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He'll fight for her life She'll fight for his loveKat MacGregor has forty eight hours to make good on the debt her ex boyfriend owes a crime boss Unfortunately the measly tips she makes waitressing are barely enough for her to live on much less cover the twenty thousand needed to keep her breathing With time running out Kat 's forced to accept help from the only man who's ever made her feel fire rather than fearWhen he learns a friend's sister is in trouble former Boston MMA fighter Aiden Irish O'Brien heads to Louisiana to offer himself up as collateral to keep her safe But to satisfy the debt he has to do the one thing he swore hed never do again fight With than just money on the line will Irish have what it takes to not only reclaim the man he once was but become the man he needs to be for the woman he can't live without?

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    FIVE FIGHTING STARSI'm in brazen book overload and I can't help but love it Gina L Maxwell has always been a favorite brazen author for my reading tastes this time around she has completely blown me away by this beautifully written touching story This author has than delivered a treat and I can't wait for Gina Maxwell enthusiasts to grab this novel Readers if you are a fan of this author or even if you haven't been in the past you must add this to your to be read shelves Here are my 'Fighting for Irish' book thoughts What's it all about?Kat MacGregor has a knack for finding herself in less than desirable situations Running away from her abusive past Kat now finds herself holding the responsibility of her dead beat ex boyfriends debt This feisty but broken waitress has always tried to fight her own battles but when a friend who can make than her pulse best fast steps up to defend her she has to learn to trust in his security Aiden 'Irish' O'Brien has moved states to look after his close friends little sister But when attraction and lust start to play a staring role in this couples connection Aiden must make the decision to fight for what he loves before he looses his heart Mystery romance danger love and lust all play a starring role in this next explosive instalment in the 'Fighting for love' seriesWhat did I love?This book came as a surprise I loved seducing Cinderella and rules of entanglement they both gave me what I crave in a romantic story; love lust and sexy longing wrapped up with great story telling so when I started Fighting For Irish I expected the same formula boy meets girl hot sex fall in love rinse and repeat Well readers I can honestly say my expectations were blown away This book was so much than an average easy going romance this novel was breath taking sensual gripping and heart warming I'm still in awe of how Gina Maxwell has taken a run of the mill yet loveable series and launched it onto another level all of it's own The characters were well thought out the plot was engaging suspenseful and endearing and I was fully invested in this love story of healing and attraction Gina Maxwell tackled subjects of abuse hardships and attraction with a balanced sympathetic and sensitive talent Those that expect an easy brazen fix may be than a little surprised at the depth and content of this well constructed love storyRating further explained For the first 50% of this book I felt conflicted over my rating simply because this book delivered what I was not expecting; a depth and grittiness that obviously came from the authors labour of love Once I got over the initial surprise and allowed my self to forget about the Brazen title an the easy to read sexy nature of this authors past books and focused in on the story that Gina was presenting I was wowed and won over Bravo Mrs Maxwell I loved your styleFinal thoughts Aiden 'Irish' O'Brien will be a character that you'll be drooling over long after you've finished this story Those that love Brazen books do not want to miss out on this stand out story True love and fighting attraction at its best Don't miss out readers go grab it Enjoy Kisses ARC generously provided by entangled publishing in exchange for an honest review

