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WHAT IF YOU DISCOVERED A DEVICE THAT MADE PEOPLE TELL THE TRUTH? Fast paced humor adventure with wacky pilots uirky con men bold women mad villains and a gadget to die for In the third book of Michael Reisig's captivating series Florida Keys adventurers Kansas Stamps and Will Bell find their lives turned upside down when they discover a truth device hidden in the temple of an ancient civilization Enthralled by the virtue and entertainment value of personally dispensing truth and justice with this uniue tool they take it all a step too far and discover that everyone wants what they have Seasoned with outrageous humor and sultry romances Along The Road To Key West carries you through one wild adventure after another This time Kansas and Will are forced to wrest veracity and lies from con artists divine hustlers and political power brokers while trying to stay one step ahead of a persistent assembly of very bad guys with guns In the process from Key West into the Caribbean and back to America's heartland our inadvertent heroes gather a bizarre collage of friends and enemies from a whacked out one eyed pilot and a mystical Rastaman to a ruthless problem solver for a prominent religious sect a zany flimflamming sociopath and a Cuban intelligence agent In the end it all comes down to a frantic gamble to save far than the truth So pour yourself a margarita and settle back You're in for a high intensity Caribbean carnival ride NOTE Much of this book was originally published as a novel of mine called The Truthmaker But with the growing popularity of my Road To Key West series I decided to rewrite it and publish it as Along The Road To Key West Michael Reisig

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    This is an entertaining story in spite of some ridiculous scenes

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    Having read On the Road to Key West and Back On the Road to Key West I was looking forward to following Kansas' and Will's adventures once Reisig writes descriptive prose like no other indeed like I wish I could myself And the twists? You better buckle up again because it's gonna be a wild looping ride Particularly when Crazy Eddie joins in Reisig has once come up with a group of characters for our heroes to outwit that Hiaasen would be proud to call his own It's uite obvious when a writer has first hand knowledge of the places in his book Having traveled and worked in many of the places described in this book I'd bet my bottom dollar that somewhere along the way Reisig and I have crossed wakesThe only thing I was disappointed in about this work is that Reisig switched from first person narrative in the first two books to third person in this one While it does give him latitude in describing Kansas' physical appearance in my opinion it detracts just a little from his personal appeal Still I'd highly recommend this and the first two to anyone who's a fan of Caribbean adventureGuaranteed not to harsh your mellow dude

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    Things to enjoy about this book• EVERYONE has longish hair• uotes uotes And uotes• use of the word verdant

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    A fun read difficult to put down Characters are great and the action never stops

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    I’ll preface this with the knowledge that I’ve read the two other previous “Road to Key West” books and absolutely loved them Hi jinks and adventure in a topical setting made for a really enjoyable read This started out the same way with Will and Kansas’ trip to Cuba but once they got home it was of a true thriller than a mental getaway to the beach It just wasn’t what I was expecting based on the two previous books It’s colored my rating a bit so I wanted to get that out hereThe book itself is well written and has tons of action It has non stop adventure and twists from start to finish with some fits of laughter and craziness mixed in The characters are wild and fun the kind of folks you want to grab a rum punch with while on vacation The best part is that because of the thriller nature of the book even though it’s part of a series it can really be read outside of the series as a standalone story If you’re looking for a story with all out action set in the tropics grab a copy of the ‘Along the Road to Key West’

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    A fun adventure of Kansas and Will on boats and in planes involving Cuba US Feds a one world conspiracy group and the Vatican Familiar character Crazy Eddie Rastaman and new romances Cass and Mariana They legitimately go to Cuba to find a missing plane wrecked in 1954 where they find gold and an ancient device a truth maker that makes people tell the truth From Cuba to Keys to Tallahassee to Cat Island Bahama to Oachita Mountains in Arkansas to Dallas and El Campo Texas – Kansas and Will are always a fun read

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    Rarely a dull momentThough I want to praise this third Key West thriller with unparalleled rhetorical splendor please suffice it to say that Mr Reisig's ability to frame a post traumatic stress inducing actionsuspense novel remains masterfully intact Looking forward to one Key West pageturner before I relax with something less stressfullike a Stephen King novel

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    uite the taleAnyone who is interested in mystery and the belief that there can be Heroes that exist without the fanfare will love this book 2 friends that are exceptionally close almost inseparable go on many unbelievable zany Capers At the end a real page Turner Don't miss it

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    Too ViolentI really enjoyed the first two books of this series and looked forward to finishing all four However I only read half of this one it got too bloody for my taste and away from the appeal of its Key West roots and lifestyle Too bad Kansas and Will and their friends were uniue and fun

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    Another rollicking adventure Kansas and Will along with their one eyed pilot companion Crazy Eddie take on a government threatening organization with high adventure reminiscent of a Clive Cussler story Fantastic circumstances and miraculous outcomes makes for an entertaining read