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It's the Avengers the New Warriors the X Men and against the omnipotent Eternal Thanos The Mad Titan has become the most powerful being in the universe and enslavement or destruction may be the only choices he gives it Collects Infinity Gauntlet 1991 #1 6

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    This was a loaner from my neighbor and not something that I would have normally picked out for myself 'Cause it's old And the art looks old It even smelled old As I read over the blurb on the back I was like Hey Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet? Isn't that the theme for that cartoon that my kids like so much? Superhero Suadand then my son snatched it Honestly I didn't fight him for it either I mean it looked so old But a few days later when I heard him telling his brother about how Dr Strange and the Silver Surfer helped Adam Warlock save the universe I decided that I should probably make sure this was suitable reading material for children Um you know just to be a responsible parentand all that Considering the fact that there are actually people who ask me for advice because I'm old and therefore wise I should know better than to judge a book by its ancient cover But I'm shallow And I was shocked when I realized that this was good Surprisingly good It opened with Dr Strange so how could it not be? Don't answer thatSo yes This is one of those stories that stand the test of time It's not reuired reading but it is fun Do you have to get past the overblown grandiose dialogue that was par for the course when this was written? YesPersonally when I read something like this the little narrator in my head sounds like William Shatner I've found it makes the reading experience a bit fun Is the art slick eye candy? No It still looks old It's the kind of old that grows on you though Kinda like that crazy uncle who won't stop chain smoking and talking about his Days in 'Nameven though everyone in the family knows he actually spent that time in Canada Just roll with itAnyway check this out when you get in the mood for wackyfun space opera set in the Marvel universe

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    I read this back when it was originally published in 1991 and I remember thinking “Wow This is a comic that combines the best of Marvel’s grounded heroes with its cosmic elements to create an epic story of a threat to the entire universe Someday maybe in about 20 or 25 years when motion picture technology advances to the point where they can make superhero movies that look really cool Marvel could start their own movie studio and release a series of films based on some of these characters Then they could use the Infinity Stones as the primary connective tissue that links all those films together After capitalizing on that for movie after movie and making piles of money the whole thing can climax with a version of this story Like maybe it could be an Avengers movie called The Infinity War or something like that That’s a pretty big story for just one film Maybe two movies tied together? Yeah that sounds better And I’m thinking they'd be ready to do that inlet’s say 2018 or so”Yep I totally saw it coming

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    Not a comic to be missed if you loved Avengers Infinity War The recent Avengers film is excellent It’s one of my favourite films in the marvel cinematic universe despite the tears I may have shed so I wanted to read its source material and it really didn’t disappoint Sure the artwork’s a little dated and the film capitalises on the action and makes it dramatic and flashy though the story is so strong here The success of it resides in its ability to blend so many elements into one There are so many crossovers so many characters all transported into one story to resist the will of a Titan whose motives are benevolent though his actions are terrible As such he is a brilliantly compelling villain because he thinks he is a hero He does bad to serve good He kills to save He murders to restore life and energy He knows that he sacrifices his own morals his soul in order to serve a greater purpose I love him and I hate him He is a fantastic characterUnlike the recent movie this begins with Thanos at full power he has all the stones and is about to decimate half of all life The heroes then deal with the aftermath It will be interesting to see how the end of Avengers Infinity War II compares with this Exciting intense and superbly gripping