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    You with me Kitten? Whoa Gina L Maxwell just continues to prove one thing; the woman can write I went into this expecting a typical Brazen read You know what I'm talking about It's a whole lot of steamy a little fluffy entertaining read with some dirty talk thrown into the mix Is that what I got with this book? Not even close Don't get me wrong it was still steamy and entertaining with some delicious dirty talk thrown into the mix But it was certainly not fluffy Not even a little bit This was an emotional and gritty book about two broken souls learning to move past the shadows of their pasts and helping each other healIf you've read the rest of the books in this series and are familiar with Gina's writing don't be surprised when you find this much different then the rest of the books I struggled a bit with my rating since it was not exactly what I was expectingand I wasn't uite ready for the caliber of emotions and the heavy subject matter it covers But truthfully after giving it much thought I simply couldn't rate anything less than the 5 stars this book most definitely deservesWhile this book can be read as a standalone I would highly recommend reading Rules of Entanglement before this; and not only because it was an amazing book Kat is the younger sister of Vanessa the heroine from RoE There are some things mentioned that I think will have understand Kat from the beginningKat MacGreggor is on the run When her ex boyfriend lands in jail Kat realize that his debt to a major crime boss has now become her own It only takes one beating within an inch of her life to realize that they mean business So she changes her name and tries to make a living in a different town as a waitress But before long her trouble catches up with her and she realizes that there just may not be an escapeAiden Irish O'Brien knows that he owes his friend Jax a big debt So when he hears that Jax's fiance has a sister that's in trouble he doesn't take long to think before he leaves Boston for Tenesse in order to keep her safe But Kat isn't uite what he expected and he's not prepared when being around her bring the demons from his past back upKat has her own demons And when the alluring Irish offers to help her with her problems it's almost too good to be true There just has to be a catch She doesn't exactly have the best history when it comes to menReading about everything that she's been through was not an easy feat It was devastating Even though I had a pretty good idea based on hints from the previous book as well as the few things that are hinted at in this one I wasn't prepared for the full disclosure of it My heart broke for herBut even with everything that's she's been through she was a very strong and endearing heroine She struggles with her past but she's trying not to let it taint her futureNow Aiden My darling Aiden He just made the book for himIt's really no secret that I'm easy Now don't be judgy here I don't mean like that What I mean is I read motorcycle riding tatted and pierced and I WAS SOLD I ask you what else could a girl want? Now make him understanding protective sweet and a dirty talkerand I am on cloud 9 Irish was pure tatted perfection I think my heart just about melted every single time he called Kat kitten And then when he would always ask her Are you with me kitten?The first half of this book was an exercise in patience and a major case of blue ovaries The sexual tension just kept mounting and mounting until it was almost unbearable But don't fret because the wait is certainly worth itHe was eual parts sweet and a little dirty Just the way I like them This book had everything; great MCs action suspense steam and a beautiful love story about two people learning to heal the wounds of their past together I loved itThe one thing I was afraid of was the revelation of Aiden's secret He harbors so much guilt from an event from his past that it effects every relationship he has even the one with Kat I can't tell you how many books I've read that have all this build to this big dark secret only to come to a very anti climatic and simple revelations I was very worried that this might be the case here I'm so glad to say that it wasn't When the full event was disclosed I could definitely understand why Aiden felt the guilt that he did It just made me fall for him even The second half of the book was much uicker paced and filled with a lot of action After the 80% mark I simply couldn't set it down I just had to know what happensAnd the ending? PERFECTIONIf you enjoy steamy books with two broken but extremely endearing MCs action suspense and a great romance to top it off then this is a must read A fantastic addition to the Fighting For Love series and I for one can't wait for the next book I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Xander the sexy womanizing BritI adored the way that Irish was with Kat; the way he helps deal with her demons and fears was beautiful to read ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest reviewFor reviews visit

