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Briony knows she is a witch She knows that she is guilty of hurting her beloved stepmother She also knows that now her stepmother is dead she must look after her beautiful but complicated twin sister Rose Then the energetic electric golden haired Eldric arrives in her home town of Swampsea and everything that Briony thinks she knows about herself and her life is turned magically dizzyingly upside down

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    After the whole ShineChime National Book Award Debacle there was no way my book club could ignore Franny Billingsley's Chime We had already read Shine and were completely confused and underwhelmed by it Perhaps the National Book Award committee was wrestling with similar feelings and that is what led to the gaffe I dunno I'm still confused The first couple distinctions between these books are glaringly obvious by page 12 of Chime 1 Franny Billingsley can write circles around Lauren Myracle and the gaggle of Giggly Supernatural Romance YA authors who are flooding the market with shite Meyer Stiefvater I'm looking at YOU2 Franny Billingsley's brain must be an unholy swirling vortex of What The FuckeryMy own brain hurts just thinking about the juxtaposition of those two statements so I'll try to articulate as best I canIf I even know where to begin Let's begin with a uote and see where this goes shall we?Slicing yourself is harder than you'd think Your skin doesn't slice not like bread or cheese Your flesh pushes back It's resilient like the skin of a mushroomThese are the thoughts of Briony our plucky witch heroine whose musings are far wiser than her years and whose narration is peppered with tongue in cheek uips and whorling self hatred It's a jarring off putting narrative style that will likely turn off casual readers and will certainly shock the shit out of fans of The Meyer Omigod A Vampire Loves Me crockery Billingsley does not trot out lusty teenagers and plop them in the middle of a heaving supernatural love triangle If you want teens panting all over each other and you don't want to work for it by all means stick with Twilight Or Shiver You will be dully rewarded Briony is astutely aware of the world around her Maybe it's because she has the second sight Maybe it's because she's a witch Maybe it's because she's allegedly responsible for the death of her stepmother Maybe it's because she's allegedly responsible for her twin sister's uirks Maybe it's because she has bartered with the Boggy Mun Or Mucky Face Or hey what's the Brownie doing in the room? Did anyone see him enter? He's just oh hi Wykes did you want to call someone else to their death? As long as the Bleeding Hearts don't talk la la la I am now in a field When did I get here? It doesn't matter I love Eldric I hate myself I hope I don't get hangedSee what I did there? THAT'S what reading this book is like For a couple sentences you think Ah I am comprehending this My third grade reading teacher would be proud Look at me uick Ask me a uestion about what I just OH MY GOD WHAT'S GOING ON? I won't lie large parts of my brain checked out as I tried to grapple with the seuence of events none of which are tied together by traditional means Chapters abruptly begin abandoning the locations focus or characters of a previous chapter Things happen suddenly with no explanation Someone loses a hand at one point and I'm still not entirely clear how it happened There were just tendons and blood spewing all over the place And something about a Death Hand But here's the truly incongruous part Chime is beautifully written and the characters are passionately rendered Rose Briony's twin sister damn near jumps off the page Her uirks in our diagnosis obsessed culture we'd slap her with the Autism label and parade her around trumpeting her Specialness are lively and wonderful fully developed and crackling with life The tender affection between the twins despite their enormous differences is authentic and lovely In fact many passages in Chime are so exuisitely written it's breathtaking And then the fucking Brownie or Mucky Face or Old One or whatever appears at Briony's side and my brain goes all wiggly again Despite all the confusion I was certain I'd give the book four stars Then my patience started to wane and there was a bit of teenage love rectangley not triangley stuff So I was certain I'd give it three Then I thought No This is well written and Briony is a strong snarky character She makes me laugh I shall give it four Then my patience really dipped Then it dipped againThen I didn't careAnd that was its death knellSo Chime or Shine? I Don't Care DONG Death knellThanks for the joke Katie

