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In 1987 Dr Benjamin Carson gained worldwide recognition for his part in the first successful separation of Siamese twins joined at the back of the head Carson pioneered again in a rare procedure known as a hemispherectomy giving children without hope a second chance at life through a daring operation in which he literally removes one half of their brain Such breakthroughs aren't unusual for Ben Carson He's been beating the odds since he was a child Raised in inner city Detroit by a mother with a third grade education Ben lacked motivation He had terrible grades And a pathological temper threatened to put him in jail But Sonya Carson convinced her son he could make something of his life even though everything around him said otherwise Trust in God a relentless belief in his own capabilities and sheer determination catapulted Ben from failing grades to the directorship of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Balti Maryland Gifted Hands takes you into the operating room to witness surgeries that made headlines around the world and into the private mind of a compassionate God fearing physician who lives to help others

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    This is supposed be inspirational but it seems to show how blessed and special Ben Carson is I appreciate his message but I come away not inspired but frustrated What happens when folks pray and God says no or they don't get the same result Carson did? And if it's supposed to be inspiriational why only one chapeter on his big thing Think Big?

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    Stop what you're doing Read this right now I did a gigantic project on this book My God I loved it It was simply remarkable The whole story of his life is inspiring and the book causes you to become very emotionaly attached to Ben Carson as a character I at least felt his struggles victories and failures uite strongly If it's being rated by emotional investment it gets 5 stars If its being rated for writing style it gets 5 stars The voice is powerful and has a sincere tone to it throughout Ben Carson being a pediatric neurosurgeon is perhaps the best in the world having discovered several medical techniues that are used even today and maybe his greatest contribution he perfected the hemispherectomy when you take out one of the two lobes of the brain and the patient is still a 100% functioning member of society He's saved numerous lives He's uite inspirational because of his less than noble background It has real moral lessons values and inspiration to be taken from it and I would recomend that anybody who has ANY time at all should read it It can be a truly life changing book

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    I'd give this book 3 12 stars maybe even 4 but I'm not uite sureI love the story particularly the beginning where he talks about his mother She's the reason I read the book I had heard a little teaser of the story at a presentation by Jim Trelease and wanted to hear about her She is an incredible person and did what every mother should do give her kids a chance to be better and do than she didBen Carson and his brother were raised in inner city Detroit with their odds of becoming successful almost non existent yet Ben eventually became the head of the pediatric neurosurgery unit at Johns Hopkins largely due to his mother's influenceBen writes the book himself so everything is in the first person Because of that when he speaks of his accomplishments he almost sounds arrogant There were a few times that bothered me a little but he does give credit to God for everything which shows he really is humble I think the only reason he may sound a bit arrogant is because he's writing in the first person speaking of all his successes But really when you've done incredible things and are telling your own story that's how it's going to sound One of those incredible things was separating conjoined twins that no other team would even attempt to separate and attempt to keep both alive it was an incredible surgery one he profiles in the bookBack to his mother At age 13 she married a man who was 28 largely to escape her family life there were over 20 kids in her family After having 2 kids they divorced her husband had a completely separate life they knew nothing about for some time She couldn't read well while raising her boys she learned later but insisted they read 2 books a week and write her book reports on them Something not covered in the book but I learned during the presentation she would mark up their reports with a red pen and insist they make them better all the while having no idea what she was circling and marking upAll in all don't read the book for it's writing it's not beautifully written Read the book if you want to hear a motivating story about hard work or about how mothers can influence their children

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    Ben Carson is a gifted surgeonand I wish he just stayed in his lane instead of taking on politics but that's a different discussion for a different timeGifted Hands is inspiring as he gives all the credit to God for what he has accomplished I feel the story borders on fantasy and doesn't show him as a hard worker It would have been refreshing if things didn't seem to just come to him

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    ExcellenceAs a public figure or medical biography a motivational mentoring guide a triumph over adversity story as an inspirational biography All of the above Gifted Hands par excellence The bottom line We create our own destiny by the way we do things We have to take advantage of opportunities and be responsible for our choicesRaised in disadvantaged circumstances poverty single parent home tenement housing gang infested neighborhoods Ben Carson could have become just another ghetto statistic a drug running angry black boy bent on raging against the man and either shot down in his prime or doing time Blessedly though Carson had a god fearing strong willed mother who instilled in him the power of faith perseverance hard work self regulation and acan do attitudeSonya Carson firmly and rightly believed that we each are responsible for our choices our actions and our destiny; she often uoted from the poem Yourself to Blame by Mayme White Miller If things go bad for you And make you a bit ashamed Often you will find out that You have yourself to blame You're the captain of your ship So agree with the same If you travel downwards You have yourself to blameFrom his days as a young boy making barely passing grades to years of teenage angst kowtowing to peer pressure then upward and onward to his goal driven years of high school college and medical school Ben Carson's ​life story is a story we all need to hear Be nice to people all people It takes much less energy to be nice then it does to be mean Being kind friendly and helpful takes less energy and relieves much of the pressureWho doesn't need a reminder that there is greatness in each of us if we but stop making excuses and use our God given talents and gifts for good and not evil? The youth of today's volatile world have special need for mentors such as Dr Carson if there is to be great hope for generations to comeFIVE Timeless Biography of Excellence; Valiant Mentorship for the Ages STARS