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    I was going to wait to post this review but it needed to be posted somewhere I received an ARC in exchange for this Anyone who knows me knows that I won't mince words I don't care if you are my mother if I don't like something I'm going to tell you In the interest of full disclosure before this review gets underway it needs to be known that I am actually friends with Gina Maxwell Now making that statement isn't one of those ‘oh aren’t I special’ things It just needed to be said before I let my thoughts regarding the latest installment of her Fighting for Love series roam free When she told me that she was writing a character that was a victim of sexual abuse I cringed a bit She writes romance Steamy romance and she’s damn good at it Excuse my language but she’s motherfucking amazing at itIf you’ve had the privilege of reading Seducing Cinderella or Rules of Entanglement you know this Her heroes are strong and sexy and her heroines are actually likable This is a huge thing for me when it comes to romance because nothing puts a sour taste in my mouth uite like a miluetoast woman that swoons just because the hero says she should I knew that when it came time for book number three it would be amazing but as I previously stated when it was set up that the heroine would have a background riddled with moments that no human being should live through I felt my stomach turn I didn’t doubt that she could pull it off not in the least Gina is one of those authors that labors over every word she writes Every syllable has meaning What I was worried about was actually reading itIn the interest of yet disclosure I was a victim of sexual and domestic abuse This isn’t a sob story about me That is just an important piece of the review I’m a ten year survivor and am always anxious to encourage people to stand up and speak out Living through something like rape and physical battery is something that one eventually comes to terms with but there are still scars scars that you fight like hell nearly every day to get over When it comes to learning to love or even arduous learning to love again you’re fighting an uphill battle one that needs to be handled carefully patiently and passionatelyKat MacGregor is the human euivalent of a bait dog Abused in the worst possible way every move she makes is calculated and every moment is spent looking over her shoulder Working a hopeless job in a dive bar with only survival in mind she’s confronted with a looming debt that her pathetic excuse for an ex boyfriend owes to a not so nice man that makes his money peddling drugs and exploiting women Constantly avoiding her sister the one person that could help her out of the Louisiana swamps and wipe her slate clean Kat eventually finds herself trusting in Aiden “Irish” O’Brien the bar’s bouncer Little does she know that he was sent there by her sister’s fiancé – the hero from Gina Maxwell’s 2nd book – to keep an eye on herBut Irish does than keep an eye on her Throughout the narrative we see that he is just as scarred but from dramatically different cuts A former MMA fighter Irish blames himself his fists and his temper for the accidental death of his best friend’s sister Because of this guilt he refuses to get close to anyone but there is something about Kat that settles deep into his soul and he goes above and beyond to protect her To save her life Irish does the one thing he swore he would never do again; fightAs the hero is based on the obnoxiously aesthetically pleasing Adam Von Rothfelder picturing Irish was easy peasy but what makes the character uite literally the sexiest man I’ve ever seen on paper is his attitude No one ever asks to fall in love with someone that has baggage than a Kardashian and when Irish discovers the abuse that Kat has survived the reader literally sees him switch gears A man that was once interested in keeping her safe and maybe engaging in some horizontal action does everything in his power to bring Kat out of the shadows It no longer becomes about him and his needs Yes there is sex in this book Oh mother is there sex and it melts panties and possibly whatever surface you are sitting on it is so hot but every interaction is meaningful Every single solitary lick and touch is Irish’s way of showing Kat that not every man will hurt her and that sex can be about her Not the person that’s using her but actually her The dialogue between the two of them is scintillating and refreshing It isn't just Hey my dick is hard and you know you want me to place it somewhere in your person There's actual conversation Real meaningful everyday people working their way over a hurdle together conversation The tenderness between these characters is unbelievable What is magical about this book is that Gina captures Kat’s journey from broken to beautiful in the most glorious way The reader will actually watch her transform and the only word that I can use to describe it is autobiographical There were entire paragraphs from Kat’s point of view during which I had to put the book down and take a deep breath because I felt like I was reading a diary It hurt but it was the best kind of hurt because it was illuminating Abuse survivors run the gamut of emotions and one of the most damaging is their willingness to blame themselves for the bad things that happened to them Kat morphs from a terrified caterpillar in an iron cocoon to the most spectacular butterfly Fighting for Irish is the kind of book everyone deserves to read There is joy there is pain There is sex Did I mention the sex? Duct tape your ears shut because your brain may possibly melt and trickle out It’s that goodI’ve used a plethora of words in this review but really the only ones that count are these this book is spectacular Gina’s readers and anyone who loves Alphas with huge heart will now have a new favorite in their library Were this book not already perfect I would love it simply because of the dedication Gina dedicates it to victims of sexual abuse encouraging them to never stop fighting This book is a manifesto giving the broken a glimpse to that someday when if they keep fighting and never loose hope their Irish will happen too

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    3 Fighting Stars Kat or “Sidney” is in a big trouble Her asshole of an ex boyfriend owes a lot of money to some bad people and somehow she ended up in the middle and now she has 48 hours to get it Her only choice is “Irish” Don’t let the name fool you he’s from Boston her future brother in law good friend and retired fighter who now fights his own demons Irish only choice is to fight again to get the money But as the time goes two broken people realize that they are feeling something they shouldn’t have and when that happens all their fears return to haunt them Not to mention the people who wants the money And now they’re in a even bigger fight the one against their own feelings Rating 3 Stars Storyline If you’re into fighters this is a pretty good story I felt it dragged a little in the beginning and towards the end felt a little rushed but still it was a very entertaining book and this is without a doubt a pretty good series Writing Style Third person Dual POV Character Development Aiden aka “Irish” was a pretty good He was sexy sweet and HOT Not to mention tattooed so he was basically the perfect package Although I felt he took to long to “expurgate” his demons Kat was nice but too insecure Seriously what is it with the girls and their insecurities? Steam HOT HEA view spoilerYes hide spoiler