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    Update 12292018I am trying to give my old DNFs another go but I just can’t with Chime It’s just not my type of fantasy weirdness It seems if I reject writing on the basis of aesthetic incompatibility it’s forever My opinion about the plot and characters can change see The Disreputable History if Frankie Landau Banks but my aversion to a certain writing style can’t 🤔This book received a starred review from basically every professional reviewing publication School Library Journal Booklist Kirkus and here I am unable to even finish itWhile I acknowledge Chime's originality and high uality of writing I believe this is a novel that will appeal to only a very specific type of reader who is looking for some eccentric fantasy The whole cast of characters the world the interactions are all what you call uirky but many I would call bizarre The main character Briony is a very charismatic narrator in a vein of We Have Always Lived in the Castle's Merricat She is funny and interesting but at the same time infinitely oddTo put it simply Chime was not a book for me The narrator's voice was so hard to relate to I had to abandon the story after about 70 pages I strongly recommend everyone to read a couple of chapters before buying this novel to see if it's a story to your taste

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    If you know me then you know I love books set in this period For that reason and others I believed I would enjoy this I wanted to enjoy this I truly did The premise sounded good; the prologue however strange intrigued me But it didn't take long for me to realize that I wouldn't be able to read over 300 pages of Briony's narrative It is undoubtedly the strangest I've ever come across So strange in fact that I'm not sure I can describe it properly It's like an odd mix of pessimism self hatred which I'm sure is explained and turned around later on and dreariness although to be far the book itself seemed to have a rather dreary atmosphere from what I read Sprinkle on some idiosyncrasies and a mother hen mentality due to her sister's issues and you've got Briony Larkin I'm not saying that any of this is bad it's just not for me I prefer to be able to connect with the main character perhaps even relate to himher in some way It didn't take me long to figure out that that is impossible for me with BrionyBased on my own taste and experience I can't recommend this; but I can't not recommend it either I saw a lot of potential in the story and I'm sure a lot of people would really enjoy Chime I recommend picking this up from your library — rather than purchasing it — if you're interestedNote My default rating for books I can't finish is one star but I recognize that the writing was good and therefore I'm going with one and a half with a round up of two

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    How happy I am that I spontaneously gave in and ordered this odd little jewelIt was dark strangely compelling and utterly beautifully written and completely different from what I had expected It’s the turn of the century in rural England The Industrial Revolution with its affluence of metal and electricity has forced most of the Old Ones elemental spirits bogs brownies fairies and the like to disappear But in Swampsea and other mucky places magical creatures still roam free Dark Muses feed on the creativity of unsuspecting males until they drop dead or go mad monsters shoot out of slimy holes to bite off your hand the Boggy Mun strikes people with the deadly swamp cough and flying witches screech frightening things at people who lost their way in the dark while flashing “their girl parts” at them Conseuently witch trials are still in fashion around Swampsea Female citizens who are fond of dancing or giggling and look uite the part are swiftly hanged when not able to produce a watertight alibiBriony Larkin has always known that she is different because she always felt at ease in the swamp Brownies Wykes and Strangers actively sought her out and “Mucky Face” a water elemental calls her Mistress But it had been her late Stepmother who convinced her that she was a witch capable of wicked things and incapable of human feelings For great parts of the book it remains unclear why and how Briony caused the parsonage library to burn why “Mucky Face” crashed in a huge wave down on her stepmpother and caused her spine to break and what is the deal with arsenic poisoning But witch or no witch inspite of her many mock irritated complaints to the reader “How has Rose lived for seventeen years and no one has killed her not once?” Briony’s love for her autistic obsessive compulsive twin sister Rose was apparent Briony believed her own wicked personality to be the cause for her difficult twin’s disability and her own urge to care for her to be enforced propriety but in everything she nonchalantly said or did a fierce tenderness shone through Thus I became very interested in getting to the bottom of the riddle in Briony clearing the fog that clouded her memories since the strange illness which ailed her for a year before her stepmother’s supposed self poisoning And thus I cheered for Briony when self proclaimed “bad boy” Elderic the swamp drainer’s lively son moved