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    Thanos as you want to see him This TPB edition collects “The Infinity Gauntlet” #1 6Creative TeamWriter Jim StarlinIllustrator George Perez IF THE GLOVE FITS Thanos begins here already in full power no waiting no hunt for gems oh no sireeThanos is in possession already of the Infinity Gauntlet with all the six gems Soul Mind Power Time Reality SpaceTherefore controlling all those six aspects of existence basically he became a god curiously enough his first act is probing his calligraphy writing “god” in English with enough power to do anything he would want butnot enough to gain the love of Death literally the Death of course in Marvel terms do not confuse with the other Death from the Distinguished CompetitionDeath wants balance in the universe but too bad that the imbalance that she found is that there are alive beings in the universe than those who already are dead soshe asked Thanos to kill half of the universe’s populationEasy peachyThanos agreed with pleasureOf course Thanos agrees since he want to gain the favor of Death birds of a feather flock together it seems but it doesn’t mean that Thanos won’t get something good out of the deal so he gets precisely the Infinity Gauntlet with all the six gems supposedly to have enough power to do Death’s bidding of course if she is Death literally Death I don’t know why she’d need a herald instead of she does it herself uite lazy that Marvel’s DeathAnd Thanos with a snap of fingers in a secondhe kills and conveniently desintegrated them too half the universe’s populationJust for starters in this story folks ADAM’S HEROES As you may guess with half the universe’s population no well it couldn’t be logical that several super heroes wouldn’t be between those unlucky fellows so the whole Fantastic Four Black Panther The Wasp Hawkeye Luke Cage Jean Grey Daredevil Black Cat Dagger Mary Jane Watson and many others aren’t around any and those lucky heroes that remained alive are stunned due that sudden disappearing of peopleNobody knows what to do butAdam WarlockOh yes he already died like ten years ago Marvel time but that little inconvenient isn’t a trouble for Adam’s plans to gather his army to deal Thanos’ menaceSo Adam Warlock soon enough is recruiting several heroes and even some villains Captain America Silver Surfer Doctor Strange Iron Man The Hulk Thor She Hulk Drax the Destroyer Wolverine Cyclops Spider Man Cloak Scarlet Witch Nova uasar Dr Doom Namor and Fire LordAnd if you’re wondering how the heck that team not matter how powerful are several of them will be able to beat Thanos with the Infinity Gauntletwell let’s say that Adam Warlock have one heck of wild cards waiting for the right timeBut don’t think that you already know all that you need to know how this will endssince this story has several twists and surprises

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    Sure it’s all kinda bonkers but what do you expect when Thanos the Mad Titan becomes the most powerful being in the universe? By the beginning of issue #2 he has already murdered a uarter of the universe’s populace just to impress his ueen of hearts Mistress Death – not your run of the mill romance And then the space time continuum starts to shift entire solar systems are ravaged Planet Earth is derailed from its orbit falling into another ice ageI found the book’s unreserved commitment to its cosmic agenda uite enjoyable Everything from the story’s immense scope to its overblown wording and spectacular for its time artwork feels larger than life and it’s all presented in a refreshingly irony free wide eyed Kirby esue no nonsense style When Thanos says “My every moment is spent in either dealing out death or worshiping it” I’m afraid he means every word of it and it takes the combined efforts of almost every hero on the Marvel roster to pacify him

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    In order to impress his paramour Death Thanos kills half of the universe using the Infinity Gauntlet The remaining half of the universe guided by Adam Warlock is pissed off and means to stop Thanos at any costAs part of justifying my Marvel Unlimited subscription I decided to finally read The Infinity Gaunlet Hell I'm only seventeen years late On the heels of reading Warlock The Complete Collection I wasn't sure what to expect Thankfully this one was a lot easier to digestThe Infinity Gauntlet was probably the most ambitious crossover to date when it was published in the dawn of the 1990s Starlin resurrected his pet project Adam Warlock and wove a tale of epic destruction Basically the remaining heroes of Earth team up with Warlock and the Silver Surfer to try to strip Thanos of his godhood It doesn't go wellFor a 90s book The Infinity Gauntlet is surprisingly readable and the art stands up well Hell it's George Perez being George Perez for most of the issues Ron Lim is no slouch eitherThe interplay between Warlock The Silver Surfer and Doctor Strange is my favorite part of the piece I also like that some of the heroes know they're way out of their element Thanos swatting the heroes down like gnats was pretty satisfying One of my favorite character elements was Doctor Doom trying to swipe the Infinity Gauntlet for himself like everyone knew he was going to doI don't actually have any big gripes with this surprising for a comic from 1991 I thought uasar went out like a chump and most of the heroes could have been left out Wolverine survived a little too long Other than that no complaintsThe Infinity Gauntlet is an interesting piece of comic book history that holds up surprisingly well today Four out of five stars