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    Gina Does It Again I've been a huge fan of Gina's ever since her first book in this series Seducing Cinderella and she certainly didn't let me down here I lover her easy sexy stories with possessive protective alpha's coming the rescue of her feisty women I'm also a huge MMA fan; and even though there's not a lot of actual fighting in these booksthese guys are still fighters so that's another huge plus for meMeet Aiden Irish O'BrienA fighter that's been off the grid for a while due to tragedy he blames himself for He's traveled down to sweltering Alabaster Louisiana for one reason Kat MacGregor She's the sister of one of his good friends fiancé Vanessa and Jax from Rules of Entanglement Also great Jax and Vanessa have been looking for Kat Kat's been on the run in hiding Jax has found her and wants Irish to head down to Bama and keep an eye on her for Vanessa Jax plans on checking her out making sure everything is cool then heading back home to Boston Irish Kat Kat's had a tough life Has abuse in her past and thinks she doesn't deserve anything good The one good thing she has in her life her sister Vanessa she stays away from She doesn't want to taint Nessie with all she's got going on Nessie helped raise Kat and Kat feels like Nessie gave up too much for her So she's on her own now Hiding out from some big time baddies that her loser ex owed lots of money too The ex is in prison and can't pay up so they will get it from Kat by any means necessary Kat's hiding out down in Alabama working as a waitress in a back woods bar until she can figure her way out of this mess Kat So of course once they lay eyes on each other the attraction is immediate and strongLOVED their chemistry She wasstunning The tightening in his gut like he’d just been sucker punched in the solar plexus caught him off guard Aiden couldn’t think of the last time a female had made his body sit up and beg at first glance Apparently his dick had no such problem remembering and wanted to prove it bAlthough Aiden was just going to stick around a few days and check things outhe decides to stay Something about Kat makes him want to stay and make sure she stay's safe Kat of course try's to keep him at arms length She's not looking for any type of relationship and she definitely didn't want to drag anyone into her mess but before long the baddies looking for her have found her but this time she's got someone in her corner even though she tried to keep him away She's thankful for his help but she has no idea the real reason he showed up in Alabama to begin with As the outside world starts closing in Aiden is going to do everything he can to protect Kat what ever it takes In the middle of all this trouble they can no longer deny the attraction But Aiden has to go slowly and carefully with Kat Her past demands it But once she realizes she's safe with him she let's him in and of course things get VERY sexy very steamy very hot and well Gina knows how to write some way awesome sexy times ; Loved Aiden and Kat's story this one was a good bit deeper emotionally that Gina's other books in this series Sure it was still fun and super sexy but there was a bit drama and sadness Kat's issues in this book helped add additional depth to an already great book It made me really want her to get her HEA because she really really needed it And who better to give it to her than Aiden A short time ago his life had been dull and monotonous and he’d had no intentions of changing it Now he couldn’t imagine life without her in it She brought him joy and spontaneity And miraculously love Yep this one had everything I usually expect from Gina and A must read for sure for anyone that has read the other 2 books in this series and also for you Brazen Publishing title lovers This book can be read as a stand alone but I think you'd connect if you read Rules of entanglement first but it's not necessary Each book in this series has been really good so don't pass it up Very easy sexy enjoyable reads Nothing over the top series to think about just pure fun Enjoy ARC courtesy of Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review

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    I am not going to rate it because i did not finish it I may go back to it at some stage in the futureI loved the first two books in the series so I think my expectations were way too high That and the fact that it had an Irish theme running through it I know he was not Irish he was from Southie Boston so he had the Irish connectionNote to self just because Irish is in the title does not automatically mean it is going to be goodjust because all your friends loved it and gave it 4 and 5 stars does not mean that you are going to love it too Here is a uestion and please be honest Do you feel you have to be a bit generous with your review if you receive an ARC or a free copy from an author I will be honest and say I sort of do feel under pressure not to totally knock the book But EVERY review well almost every review that was posted before release date gave this book 4 and 5 stars that made those of us who had to wait for release date very anxious and excited too excited I think This is the second book that this has happened to me this year Please don't take offence at the uestion about how you do your reviews with ARCs just wondering I swooned my way through the first two books in this series couldn't put them down I had to force myself to read as far as I did which was about 40%

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    I really wanted to love this book I have seen all my friends with great taste love this book And I loved #2 in this series It started off great and I was sure I was going to love it You can call me KatHe canted his head slightly As in the adult version of kitten?That made her smile A little As in the shortened version of Katherine With a K Unfortunately we hit a bump I couldn't get over The biggest problem with the book for me was as I have already indicated the lying But it was not the lying per se but the uneual relationship I do not live in a world with helpless heroines where heroes should tumble in and save the day without any interaction with the heroine A good relationship consists of two persons making a team There was no teamwork in the big mafia sideplot I could not forgive Irish for not telling Kat information that could have been a threat to her life If a guy would have done that to me it would have been a deal breaker I am so sorry to say that it ruined the book for me But there was good stuff too Irish was crazy hot Who can resist a pro MMA tattoed bike riding protective sexy hero? And my heart broke for Kat Being abused in that matter is absolutely horrifying The way the helped each other healed was beautiful although not completely realistic I had some trouble buying how uickly she got over her pastI am sure many of you will love it Gina is a great author If you love the tattoed bad guy MMA heroes with a over protective heart of gold then this is the book for you Many thanks to Gina for providing me with an ARC for an honest review 3