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    Recommended by Honey for a Teen's Heart this promises to be an excellent storyWonderful wonderful This book is all about education and the importance of it But instead of being preachy it's a great story Even my 7 almost 8 year old doesn't want to miss a bit of it Some of the things we have tried to teach our kids are reiterated in this book Yippee Also there is the wonderful aspect of faith in God and miracles throughout the pages of this bookBook on tape is read by the author2015 NOTE If I could pull the threads of this book out of my kids' minds I would do it I'm sure there are some great moments in the book but looking at who this man is and what he represents now sickens me There are certainly better role models out there

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    If his hands are so gifted how did he write such an awful book? In Gifted Hands Dr Ben's arrogance holiness and fairy tales ceaselessly damage what should be an inspiring story Further God makes multiple cameos in Ben's life to provide money 10 bills found on the ground test answers don't waste your time studying kids just pray and of course gifted hands blessed hand eye coordination Ben would have been an unbeatable ping pong player Unfortunately God forgets to give Dr Carson humility gratitude and the ability to realistically recall information Regardless of how the good doctor fares in his future political aspirations he'll always be a winner in his eyes

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    This was a beautiful and inspirational book Not only did a poor black man living in the ghetto of Detroit get an amazing education he also became one of the most famous neurosurgeons in America What impressed me so much was his mother's determination; she was only 13 years old when she got married and to make things worse she became a single parent when her husband left herDespite all thisshe knew how important education and faith would be for her sons; she encouraged them to read books and pray Amazing how a lady who only had 3rd Grade education managed to raise two great scientists I enjoyed reading about the medical cases that he worked on that made him so well known Despite all his achievements Dr Carson seems to be a very humble man and credits God for getting him where he is today Also in spite of all the racism he encountered he made it clear that he wants to heal people of all races and all the adversity he faced on account of his race just made him grow stronger and work harder

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    I’m so happy that I read this Carson’s story is wonderful and uplifting He experienced so many struggles and yet became a better person and his faith in God has been strengthened I love how grounded he remains despite all of his incredible contributions to the field of neurosurgery He attributes most of his success to God his mother and his medical team His perseverance and humility are truly admirable To me this book should be reuired reading for all high school students as well as all those who like to focus so much on blaming one’s circumstances and personal situation Some of my favorite uotes“I have strong feelings on the subject of American youth and here’s one of them I’m really bothered at the emphasis given by the media on sports in the schools Far too many youngsters spend all their energies and time on the basketball courts wanting to be a Michael Jordan Or they throw their energies toward being a Reggie Jackson on the baseball diamond or an OJ Simpson on the football field They want to make a million dollars a year not realizing how few who try make those kinds of salaries These kids end up throwing their lives away When the media doesn’t emphasize sports it’s music I often hear of groups – and many of them good – who pour out their hearts in a highly competitive career not realizing that only one group in 10000 is going to make it big Rather than putting all their time and energy into sports or music these kids – these bright talented young people – should be spending their time with books and self improvement ensuring they’ll have a career when they’re adults I fault the media for perpetuating these grandiose dreams” “I came to realize that if people could make me angry they could control me Why should I give someone else such power over my life?”“Success is determined not by whether or not you face obstacles but by your reaction to them And if you look at these obstacles as a containing fence they become your excuse for failure If you look at them as a hurdle each one strengthens you for the next”Ben Carson with his wife mother and children

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    Loved the book It's crazy that I've known of Dr Carson for years I went to see him speak at TSU in Nashville some years ago while I was in dental school at Meharry Medical College I purchased the book then That was early 2000's I just decided to read it in its entirety I was pleasantly surprised that a lot if his story paralleled mine Not so much the educational part of tough up bringing but his thought processes I underlined and highlighted so much because I was surprised to find in print what I had put into practice In my older age I've accepted my passion for children and issues with education I've been doing motivational speaking and actually included similar motivational words as Dr Carson used without reading this book Now that I have read it I have material I can use Loved this book Will beading it to the reading list for this summer reading challenge I hope to offer to the kids at my church this summer