in treated Rose just right promised the lesson hungry Briony to share his private tutor with her and made her almost forget to hate herself Now the prominent uestion after considering the average rating is Would you become interested and willing to cheer too? Well honestly I don’t really know but let’s take a closer look I liked the unconventional writing style – clever reflecting a little odd cheeky naughty and layered with a fine coating of hidden hurt – right from the start To be precise by page 3 or 4 I was head over heels in love with it and almost believed the story had been composed for my benefit alone I did not mind a bit Briony’s habit of dropping vague hints here and there and leaving blanks in the description of her family’s misfortunes and current situation Because I somehow understood her state of mind I strongly suggest reading a sample chapter before investing money because the writing is pretty consistents throughout the book and you will find out pretty soon if you adore or despise Briony’s voice The pacing was of the slower sort but I did not mind a bit On the contrary I longed to savor each page to let the sentences melt into my consciousness If you crave action film worthy monster fights and scenes that flash by in uick succession better look for a different book I liked the Victorian setting with its well founded but badly acted upon superstitions and hidden otherworldly dangers And I did not mind a bit that the hero did not possess superhuman ualities and the heroine did not perform magic and summonings and other acts which are usually mandatory for the paranomal teen romance protagonist day in and day out I admit I expect some romance from a five star worthy novel It’s a personal reuirement And I enjoyed Briony’s growing infatuation and her jealousy of Elderic’s affections for Leanne But but I did not mind a bit that the love story did not blossom into novel consuming proportions and that endless repetitions of the “I Can’t Live Without You Mantra” were somehow missing altogether If you need to melt into a kneeless puddle at least once in each chapter go search for another book In some parts “Chime” turned out to be uite “horrible” meaning ripped out hands or swallowed people But but I did not mind a bit I enjoyed the gothic vibes If you prefer your main characters unmaimed I can help you choose another book The title and the cover turned out to be exactly fitting Seldomly a heroine’s face looks close to her description In this case it does Briony is porcelain skinned with velvet black eyes and blond hairI'll end this perusal with a uote Once we got to eating the idea of happiness returned to me Not the feeling the idea Would a regular girl be happy simply eating a hot meal with a great deal of chew to it? Maybe happiness is a simple thing Maybe it's as simple as the salty taste of pork and the vast deal of chewing in it and how when the chew is gone you can still scrape at the bone with your bottom teeth and suck at the marrow Have you decided? If not take you time until the next 'Chime'My first thoughts written right after reading 20110807I am still wavering between four and five stars and have to let my impressionsemotions simmer for a night because I know I liked the second half slightly less than the first but because I am also sure that I really I loved this book the heroine's voice and among other things her relationship to her sister RoseMy copy is full of little plastic Post it strips that need to be typed and my head is full of thoughts to be formed my heart is full of cravings for works by the author and my jealous soul longs to be able to command written language to bow to my every whim like she is20130302 After my first re read I feel so mushy and so abundantly happy inside and I can only barely refrain from uoting half the book Briony and Rose have become even dearer to me Knowing where the story went meant I was at leisure to savor all the tiny bits and wondrous pieces It is probably safe to say that I've found an all time favorite Or is that pretentious after only two years of infatuation? People and readers change even when books do not change with them

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    It’s hard to describe my reading taste precisely Describing my favorite writing style is a bit like playing Goldilocks too simple and it feels shallow too overdone and it feels exaggerated Either way the writing ends up falsifying the characters and story for me With nothing that feels real no point of reference I can’t put myself in the shoes of the characters I can’t buy in Somewhere in the middle is the writing that speaks right to me It feels beautiful and descriptive without feeling forced See Kirsty Gearty Erin Bow and Laini Taylor as a few recent examplesI guess what I am leading up to here is that this book is written in a way that will just never be my favorite I cannot blame this book for that Here is just a random passage that I found in the goodreads uotes section to