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    UPDATED REVIEW45 Tough Scrappy Survivor Stars ½I have been waiting to share my love for this very special bookit has all you expect of the brand and then it sneaks up on you and hits you with the most caring real story of two lost souls meeting and saving each otherThis is the third book of Gina L Maxwell’s I have read I feel she is on a roll In the first two we got a taste of her style; her way of weaving together MMA fighters women they discovered and pursued with dashes of real concerns and life situations They always had strong characters male and female with lots chemistry As Fighting for Irish opens I am back in her capable hands meeting people who have these same characteristics Yet this time there has been an additional layer to them This time Kat our female lead suffers from years of sexual abuse from her childhood She took the abuse and never shared what really happened to her older sister V as she didn’t want her to run back from College and be brought back down never to rise up and become the lawyer she is todaySo Kat endured this continual trauma alone learning how to survive And the only way she could was to take herself to another place to go deep in her head somewhere safe so she would not feel or know the pain when it would be happening She finally old enough to leave damage done though and hooked up with Lenny the worst kind of man a userif not sexually then pushing Kat to work to support them while he did all things shady this relationship of sorts went on for years with her sister V wanting to help and Kat scared to accept it; because if she did all the bad would find V and Kat could never allow that to happenV being V though tracked down Kat in the middle of nowhere and Jax her soon to be husband reached out to Aiden Irish to look after Kat and see if she was ok Jax and Aiden have a strong bond; they were fighters together and Jax would like nothing better than the two of them starting a place in Hawaii for MMA training Aiden takes on the task of checking out V’s sister Kat and lands in the bar Kat is working Aiden is stunned when he sees her Her with the flashing red hair and lithe body Beautiful blue green eyes that can be fierce when provoked and a constant watchfulness being tough having barriers up at all times Aiden is nothing to pass over either pierced and tatted strong features and jaw with a body of the fighter he has been with all the carved muscles attached to a six foot plus frame Kat glances at him and in a moment there was recognition of attraction A glimmerbut snuffed out just as uickly as it was there Aiden calls himself Irish and presents how him and his guys would help the bar’s profits by being coolers and settling down the rowdies it works and now he is at the bar the same time Kat is Watching out for her and slowing falling for her tooEverything comes to a head when Kat is trapped once again by thugs Lenny was involved in Lenny is in jail and Kat for the first time has been on her own and getting by For years she stayed with Lenny Not as his girlfriend but as using him to protect her Little did she know He was using her all along maybe not for sex but as a front to support himThe bad guys are back and they want Kat to pay up Lenny’s tab Upset and scared Kat has a run in with a drunk in the parking lot Irish sees something is happening; comes to her aide and throws the guy off of her When seeing if she is ok he is aware she has shut down she is not there he uses the voice and ways he was taught by his sisters and slowly is able to coax her out of that stateThis is the turning point between the two of them She thinks she may be able to trust him to a degree and Irish is wanting with all his might to just protect her from anything which could hurt herThis story has all the elements needed to keep you interested It is not the slick and fast paced lighter fair though This story addresses some very real issues and I think they were handled really well Sexual abuse is not something to use as a plot point rashly It is serious and deserves real care I really felt all of the ways Irish interacted with Kat sexually to be very caring and possibly real His way of handling her disconnect when things got too much like in the past worked for me and I was uite taken with it Did she overcome huge obstacles really uickly yeah But in the frame of this is a book and a lot of things are on warp speed I let it go And once all of the barriers were down with these two serious Gina Maxwell hotness took place His nipples were pierced his body tattooedhis mouth and hands lethal weapons working together with hips thighs and cock to make her dizzy hell just reading about the caresweetness then rough take overit made me dizzyWas this a perfect tale no there were moments I wanted the characters to share with each other or not withhold vital facts but over all I thoroughly enjoyed myself and put this right up there with the other Maxwell tales on the plus sideI will be looking for MMA fighters maybe Xander will be next and Maxwell books Arc in exchange for an honest reviewFor reviews Free E books and Giveaways

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    SOO Excited Picture is from Gina's Pinterest Board for Fighting Irish

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    Review now posted 13012014 I was lucky to win an ARC on facebook from the Author 4 Stars Thank you very much Gina for giving me the opportunity to review this book I love Gina’s books and have read all her books and love itRelease date 13 January 2014 link Genre Romantic – EroticaHEA view spoiler hell yes ; hide spoiler