios book are both better than this tedious comic – by the hoary hosts of Hoggoth try either of those over Doctor Strange Season One

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    Doctor Stephen Strange seeks out the Ancient One for the magic to heal his handsAfter speaking to the Ancient One and an encounter with Baron Mordo Stephen decides to stay and train After learning of magical rings Stephen and Wong head out to secure them with the help of a young womanDr Strange Season One seems like a different Dr Strange story Clearly the story is being reinvisioned but I'm not familiar enough with his original story to know how much is different or the same The biggest surprise for me is that Wong is not only a student of the ancient one but that he's so antagonistic towards Stephen This story read like an extra magic version of the Lord of the Rings enough that the author jokingly calls their female companion their hobbit on multiple occasionsDr Strange Season One is an OK story but I'm not sure it provides the most accurate portrayal of Dr Strange and Wong

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    I am a huge Dr Strange fan So while I didn't see a need for yet ANOTHER origin story I figured heyit's Greg Pak so I bought it Well Pak should stick to the Hulk This should have been called Pedestrian Origin instead because it is pedestrianPak's Strange just doesn't do it for me For some reason his Wong is a Bruce Lee style mage His Ancient One goes from being a somber font of mystical power and knowledge to a cackling old fool who of course is smarter than he seems His Dr Strange does really stupid things like punching people with his destroyed hands why? his Strange is barely a low level apprentice yet he and Wong are tasked with recovering incredibly powerful magical rings Seriously the Ancient One saying No takesy backsiesum yeahsooo this incredible old archmage that lives in Tibet speaks like an Floridian grandmother LovelyThe art? Nothing great not even that good Couple the mediocre art with this pedestrian story peopled with pedestrian versions of popular figures and this falls in the 2 star range his was an origin story that shouldn't have been written It demeans the wonderful world of Dr Strange and the practitioners of magic It would have been no loss if this was never written

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    This one is of a 35 but I'm nothing if not generousI enjoyed the art and having never read any of the Strange comics before was fascinated by the origin and wondering how it'd play out in an upcoming movie we're all interested inSo one part selfish two parts willing and another part destiny Does that make the character fairly convincing? Possibly I'm probably going to need to read a lot probably version 3 before I can make a convincing judgement as to whether I like him

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    The fact that there are so many superhero stories from films television etc it does seem pointless to do origin stories in this current age where we know how Superman Batman and Spider Man came to be However there are plenty of new characters that audiences won’t be as familiar with such as Stan Lee and Steve Ditko’s Doctor Strange whose cinematic debut is not far away so what better way than to read a comic that shows how Stephen Strange became Master of Mystic ArtsIf you don’t know who Stephen Strange is he’s a selfish arrogant surgeon who following a car accident that destroys his hands and hinders his ability to perform surgery searches the globe for a way to repair them and encounters the Ancient One After months of mystic training Strange embarks on a worldwide journey with another apprentice of the Ancient One Wong and Sofia di Cosimo who searches for three rings of tremendous power before the evil Baron Mordo doesVery similar to DC's Earth One line up Season One is a series of graphic novels that re tell the origin stories of classic Marvel characters in a contemporary fashion Much like how the book is promoted this story is “part Indiana Jones part Lord of the Rings” something that would grab new readers However despite those references and at least try to contemporising aspects of the Doctor Strange mythos such as the relationship between Strange and Wong – from originally master and servant to now two antagonistic apprentices who are butting heads – Greg Pak’s writing is witless and somewhat lazy in how it rarely delves into the magical world or indeed the journey of the rings which just felt generic with Baron Mordo occasionally popping up looking sinisterWhatever redeeming feature this book has is Emma Rios’ art which continues to shine if sometimes too abstract for a superhero comic In collaboration with colourist Jordie Bellaire there are stunningly grand panels displaying the magic spells that are cast upon even if you can’t understand what’s going on With her manga esue character illustrations everyone looks sexy not least from the long haired Wong who in any incarnation has never looked sexier That said despite the front cover we don’t really see Strange donning the Cloak of Levitation and Eye of Agamotto which is a bit disappointing considering Rios would be ideal to draw his traditional costumeDespite Emma Rios’ stunningly fantasy imagery Greg Pak presents a generic buddy story with stock characters and doesn’t provide a great insight into Stephen Strange and his worldview If you want an introduction to the mystic arts there’s Brian K Vaughan’s The Oath or Jason Aaron’s current run

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    The Doctor Strange Season One graphic novel is one of two Season One books that stood out for me X Men Season One being the other one Greg Pak has made the young Stephen Strange a lot callow but with still the inner goodness that the Ancient One found redeeming Pak gave it an Indiana Jones flavor of adventure with the globe trotting and artifact chasing He also adds a wrinkle to the Strange Wong dynamic than comic readers take for granted Before he became the mellow and trusted butler of 177A Bleecker Street he was a firebrand and butted often than not with StrangeEmma Rios' art is magic It has that mystical uality that would look great on a Doctor Strange ongoing which shall be penned by Pak