illustrate ”Father’s silence is not merely the absence of sound It’s a creature with a life of its own It chokes you It pinches you small as a grain of rice It twists in your gut like a worm Silence clawed at my throat It left a taste of burnt matchesIt’s not just the writing style that I couldn’t get past though unfortunatelyThe main character and the love interest do not have a single iota of chemistry They make stupid jokes they use an “invented language” which anyone on Earth could figure out they practice boxing and have a secret “bad boys” society The only thing missing is the tree house Both Briony and Eldric feel like they are about twelve years old but are supposed to be seventeen and twenty two respectively They feel like playmates or siblings but never lovers Every time Briony would insist dramatically to the reader that she’s so terribly in lust with Eldric it felt jarring and wrongThe plot is completely transparent Even the title is a major spoiler I do get what she’s trying to say that guilt and negative self image can create a sort of script that runs through your head insisting that you’re terrible and evil It’s hard to break those thought processes I know But Briony is so completely obtuse Every scrap of empirical evidence as related to the reader by Briony herself points to one conclusion Briony’s sister Rose is constantly making completely transparent and leading statements and hints about the “big secret” It’s maddeningAnd even when the big reveal occurs it really makes absolutely no sense in my opinion view spoilerWhat are we to believe that Briony’s father realized that his wife is a dark muse then left his only children in her care in the hopes that she would wither and die in their presence? And then when she doesn’t die he just decides to stay away for years and hope for the best? And I understand why Briony would need to alter her memories to forget about her step mother after the library fire to avoid suspicion But why would she need to forget after the murder? It seems like that would be something that she would really want to remember And it’s not like her step mother is going to be around any to figure it out And why wouldn't the midwife tell anyone that she's located the next Chime child? hide spoiler

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    I loved Chime so much I do not have words I stayed up late to finish it and I re read parts of it the next morning Don’t let the cover fool you it’s not a paranormal romance nor is it about a goth girl playing Victorian dress upit simply does not do justice the sheer poetic loveliness of the novel Chime feels like a retelling without being based on a fairytale the whole timbre of the book is tale as old as time but set in 1910s England The closest comp titles I can think of are Juliet Marillier’s Wildwood Dancing Laini Taylor’s Lips Touch Three Times and Elizabeth Bunce’s A Curse Dark As Gold All of those books I love passionately and I can happily add Chime to that listSeventeen year old Briony Larkin has a secret and feels like she ought to be hanged That secret might have something to do with her stepmother’s death and her sister’s childhood accident or maybe the fact that she’s a witch Life in her small town of Swampsea is dominated by forbidden visits to the swamp known to be mystical and dangerous; that is until Mr Clayborne arrives to drain it in the name of progress His son Eldric uickly strikes a friendship with Briony bonding over incorrect Latin a “Bad Boy” fraternity and various other goofy antics Not only do things begin to change Briony’s murky memories are brought to the surface to be confronted by truth and perspectiveAt some point I will elaborate on the idea of book soulmates Chime is mine—it feels like it was written just for me My taste skews towards fairy and folk tales and I live for stories set on the cusp of the industrial age The main character usually female must have agency And the boy too especially one who isn’t spineless andor brooding with a real personality And writing oh writing It must be good writing obviously—sometimes an unexpectedly funny turn of phrase vivid imagery an effortless smoothness that every writer knows only comes after countless revisionsIn a writer not as skilled Briony’s shattered confidence and self image could easily come off as pitying and unbearable I never get that feeling while reading in Billingsley’s beautiful prose; Briony is headstrong protective and often hilarious Ultimately Chime is a novel about the facets of a person about self loathing about love about art About monsters too and the shape they come in—and about mothers and manipulation and morality It has beautiful moments moments where you stop breathing moments where you sit back and gaze at the pretty words moments where a sigh is practically written into the page

