ePUB A.W. Gray ï Poisoned Dreams A True Story of Murder Money and Family ï

An account of the poisoning murder of Nancy Dillard Lyon daughter of a powerful Texas real estate tycoon and the conviction of her husband for the crime provide a chilling look at a sensational case involving adultery incest drugs and greed Reprint

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    This was a very interesting book I would have preferred fewer asides about the community but overall a really good listen At the end you're really not sure who to believe

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    Folksy winky writing style which I liked I’d read another true crime book by this author

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    Excruciating mixed metaphors interrupted by descriptions of women's hair

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    Wild ride among the human animals As I'm reading this I'm thinking these people are all crazy They have loads of money and they spend it on status flashing and conspicuous consumption The lie constantly to themselves and those around them Their behavior is duplicitous and blind within insight They use each other and in turn are used They make a big deal of going to church but have the spiritual sensitivity of hyenas They do volunteer work for charity but rob each other and society every chance they get They have the sexual behavior of gutter trash They do drugs drink themselves into stupors and kill one another And I wonder am I like that too except that the circumstances of my life are different? Had I been in their circumstances would I have resembled them?And the answer is who knows?The scene is the Park Circle section of Dallas where everybody has lots of money The principals are Harvard design school graduates but any difference between them and your standard USC grad is not noticeable The husband either poisons the wife or she poisons herself The court found him guilty She's something of a nut case wallowing in the narco guilt of a sister brother incestuous relationship when she was eleven and Bill Jr was thirteen Her husband Richard a sexual addict according to her has a steamy affair with a shallow blonde Her father has mass bucks and is called Big Daddy although he's a bantam of only five seven He uses his money to control his family but of course it all backfires Bill Jr takes the cocainealcohol cure at the Sierra Tuscon drying out farm and then Richard attends briefly for both sexual addiction and alcoholism both sent with Big Daddy's money Nancy the wife is semi frigid but does get it on at strategic times enough to be pregnant five times two miscarriages and an abortion two kids Reading between the lines one might guess that she is a semi conscious furtive tease They all abuse one another in various ways Would I have done the same thing?You know I think a I wouldn't have had the energy and b I would rather stay home and read a book any book The above was written after reading about half the book It gets better Strange thing but this ends with a trial that turns on a last second witness called by the defense As the book ends it is not clear whether Richard Lyon who was found guilty of poisoning his wife with arsenic did in fact poison her or whether she committed suicide the slow hard way inspired by Madame Bovary and a lesser novel entitled Leave Her to Heaven or whether it was a murder made to look like a suicide inspired by same It is amazing how good this book was near the end Which only goes to show it's the material that counts I think Gray was padding it out a little Anyway my bet is the guy did it but I sure as hell wouldn't convict him on the evidence here Nancy Lyon was just nutty enough to punish herself to death just to get back at her husband for his infidelity The truly amazing thing is how inadeuate at getting the truth is our legal system It's a statement about human kind truth really is just a word what counts is social political and economic power Or should I say forensic truth is a secondary considerationPoisoned Dreams is written in a uick and slightly dirty style that suggests that Gray believes the dictum from literary agent Evan Fogelman uoted on page 270 that good writing doesn't count for as much today as it once did Yet I wouldn't call this bad or anything of the sort What really works for Gray is the story and he does deliver that Further he presents both sides which is something he believes in and he keeps us guessing until past the end So nice job but perhaps a little seasoning a little polishing and a little editing would have made this an outstanding piece of work Dennis Littrell author of the mystery novel “Teddy and Teri”