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If fried chicken makes you think of church you know that “y’all” is proper English and your favorite beverage is sweet iced tea then Grits Grace God might be your kind of bookIf you can make noise with a blade of grass between your thumbs think breakfast starts with grits and ends with biscuits and you still put peanuts in your Coca Cola Grits Grace God might be your kind of bookIf you secretly look forward to funerals so you can eat chocolate pie deviled eggs and ham secretly believe RC Cola and Moon Pies are part of the food pyramid and wish Paula Deen had kept her mouth shut 'cause you really like her mac and cheese Grits Grace God might be your kind of bookIf you think God is calling you to evangelize the North even though you’re still not fond of Yankees wish folks would stop moving to the South but can’t blame for wanting to come and know Jesus is real God is great and sometimes life can be down right tough on a body You might enjoy the practical insights and spiritual lessons found in Grits Grace God Manna from Heaven Served Up Southern Style If you buy a new print edition of this book or purchased one in the past you can buy the Kindle edition for only 099 Save 67%In Grits Grace God Martin Wiles offers spiritual truths and shows how God can take our financial challenges loses and setbacks and dish out blessings from scrapes Wiles devotions meet you where you are and take you into the presence of God Lori Hatcher Editor of Reach Out Columbia

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    Grits Grace God Manna from Heaven Served Up Southern Style Christian Devotions Ministries by Martin W Wiles I love reading Christian devotionals When written well they can teach preach and reach all at the same time without pushing shoving or strangling others with rhetoric and clichés Dr Wiles’ devotionals are very well written Here’s what I really liked about Grits Grace God• Dr Wiles has a “light touch” style of writing He makes his point without hammering you over the head with it which I stated up above; and yet the points he makes are still hard hitting enough to make you think WOW For example in several of his devotionals he makes the point that giving to God before anything else bills wantswishes etc honors God and He in turn will honor you However Dr Wiles doesn’t say do it because I’m telling you to or because the Bible says to do that way Instead he tells the reader this is what I did and this is how it turned out and this is what I learned • It was nice too to hear from a Christian writer that he has struggles So many Christian writers today want you—the reader—to believe that their lives are perfect and amazing and overflowing with blessing just because they are Christians While I can agree that may be true for some it can’t be true for all God doesn’t wave a magic wand over us the minute we become Christians and our struggles cease to exist If that were true everyone on earth would be a Christian Knowing that Dr Wiles learned his lessons in the midst of struggle struggles like my own and is willing to share them was refreshing• From reading his writing I can’t help but feel that he’s a very down to earth man I like thatHere’s what I didn’t love • The author did tend to repeat himself In one case or should I say two he tells about how his grandmother was partial to him over his siblings and cousins especially at Christmas giving him way presents He does this in two different devotionals In fact he uses almost the same words and sentences Chapters Excellence in Giving Where Now Those are rather blatant examples I found the same kind of thing happening with other messages and in other devotionals subtly o This is the main reason for my 4 star rating• The only other “critiue” I might have would be this I kept waiting for the “Southern ality” of the author to appear The cover mentions grits for example I looked for him to use Southern collouialism at the least or talk about bacon grease sitting on the porch swinging and drinking Iced Tea or blessing somebody’s heart which isn’t always a good thing Being from the South myself I guess I was looking for a touch of home I didn’t really get that But maybe that’s something only I noticed Overall this is a very good book with a message and meaning I would recommend it to anyone

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    I really enjoyed this devotional I don't know how much 'Southern Style' there was but the reminders about giving our finances to God including regular giving and tithing were excellent Each day's reading began with a scripture and then the author explained how that verse related to trusting God with our finances

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    A short book of devotions that tie everyday experiences with heavenly meanings A bible verse starts out his lessons in life which he ties to God above Each follows with a short prayer and gives room for reflection by anything one wants to journal Glad to have come across this book

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    There is a lot of wisdom in this short book regarding how to live for God and put your faith in action to honor God This is one of those books that there will be a new truth to be found each time you read it Maybe we should make a commitment to read it at least once a year April 15th comes to mind God hands up our finances to honor Him and much of this book talks about God faith and your finances thus the April 15th reminder but there is SO much to this book The thing that is sticking with me right now is in the Chapter Down and Out when encountering a drunk one man said There but for the grace of God there lies Jeremey Taylor he made it personal To use the I is freuent There but for the grace of God go I does not seem to make uite the impact as when you put your name to it I plan to use this often now I am sure the next time I read this book something else will speak strongly to me Highly recommended