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Collects X 23 Target X #1 6 Having escaped the Facility that created her X 23 struggles to create a real life for herself But when your entire life has been about death and destruction can you ever really escape the darkness? X 23 won't stop until she faces off with the one man most responsible for her life Wolverine

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    10 starsRead this Justread this This is a continuation of Kyle's X 23Innocence Lost and it does not disappoint If anything it's even better than the first one Everything is being told in flashbacks from LuaraX 23's point of view while she is being detained by Captain Americaand represented by DaredevilX 23 goes looking for her mother's family In the last volume she and her cousin were both much younger and her mother sent Laura in to save her niece from a serial killer Her cousin was told none of it happened but she still has nightmares Also X 23's aunt has hooked up with a smarmy boyfriend that isn't helping the situation out any The family dynamic was done very well here and I loved that the aunt immediately took Laura into her home Meanwhile the folks from the place that cloned her are hot on her trail And they've sent in her handler Kimura who is a psychotic assassin that Laura is conditioned to be unable to harm Important Spoilery Stuff HappensSince Laura was cloned from Wolverine's DNA and she has very limited self worth at this point she sets out on a mission to track him downAnd kill himBecause she thinks if she's nothing but a weapon that destroys everything then how much worse must the guy she came from be right?Awww yeah It's a SNIKT fightWha? Yeah it's a surprisingly tender Snikt fight Which made sense than if Wolverine had just carved her up and left her bleeding Now that Matt and Steve have heard her story it's up to Cap to decide what to do with this little girl He wants to prosecute her for all of the crimes she committed while under the control of the Facility that raised her but Daredevil thinks that even if he turns her over to SHIELD she'll just be used as another weaponSo what do they decide to do with her?READ ITGet this review and at

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    This continues straight on from X 23 Innocence Lost and is just as great Laura's in SHIELD custody and is being interrogated by Captain America himself for reasons that are explained as the story unfolds with Matt 'I'm Not Daredevil' Murdock for the defenceThis is high on action and high on what I believe the kids are calling 'the feels' It has pushed Laura even higher on my 'favourite characters' and 'superheroes I want to adopt' lists

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    Laura's story continues Things pick up from right before she escaped the facility that cloned her Laura is recounting these events to Captain America and Matt MurdockLaura went to her Aunt and cousin's home to have a normal life but her creators aren't done with her yether handler has survived and she intends on bringing her backTarget X is interesting because it focuses on Laura attempting to live a normal life Seeing an assassin try to be a real girl is pretty funny She tells Megan the truth that she was in fact grabbed by a predator and she shares some additional information with herI enjoyed the volume but it felt a bit familiar Super expensive killing machine on the loose and the creators are trying to reclaim it I know I've seen that story with Logan a few times Despite being a clone of Wolverine Laura stands out as a uniue and interesting character

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    When I first heard about X 23 I'd assumed she was a stunt character She's just like Wolverine except she's a hot teenage girl and she also has claws in her feet Maybe that was the original intention for her but Kyle has put some serious work into making her far than just a stunt character In fact he's made her one of my favorites Picking up where X 23 Innocence Lost left off Target X gives even of Laura's backstory Laura has found her mother's sister and tries to have a normal life with her Obviously it doesn't last but it was nice to watch her forming relationships I admit I got a little misty eyed with that locket at the endThere's also some new information about her time at the facility Namely this book introduced a new character Kimura Kimura's entire job seems to have been just to make Laura miserable than she was already Hated her She was a little over the top for my taste honestly but maybe somebody over the top was needed next to Laura's reserve?Laura also has significant interactions with Wolverine and Captain America Wolverine she seeks out for obvious reasons I was very pleased with how Kyle handled that meeting Captain America too was handled nicely It was a great way to handle obligatory big character guest spots in a minor character book

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    this is not news but steve rogers is a piece of shit

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    4 stars if you read this as a stand alone volume as I did years ago but if you read it just after Innocence lost this is another 5 stars read More a second half than a seuel of the previous story And the art is just awesome

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    I thought that the art style was beautiful but I think they didn't draw Laura as her age very well As for the actual story I thought that it was really good I didn't expect to see Steve in this story so that was a nice surprise

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    I'm on a mission to read as many issues as I can that has Laura Kinney in those Because she is possibly my most favourite character ever in this multiverse? Maybe?My smol fucked by fate child You are so cherished And awesome

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    Thanks to Anne for recommending Despite a recap of the first book in this series I felt adrift without a good feel for the characters The central character is a female hot version of X Men's Wolverine Excellent artwork

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    'Darlin' they try to take you from there then they're asking for a world of hurt'HOLY SHIT THIS WAS EVEN BETTER IN PLACES THAN THE FIRSTWhat a well executed continuation to the previous arc Laura in high school is such good stuff and finding a family only to—sobs I really liked the not known before pieces from her origin story and man she's gone through some fucked up shit The villainess is great in this and Logan calling Laura kid is such a highlight alkjhsgdfThis is totally worth 5 stars but I can't in good conscience give them because at 14 and even at 11 years old Laura looks too sexualized and that's just not acceptable Like I love the art and the arcs are amazingly well done but god boobs and cleavage galore for that young a girl is just messed upLastly Steve Rogers can go fuck himself