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Want to know what Zed Benedict was thinking when he met his soulmate Sky Bright for the first time? Find out for FREE in this compelling short story The Benedict brothers all have different abilities and powers One can move things with his mind another can heal Zed Benedict is the youngest and the most powerful of the seven brothers and he is on the road to destruction until he meets his soulmate Sky Bright She is his balance the light to his dark Together they are even powerful Zed knows that they are meant to be together and that there is a connection that cannot be denied But how can he convince Sky that their destinies are entwined when she doesn’t even realize the true nature of her potential? A brilliant addition to the Finding Sky series for both new and old fans alike

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    Originally posted on my blog My Bookish ThoughtsChallenging Zed is a short story from the Benedict series It's written in the perspective of Zed Benedict the youngest Benedict brother and soulfinder of Sky Bright It contains scenes from before he met Sky a flashback to when he was nine when he met Sky and when he found out they were soulfinders If you haven't read any of the books in Joss Stirling's series I highly recommend you do it's uite high on my list of favourites Challenging Zed starts off by showing us a glimpse into Zed's life before he met Sky For those of us readers who've read Finding Sky you can imagine what he was like back then However for those of you who haven't allow me to explain the fact that he was uite a 'bad boy' His supernatural powers have given him the ability to not only solve crime but the ability to see the darker side of people straight away and he hasn't been coping well During the story Stirling gives us an insight into Zed's life when he was nine So that means that his oldest brothers were probably in their late teens or early twenties it was very entertaining The reader gets to see their playful and caring sides making girls like me swoon I'm so grateful that this flashback was included and I learned somethings that I never knew about the Benedict household they used to have a family pet You'll have to read it to find out what animal it was HeheThis short story answered a lot of uestions that I had about when Zed and Sky first met like Did he find her as attractive as she found him? Reading Challenging Zed helped me figure out Zed's character and I admit that Zed's never been a favourite for me Although after reading this I think I'll reconsider Challenging Zed will be available as a free download on Valentines Day 2013 I loved reading it and seeing for myself all the different versions of Zed and I think you will tooYou can also read my review for Joss Stirling's Seeking CrystalA huge thank you to Joss Stirling for making me one of the winners to the 'Zed's Story Competition' and giving me and two others a manuscript thank you55 stars You MUST read this seriesuoteThe girl was still at the piano stroking the keys The thought edged in that he wanted to go lie down on it and let her run her fingers over him

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    I got a copy of Challenging Zed right after finishing Finding Sky as my mind was still so occupied with the two main characters For me that's always a sign of a really good book or series That also means I had really high hopes for this feature and they were not disappointed I admit Challenging Zed is written in an easy way and rather unconventional It transmitted the feeling of reading the story a friend wrote and for an add on like this that was perfect Challenging Zed gives you a in depth look into Zed's character and his thoughts The novella has the perfect length If it would be any longer there'd be a risk of repeating the same story all over again but like this it keeps you wanting A really nice read that you can finish in a short amount of time

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    I reviewed this Seeking Crystal here on goodreads In that review I did avoid mentioning a very big thing and did explain in a spoiler why But this book would even introduce you to the concept So do I think it’s a good book to start with? Especially as I was like Start with Seeking Crystal it’s got my favourite brother so far in it Uriel being my other who I sort of have claims to I had claims to him until the last page OK?Yes I wasn’t fangirling for Zed but now Yes he is not what he seemed Oh My Interested Sugarcubessorry for that reference I wish I could say this book contained sugarcubes but it still has a whole lot of sweetWhat sweet moments you ask? Well I suppose I can tell you the gist You get to see insight into little Benedict brothers Yves was still clever than his adult brothers when he was 10 Not only do I love Zed But Yves tooThe characterization was already better than most brands of chocolate but now it is like nutella on pancakesNot only do we see the future years before Sky moved from England had the exact same reaction to Zed as Rachel Berry seen above duh but we see scenes through Zed's eyes sort of it actually wasn't in first person before Unfortunately we didn't get to see the vast series of events as in Finding Sky but I suppose had it been a lot longer it wouldn't have been as poignant for it's differenceI loved it and posted this review on my blog

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    Update 14022013 Man I wish it was longer Really interesting addition to the Benedict Brothers series that allows the reader to not only get a feel for what Zed was thinking in Finding Sky but also an insight into the Benedict brothers when they were youngerIf you don't have it already go download it on for FREE Pre ordered and ready to be zapped on to my Kindle at Midnight D

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    Finally got this off my TBR This was adorable Seeing things from his perspective was really good if really made me remember why I loved them so much in the original series Also his love for her and when he discovers she is his Soulfinder is so cute ☺️☺️

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    I loved this short story My only complaint was that it was so short After the last paragraph I wanted to know see interaction between him and SkyI love to see how since the beginning he felt attracted to her In 'Finding Sky' he seemed indifferent at the beginning so I'm so happy to see that that wasn't rightLove seeing about the Benedict brothers And Yves attracted to Sky? That was weird I wished we had of this short story love Zed's POV

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    To see the beginning of the story from Zed's point of view was nice change Zed is very kind in a secretive way and very sensible He is the character that you cant help but fall in love with He is strong amd have macho image going on for him but on the inside is good and understanding I loved his point of view

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    Just another cute short story that I love Finding Sky is the first one in this series and it's really good

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    Look I know it's a free ebook but that cover is really disappointing Also the toxic masculinity in this is annoying

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    OMG what can I say? I love this series and I was jumping for joy when I found out there was a book about ZED Zed is like my favourite brother out of the bunch