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Dan Cowen is a fourth grade teacher who isn't exactly in the closet He likes to keep his personal life just that personal But when he has cause to speak with the parent of a student Harley Smith into his life and his classroom strolls Hawk large as life and twice as sexy Hawk is pushing all Dan's buttons So when Dan is invited to dinner he jumps at the chanceNeither man has a clue where dinner will lead to

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    Reread Dec 2019 Loved it Max Vos gives us a short story that feels like a long one It is amazingly written heartwarming funny and so cute Of course the sex is awesome as in all of Max Vos tales Schoolteacher Dan has a student named Harley Harley wrote an English paper that needs to be brought to the attention of the parents So Dan and the Dad make an appointment Hawk walks into the conference all badass biker pierced tattooed and hot Dan is speechless They discuss Harley and Hawk invites Dan over for a BB and pumpkin carving He goesWe get lovely deep characters attraction and super hot sex with these two The epilogue is priceless Highly recommend this wonderful story ENJOY

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    This was short but really sweet I wish it had been longer because I really enjoyed it The ending came as a bit of a surprise and I'm so glad we got to see their relationship much further down the line it put a huge smile on my face Usually you miss that part of the story when it's such a short read and I'm so so glad we didn't here Perfect little pick me up

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    A uick read an unexpected romance Would have loved a bit in between the sudden decade age jump just to see these two build chemistry

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    Short but sweet tale of dad falling for teacher 35 stars rounded up to 4

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    When I saw this cover on it was already a winner what a gorgeous coverThe story even though is uite short it was so lovely hot cute it has everything that I love and the epilogue is one of my favorites This will be part of my favorites books for sure It seems like this author write about the type of characters that I love so much the big biker with the smaller cute manI will keep an eye out for any of his new releases I think he will be on my must buy list in the future

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    Really short but very enjoyable Teacher meets his cute young students tattooed multi pierced biker dad and sparks fly Starts off sweet and cutesome then turns really hot hot hot Loved the little twist in the tail and the epilogue of sorts was really good Really liked it

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    Loved the story and the writing for such a short I connected with the characters so easily just wish it was longer Will definitly be keeping an eye out for from Max and looking for anything else he's wrote x

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    Short story The transition of time was a bit jarring I would have liked the guys to get to know each other better and Harley time as a kid but hey It is what it is

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    I could have read of these 2 characters and Harley the happy brilliant kid that if I ever had a kid would be like him Really another amazing novella from Max Vos I recommend highly

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    Sexy short with a hot tattooed biker