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    I long deliberated about whether to review this or not Sometimes you read something that resonates with you to such a degree with such intensity that it feels as though you could never do it justice by reviewing it That it just may be impossible to articulate the reasons why you loved this book and why other people should definitely try it out But since I like doing impossible things I am going to try Just be warned though No matter how lavishly I praise this book it deserves a lot It is a novel's prose that attracts me The plot and the characterization while important in their own rights become secondary when I decide how much I like a novel To date there have been only two other novels that I have loved simply for the gorgeousness of their prose They are The History of Love by Nicole Krauss and The Ghosts of Ashbury High by Jaclyn Moriarty Chime finds itself a niche on my shelf of awesomeChime creates an unearthly world a land dominated by marshes and superstitious people The effect is surreal as though the reader has submerged herself in a world that is determined to surprise her by its strangeness and enthrall her with its beauty The protagonist Briony is by far one of the strangest and all the compelling for it narrator I have had the fortune to come across She is an unreliable narrator and her narration is less of a storytelling and as though the readers were the blank pages of her journal on which she is scribbling her experiences thoughts and emotions She is intricately detailed and her individuality is delineated even despite the fact that she has a twin sisterI felt as though I were a music box in want of winding Yes as though I were a music box and the tune were my life playing and slowly with every passing day Finally not even I could recognize it The notes were stretched too far apart They were no longer notes they were plinks I wound down to a plinkAll the characters in the novel no matter what their importance to the greater plot are etched out and given worth From the little boy that Briony considers a friend to the unfortunate man murdered in the marsh they are all superbly characterizedThe plot comes to life slowly The story does not flow from point A to B oh no it blooms like flowers in a field First you may notice a patch of daisies on one side and then later on dandelions in the center And then at the end suddenly you have a field full of flowers and it is much like an epiphany you weren't certain you were going to have It's a beautiful thingThis book contains one of the most delicious kissing scenes ever I adore the love interest I can't say much than that Honestly Read it for the kiss scene aloneAnd finally let me talk about the prose Billingsley plays unabashedly with language here She creates words she repeats them and it is a testament to her boldness that her experimenting pays offIf you say a word it leaps out and becomes the truth I love you I believe it I believe I am loveable How can something as fragile as a word build a whole world?| Eldric turned away from the mirror holding out his hand In the cup of his hand lay his fidget of paper clips But the fidget had blossomed into a crown An allover filigree crown with a twisty spire marking the frontI stared at it for some moments It's for you said Eldric If you want itI'm seventeen I said I haven't played at princess for yearsDoes that matter ? Eldric set it on my head It was almost weightless a true crown for the steam age In a proper story antagonistic sparks would fly between Eldric and me sparks that would sweeten the inevitable kiss on page 324 But life doesn't work that way I didn't hate Eldric which for me is about as good as things get | Father’s silence is not merely the absence of sound It’s a creature with a life of its own It chokes you It pinches you small as a grain of rice It twists in your gut like a wormSilence clawed at my throat It left a taste of burnt matchesThese are just of the delectable gems in this novel So if I haven't convinced you let let those words do the job Give it a chance Even if you don't go in for eccentric protagonists read this book I guarantee you won't regret it

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    Keep your secrets wolfgirl Dance your fists with Eldric’s snatch lightning from the gods Howl at the moon at the blood red moon Let your mouth be a cavern of starsThis is the story of wolfgirl a witch living in her dark lies she keeps hidden from the world and lionboy a boy man with golden hair and lightning eyes who sees through wolfgirl’s hardened exterior Chime tells the strange story of these two and the unlikely bond that slowly forms between them despite Briony’s witchy life and her detestable background Briony can tell no one her story she promised her Stepmother and the penalties of being a witch is death But Eldric this boy man with his lion smile and lion leap and fidgety hands confuses her mind Stepmother told her to make sure she hates herself because she is a witch but when she’s with Eldric she doesn’t hate herself she laughs she finds enjoyment But she can never forget what she