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Jack Houston St Clair's father just happens to be President of the United States Sam Houston St Clair a Republican in a nasty fight to be re elected to a second term But the cards are stacked against him Unemployment is up and rising Political tensions abroad are on the verge of erupting out of control Iran has become a terrorist nightmare And he is facing a venerable Governor Mowbray from Pennsylvania that everybody loves Mowbray's running mate on the Democratic ticket is the charismatic Senator Bill Dumaine Carlos Rodriguez is the Secret Service agent in charge of the unit protecting Dumaine As he says I'm paid to notice the little things One of the things he notices is that Dumaine is secretly sleeping with somebody he shouldn't be sleeping with And since Jack saved his life a long time ago he decides to break the Secret Service oath of silence and tell Jack what he knows so he can pass it on to the President Jack travels to Washington to tell his dad the news and ends up becoming embroiled not only in election year politics but an international whirlpool of intrigue that involves a plot to kill his father and everybody else around him

10 thoughts on “The Running Mate

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    The timing on this book was perfect a standing President and a person who wants to become president This book kept my attention from the very beginning to the very end It had intrigue romance lies and treachery I will be reading the next books in this series

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    There were so many characters mentioned that it became confusing and really none that were likeable that I cared what happened to them except for the twin girls who were portrayed as much younger acting as there supposed 10 yr old age I gave up on the book 23 of the way in

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    This is an ok book A simplistic plot The author really reached out into fantacy land to come up with a scenario that allows an American President to be homosexual and able to keep it from the public Doubt if I will read another book by this author

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    Actually I kind of enjoy it despite unbelievable story I mean there's some element that I feel should not be in the story subtlely or clearly Anyway once you let go your expectation it become esasier to finish the story

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    this book was good but it wasn't great a lot of people talk about too many characters but it really wasn't a problem at all i wish the author just pushed the story line a little bit and it would've landed in the really good column

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    I thought this book was pretty good True there were a lot of characters but I was able to keep them sorted out It kept my interest better than lots of political thrillers because the plot made sense

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    I just could not get into this book I didn't care about the characters and didn't appreciate the glacial pace of the plot After getting 75% of the way through the book I just skimmed to the ending to see what happened Even that was a disappointment

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    Fun but highly improbable The path to presidency is rarely this bumpy Several highly unlikely characters and situations but a fine time passer on the treadmill or elliptical