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    Back when I was a kid I followed my favorite superheroes whenever I could afford it Thor and Karate Kid were two at the top of that list It probably wasn't so much the colorful costume as it was what they could do Thor's mighty hammer could smash things and he looked like a Viking while Karate Kid could chop things up with his hands at a time when the only ones who did martial arts were the experts who's adds in the comic books said they would share their secrets for a dollar in cash check or stamps Yes you heard right Postage stamps were a form of currency back thenFast forward to June of 2018 and I am entering the comic book store with son and grandkids It's a girl announces our arrival Immediately I think of the TV show Big Bang Theory Son is busy checking out the War Hammer figures while Sunday Eve is matching wits with our comic book store guy Little did he suspect that she has studied no memorized those Dr Who trivia cards we bought her and she tells him what's what Gideon searches the comic book bins and selects The Infinity Gauntlet My old comics were 25 cents each This one cost Grandpa 2499In all honesty The Infinity Gauntlet is actually about five or six comics put together in a 255 page booklet That still breaks down to about is about 5 a comic but you do get your money's worth in color illustrations The story lines are typical of comics Use few words as necessary as to not intrude too much into the pictures of bulging muscles in colorful outfits and hurled fireballs The individual comics if sold separately would each end in a similar cliffhanger to keep the story rolling Now I don't like such obvious cliffhangers so that bothered me It has been a while since I followed the comics so maybe that is why it appeared that nothing was happening Sure galaxies exploded but I think you need to be of a particular mindset or frame of mind to really get the maximum enjoyment out of this type of book Both my son and grandson really loved this and I feel like I would be letting them down if I didn't enjoy it tooIn the story the villain Thanos steals these magic gems which give him god like power when combined All the Marvel superheroes band together including the evil Dr Doom to battle him Just about everyone gets killed but then brought back to life Naturally least Stan Lee receive no future royaltiesPart of my problem was failing to be able to really concentrate on this type of book with a house full of guests Maybe if I were a kid again or at least read it through a child's eyes and used my imagination I would have liked it a lot That said I am going to do something out of the ordinary I am going to ask my grandson to rate it And if you read it just maybe the kid in you will enjoy it too

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    Thanos has gained control of the infinity gauntlet a glove armed with the six infinity gems With the gauntlet the mad titan is the strongest being in the universe but the universe's heroes still choose to fightI try not to judge older works of art as critically as newer ones because the great ones especially are often borrowed and improved upon over time This is no exception in the massive crossover Infinity Gauntlet The story is good and it's easy to see how it influenced many future comicsAfter reading this I can't help but wonder how the Marvel MCU will depict Thanos with the infinity gauntlet He can't possibly be as strong in the films as he is in this comic because his power is basically unstoppable and the film won't have the added strength of many of the comics charactersAll in all it was cool to read such a foundational piece of Marvel that is the Infinity Gauntlet

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    Having seen the Avengers movie I wondered who that odd looking fellow with the menacing grin was in the post credits scene and did some googling when I got back home His name is Thanos and the info I read pointed toward a book that does the character the best justice The Infinity Gauntlet and luckily my local library had a copy so I grabbed it and sat down this afternoon to read itWhile the book is 20 years old at this point I loved it But what's it about? It's about Thanos and his love for Mistress Death yup Death is a chick but readers of Neil Gaiman's Sandman series already knew this he's trying to win her over and he decides to do this by getting unlimited power via something called the Infinity Gauntlet and destroying the universe Really this is the weirdest romance story you'll ever readAnd that's the premise of the book Thanos must be stopped but how do you stop a being with infinite power who is in essence God? The Marvel superheroes decide to give it a go and things inevitably don't work so a strange entity called Adam Warlock gathers together the ultimate beings of the universe in a final battle to end all battles The results are pretty impressiveThe scale is gargantuan with a being called Eternity weighing into the fight along with other beings called Chronos Master Chaos and even manifestations of Love and Hate Things get very abstract when planets become weapons to be hurled at Thanos and something called the Soul Realm comes into play I won't spoil how it ends but it's all pretty epic and sensationalJim Starlin writes a vast and fascinating story about love and power amidst new gods He keeps the action up and the mysticism and cosmic weirdness going throughout while still maintaining a sense of plot character and story so the reader is never fully lost in what's happening George Perez's artwork while clearly dated serves the story perfectly and does a fine job of depicting a near impossible task of unimaginable proportionsI wonder how Thanos' introduction in the Avengers movie seuel will affect the tone of the flick if Whedon and co go down this path the next movie is going to be supremely weird and cosmic really uickly a huge leap from where the Marvel movies have been so far But maybe they won't pick up the Infinity Gauntlet storyline and go another direction Meanwhile any comics readers who are looking for a mind bending read in the Marvel Universe would do well to pick up this book even if the movies won't go there the comics will and it's definitely worth the trip

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    Got a healthy hankering for purple prose? Crave a continuing cast of character constantly referring to themselves in the third person?Looking for a collection of cosmic cataclysms colossal enough to leave Michael Bay lost in pyrotechnic longing?Well have I got a book for you