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It all started with a broken classroom heaterGraduate school prepares you for many things – the rigor of academic life how to pull consecutive all nighters and living off a meager stipend without having to be roommates with cockroachesElle Graft might have made it through six years of graduate school but she's not convinced she'll survive her first position as an Assistant ProfessorBecause for all she learned graduate school never prepared her for dealing with a student crush

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    Fantastic series romancefriendshipgood dialogue and chemistrycollegecampus dramaexplicit sex sceneswell defined and developed cast of charactersadorable leads and great storytellinga nicely written love storyhighly recommend to all

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    Am I the only one disappointed at the reason why Hunter kept her winter jacket on?

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    25 stars So disappointed I was going to round up to 3 stars but the I thought about the book I couldn't I recently read her Hero series and I love loved it so I was really looking forward to reading this series It started off fine I was enjoying it But then someone from Elle's past shows up the reuisite angst and it went downhill for me I began to really dislike Elle Because of her actions and non actions she comes off as selfish self centered I know she had tenure coming up but if she was that worried why start a relationship? Well as I stated when I first started to read this book teacherstudent bossemployee that are MayDec affairs especially if the younger is very young is not usually very appealing to me This book didn't change my mindOne of the reviewers I'll have to go back and see who it was thought the reason why Hunter kept her jacket on was lame I agree Made no sense it was dumb Maybe the first time initially but after that take it off in the hallway or off to the side Yes early on Hunter says people say she is too polite All the reason she was at a disadvantage in this relationshipI plan to check out the author's other books but I think I'll skip the rest of this series

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    Aug 2017 I never thought I'd say this but I miss Hunter and Elle I know they're one of the most frustrating couple but after reading Hunter's POV I kind of appreciate this book Here comes immaturity jealousy cliché which I like Sometimes Hahaha Peace p

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    An ok read It's just not my piece of cake

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    Winter Jacket is a May December romance the age gap is just 10 years so nothing shocking there but it is compounded by the fact that the protagonists are a teacher and a student Nothing overly unethical happens though so no worries there The romance is sweet The development is slow and enjoyable The sex is really hot The characters were well rounded and sufficiently conflicted about their relationship but willing to make a go of it External pressures like parental disapproval and school politics provide some angst Overall an enjoyable read

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    Gratuitous Capitalization of Seasons and misspelling of homophones which really kept popping me out of the story Also the story itself sort of lost its momentum about halfway through the book when the two main characters actually hooked up The characters weren't very 3D either they were stereotypical or there to play a role Basically it read rather like unpolished fanfiction

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    35 I think this is a first Eliza Lentzski book I've read Not bad The story as been done many times before but still a nice read The MC are like able Would have been nice to no a bit about there back grounds to understand there characters a bit especially Elle who I found to be a 'tad' bit frustrating at times Loved the characters of Troian and Nikole so hoping they appear in book 2