is With her dark secrets pressing inside her her second sight allowing her to see what others can’t and her twin sister Rose who’s not uite right in the head a constant reminder of the wicked things she’s done Chime was strangely intriguing The writing was kindof unusual At first I wasn’t so sure how I liked it but then it started to grow on me and I found I was eagerly devouring every precious word and really appreciating this rather uniue strange simplistic prose I really liked Briony her voice her view and interpretation of things She was a nice fresh heroine not dependent on others fends for herself and takes care of her twin sister Rose I liked the relationship between these sisters Briony often wishes she didn’t have to take care of Rose that she could go far away but she really does love Rose And though Rose acts like a child she’s trying to protect Briony Rose lives in a world of her own after an incident that happened when she was young that affected her mind She says that Briony has no birthday though they’re twins and she won’t let Briony listen to the clock chime twelve And she won’t tell Briony why she says they’re secrets which she has lots of that she won’t tell anyone She prefers not to But her secrets are unveiled at the end and Briony realizes how much her life really has been a lie I thought it was rather brilliant the way Billingsley connected everything in the end and everything started to make sense I really loved reading this book It was strange but in a compelling way that pulled me into the mushy sloughs of the Swampsea running alongside wolfgirl and lionboy as they grew and found themselves and found love something Briony never thought possible It was a very enjoyable read though I can’t say that everyone will like it

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    Wow What a fantastic example of unreliable narrator Main character Briony's off kilter narration drives the story forward brilliantly We know something is very wrong in Briony's life and even though the story opens with her demanding to be hanged for her crimes it becomes apparent pretty uickly that there is so much going on than Briony originally tells us In fact through tiny things she says we're led to believe the very opposite to what Briony believes about herself and to want to get to the bottom of whatever weird happenings surround her familyI loved the presence of the various spirits creatures and witches in this story instead of the usual vampires and werewolves I've come to expects Briony's speech patterns were wonderful I kept thinking of This is the house that Jack Built and her humour and commentary about everything around her was freuently funny and clear eyed despite her gigantic negative view of herself I loved the slow way the relationship between Briony and Eldric was developed first as a friendship before eventually and believably leading to romanceI did find it a little difficult to specifically locate Briony's story in a particular time period but enjoyed using the tiny technology clues Franny Billingsley dropped to help me find my way Not that knowing the specific year this story takes place in is critical; it was just something I wanted to know as I was reading and resolved things as a somewhat alternate England early in the 20th century where spirits and various supernatural creatures are realI was really impressed at the way Franny Billingsley used Briony's voice to carefully and slowly and brilliantly reveal the truth behind so many actions that occurred before the story's open I was left wanting to listen to the whole story all over again once I knew the truth

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    Where do I begin to talk about Chime? It's a magical story and it's not the plot revolves around magical beings around what are essentially soul sucking vampires around a girl who is a witch The plot revolves around a stepmother and illness around a girl who is made to believe that she's a bitch Sorry Chime makes me want to play with words makes me think a little like Briony which was by chance almost my own nameI can uite see why some people don't like it It reuires thought patience and a willingness to tread out new brain paths Briony isn't an easy narrator and she isn't reliable either as she constantly tells us The narrative isn't a straightforward uest it's a maze it's full of funhouse mirrorsI loved this I found the culmination of it all satisfying and I happily followed the maze through to the end I loved the friendship that turned into love and also remained friendship so much solid feeling than the kind of romances that fiction is enamoured of where there's a spark and then a flame without any time in between I loved the characters and I would prefer to read them againBut if you read fifty pages and you're not intrigued if you read fifty pages and you would like to kick Briony if you'd like to stop reading then stop It probably isn't going to magically turn out to be the book for you