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Marines Against the Swarm is a non stop unrelenting action seuence of brutal warfare between the humans and the vicious aliens known as the DrossThe short story follows the struggles of Jack a soldier sent out on a suicide mission to lure as many of the infested aliens as he can back to a fortified position The plan to hold out against a swarm of seemingly unending alien monsters until they can destroy their colony for good Jack soon learns that not everyone will make it out of the battle in one pieceLength 8000 words

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    This last set of short stories includes an interesting preuel story to the Bounty Hunter series during one of the fights against the Dross on Earth A short story about the end of all life on Earth kind of with a twist Let's just say mother Earth is cleaning house And it includes two stories that are sections of The Monster Slayer and The Bounty Hunter This additional section has cemented my desire to read the full books of The Monster Slayer series and they are no in my wish listRecommended read

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    Badly written with what amounts to a brick with a gun for the main character Not a single word is devoted to the slightest shred of character development and it is far too expensive for a mere 8000 word short story

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    Good uick read about the Dross War the underlying themes from The Bounty Hunter series