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    This probably wasn't the book for me to read I was hesitant to begin with because it involved a teacher and student That's not really my kind of thing Then it was so bloody slow ironically I've seen reviews saying it's too fast meh can't displease everyone the same way heheRight so below is what I wrote as I read it I suggest not reading it I kind of got a little annoyed and used words I shouldn't haveI probably could have given this an extra 12 star if I could Even a full extra star if the melodrama had been cut down a little bitETA I've added another star after thinking about it The story is lingering in my mind Description of the rest of the series is a little off putting though so I'll probably still not continueview spoilerThis is one of the most bloody frustrating books I've read Super slow paced I kind of hate Elle The woman who wants to not be alone but appears to abhor the thought of actually dating anyone Especially if that someone is gorgeous and into her Especially if there is some age difference Bloody frustrating fucking bookBloody frustrating There's this one specific woman she is always fantasizing about That specific woman keeps flirting with her But Elle keeps pushing Hunter away Then there are these super weird moments Like Hunter turns up soaking wet from rain Elle allows her inside Offers her a towel And a shirt Then makes some weird comment to herself that the shirt might have been inappropriate enough after dismissing the thought of offering pants and a shirt What the fuck? Push her into the bathroom Close door Offer her towel and change of clothing What the fuck is inappropriate to offer a drenched girl clothing to slip into? As it is it looks like you want her to strip towel off and put on just a shirt And freezing Since usually kept my house a few degrees chillier than necessary in the fall to save on heating bills So Dripping wet And you offer just a towel and a shirt because offering would be inappropriate? What the fuck? Elle really fucking annoys me Of course Hunter then has to beg to have pants to go with the shirt Because Elle's a fucking moron And thought even offering as much as the shirt was inappropriate Apparently it would be appropriate in Elle's mind for Hunter to strip naked and have a towel as her only clothing That or stand there in dripping wet clothing and slowly freeze to death Yes That's a lot fucking appropriate than being given a change of clothing hehehe As it is the shirt she did offer was so fucking thin that Hunter's breasts were uite obvious once she had changed into them hehe Elle the prim and proper professor who keeps trying to push Hunter away and for that matter all women for whatever fucking stupid reason accidentally gets Hunter to stand near her in borrowed clothing that is uite revealing Because as I've mentioned Elle is a fucking moronThis whole fucking book is frustrating It's funny to myself in a way Because I was ready to toss this book near the beginning When it looked like Hunter and Elle fucked days away before the semester ended Days away from it being okay for them to fuck But it had just been a dream Then afterwards all that fucking time when Elle was free to peruse Hunter without any teacher student issues getting in the way and with Elle doing everything in her power to keep away So this has both Icky inappropriate teacher student interaction which only after the fact turns out to be a dream then stupid fucking moronic behavior by a fucking moron Is that too many morons in the same sentence? I don't care Elle is a fucking immature moron It nearly stole my breath how natural and right our hands felt together when I knew everything about this was wrong As thought by Elle When with Hunter As I said Elle's a fucking moron It's just sooo wroooongggg Fucking immature moron Obsessively fixated on age differences Oh and by the way? Do or do not Don't hang in the middle Really think it is wrong? Strongly express that that you find the other gorgeous but the age thing is just too much for you Don't fuck her while thinking it is wrong Don't keep pushing her away then pulling her back in Do or do not Fucking moron and fucking teaseOf course to be fair all the above was written with only 40% of the book read Though the rest of the book didn't start off well What with fucking Hunter feeling weird about it and at the first opportunity afterwards heading off to have a talk with her Elle's ex girlfriend What the fuck?This is a really fucking wordy book hehe Weirdly wordy in certain places weirdly lacking in others like describing every bloody thing around her then just causally mentioning having had a conversation with her friends about Hunter but not actually producing the conversation event for readers to you know experience'Because speaking as someone whose heart you've recently trampled' she unnecessarily added 'it's a total bitch to not be on the same page as you' well at least the ex girlfriend gives good adviceYou know all this talk about age really ruined things for me I mean after a while when they actually dated it seemed like I was watching the interactions of a six foot tall 40 year old with a pretty smart 13 year old of roughly four feet flat When in reality they were nine years apart in age and roughly the same height Hell they could wear each others clothing without too much problem So thanks The book made a normal lovely relationship into one where I felt icky just reading about it Thanks a fucking lot Probably doesn't help that at times Hunter kept asking for permission for certain things like sitting downHer lips twisted 'Next time you're not sure how I feel about something just ask' so says Hunter to Elle Apparently Elle's fucking moronic act continued I mean she was even given this advice by her ex girlfriend But had to have it given again by Hunter Fucking moronHer backpack was apparently a clown car page 130 of 242 hehe Okay if Elle doesn't fuck it all up I might be able to stop with all the bashing And just enjoy I kinda doubt that's going to happen but my hopes have been raisedHmm And the scene wherein Hunter took control somewhere around the half way point of the book was uite excitingWell That didn't take long Back to hating the book Sure like I didn't have problems before why not bring in a really pushy ex by the name of Ruby? Sure sure why the fuck not? And Elle keeps talking about how she's so dominate Talking about herself I mean When the fuck is she ever dominate? Fuck I'm reading a fucking soap operaElle didn't want to decline going out with Ruby because she didn't want to explain to Hunter who Ruby was specifically who she was in her life ex lover not friend Elle then after Ruby leaves explains who Ruby is re ex lover I give points for actually communicating I deduct points for agreeing even if reluctantly to go to dinner with Ruby So mehI need to stop writing reviews while reading Makes my reviews look like babbling But whatever So I'm at 63% now Let's see fuck ups eh? Fucking hell I really fucking need to stop reading soap opera books Me not likehahaha my sarcastic laugh Yeah I knew things would get fucked up yet again The whole Ruby thing was stupid But mehhahaha times 2 Fucking hell BDSM? Seriously? You have a young woman very very unsure of herself her place in the world and her place in a relationship and not really wanting anything to do with BDSM but she doesn't want to lose Elle So let's go ahead and fuck things up ? No I 'm not saying BDSM is fucked up I'm saying this is fucked up Pushing an insecure whimpering literally whimpering and confused and scared woman to do something Seriously? see this is what happens when you write while reading The BDSM part was in and out so uickly and it didn't even matter which is why I struck it outToo a certain extent Elle and Hunter are horrible together Why? Because Elle keeps tiptoeing around Hunter keeps being confused by all that and they are both too fucking hmm Elle has major hang ups that cause her massive problems being with Hunter Hunter is very insecure Elle keeps reinforcing that accidentally because she doesn't to push Hunter too hard So she keeps back Thus reinforcing Hunter's insecurity So as I said they are horrible togetherI'd always thought relationships should be the easiest thing in your life that might be the dumbest thing I've ever read hide spoiler

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    I had high expectations since I loved The Woman in 3B and I’m sorry to say that this was a huge disappointment Of course Lentzski’s writing is good The story seemed interesting enough but it was the main character Elle that really ruined things for me The story was reasonably paced and I enjoyed the first few chapters of the book There was a sense of mystery and intrigue; I wanted to know what Hunter was thinking Their interactions were awkward and cute and I liked their banters when they became comfortable with each other My main problem is with the characters At first the only one I didn’t like was Troian I’m not sure if she was supposed to be a funny character but she was just annoying and was almost always inappropriate Nevertheless I tried to ignore it since she wasn’t a main character But when that incident with Ruby happened things just went downhill I can’t believe how unlikable Elle is She’s the main character but I felt like she had almost no redeeming ualities She cheated on her past girlfriend she checks other girls out despite being in a relationship and she can’t stand by her choices I feel like she lacks courage and integrity She is also waaay too immature for her age I hate how she leaves things unfixed despite being the older one Throughout the whole book I didn’t feel her love for Hunter Fixation yes but love? No Story wise I was disappointed when they had their misunderstanding It was so predictable And since I had just finished The Woman in 3B my reaction was “Oh this again? Another major conflict due to a character mishearing things?” I don’t know if I’m just being fussy or if I have high standards and expectations but this just didn’t do it for me