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Jack’s uite happy with his life until Lonnie Cahill gets in his face spouting off about the gay mag he found in Jack’s truck outing him in the little red neck town of Lithonia Georgia Jack can take care of himself but help arrives from an unexpected source—his neighbor Dave a man mountain also known as Sasuatch for obvious reasons So when Dave turns up at Jack’s home needing his help Jack is than happy to oblige even if he does have company his current love interestDave gets than he bargained for when he peers through Jack’s bedroom door And things get really interesting when he suddenly find himself dealing with two guys—and a whole new world of experiences When morning comes it’s just him and Jack—and the start of something wonderful that will change both of their lives forever

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    The second Max Vos short story I've read tonight and once it was enjoyable Naughty sex scenes but it still manages to work an endearing story in behind them Sasuatch real name Dave is a big scary biker guy on the surface but a gentle giant underneath it and it would appear he's straightbut there's than a little curiosity going on There is a touch of ménage but really this is a two man romance and its sweetly smutty It would seem Max likes this pairing of the smaller everyday gay guy and the huge tattooed biker and it works Sas is a big uiet shy sweetie and you can't help but grow fond of him The sex is sticky and messy but its also pretty romantic and that stops it from being all sex and no story Very short but once again I really liked it

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    On paper this has all the elements I love in a book yet the execution left me completely unmoved A heck of a lot of cum guzzling and zero relationship development At the same time it didn't hit my hot gay erotica buttons It didn't seem real but there werent enough of the right details for me to enjoy this as fantasy Sasuatch himself is one of the biggest disappointments a 2d cutout without any depth but neither was he a grab him fuck 'im 'take it bitch' enjoyable 2d cutoutNot one I'd recommend except those with a particular specialised enjoyment for the condom as handy tasty treat receptacle

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    Re read Feb 1 2020 Yes a gritty sexy Max Vos special Yes Max Vos never lets us down Hot hairy manly sexiness Hardworking men who find a balance with each other that leads to a blissed out relationship Dave is a repobounty hunter and a huge muscled tattooed and pierced bald yet bearded biker man who helps Jack out of a situation at the bar They'd been friends awhile Jack went home to meet his less than satisfactory date but Dave needs a place to stay so Jack invites him in Their lives change after that nightSuper hot sexiness and a great short story ENJOY

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    Sasuatch was just too gross and graphic and I'm usually a fan of graphic and nothing makes me happier than MM menage but ugh view spoilertwo loads of cum in one used condom getting suirted into someone's eagerly waiting mouth is so not for me spoiler I'm not rating this one hide spoiler

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    Max Vos could write a sex terms thesaurus no uestion I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many variations on the word semen all of them descriptive and delightful Sasuatch starts out in a biker bar with some rather rough characters All of their personalities are brought out in this short story Some of them are true bad guys but most are just crusty on the outside soft on the inside like toasted marshmallows One of the things you get from this story that everybody is looking for love it’s just the appearance that varies The heart wants what it wantsI love Mr Vos’s writing style He gives the reader a LOT of hot sex to enjoy but doesn’t neglect the emotion that accompanies or should accompany the physical manifestation of love Two guys get outed in Sasuatch and survive to enjoy life together One of them already knew he was gay the other was either uestioning his sexuality or surprised by how much he enjoyed getting a peek at two guys having a romp in bed That was really not clear but in the end it didn’t matterTwo men are changed by each other and are planning a long life together How wonderful is that? They are accepted by the people who matter to them and don’t really care about the people who don’t matter I really like Max’s love of happy endings even when it’s a short story and I would have liked of what led up to the HEA I’m waiting for that novel MaxBecky's 4 12 sweet pea review appears at

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    45 starsThis was another winner for meHowever this is a little bit different from the other books I've read from this authorThat is the reason this story is now part of mine when I feel very kinky folderSasuatch was such a lovely gently character it really showed that looks are deceivingLooking forward for anything this author write in the near future

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    Steaming hot while mildly suicky at the same time which pretty much euals perfection in my book and long dicking is my new favorite verb

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    Although this is a short story it is filled with so much There is sex a lot of it and it's dirty and raw and in your face You've been warned But there is a story there it's different then a lot of you have read I'm sure but that is why I liked it so much It's real and it's a different side of things With that said I was entertained

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    Dirty love Don't know how Max does it but he has a way of writing short stories that draw you right it and make you love the characters fell in love with Dave aka Sasuatch Very hot read but so much love too brilliant book and brilliant author

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    ooh boy that was something I think i came close to getting out of bed and taking a new shower when i finished this oneBoy ooh Boy smoking hotI cannot help to love the way the author writes this characters in his stories These bulky tough man YummieeeeeeeCannot wait to see new books coming from him