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How far would Willow go to find the man she loves? It only took three short months for Project ELE to send sixteen year old Willow Mosby's life spinning out of control Her family has been torn apart; she merely escaped capture by the Hasting's men and now Alec her first love is missing along with her newfound friends In order to find them Willow is forced to leave the shelter her only protection from ELE's wrath What she doesn't realize is that outside the change has begun and the world will NEVER be the same again The forces of good and evil collide and Willow has no choice but to choose a side When her rare abilities become a liability an unlikely protector must step up to help her For if her gifts were to fall into the wrong handsNOBODY would be safe With her protector by her side Willow races against time to find Alec and her friends After new friendships are built and alliances are formed Willow finds herself torn between the one she loves and the one who protects her With than 700 five star ratings on Goodreads The ELE Series is a now complete Young Adult Science Fiction Romance series that will appeal to fans of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins The Gender Game by Bella Forrest Red ueen by Victory Aveyard and A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas

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    First impressions? I have to say I much prefer this cover to 'Project ELE' looks much intriguing Now the book Totally lived up to my expectations it starts back right where Project Ele finishes Willow saves her mom and finds out that she is one of the leaders of a group of rebels who have all had the survival shot And it turns out that they all have super strength and speed They fight off reapers who want to kill them for their powers This is not my favourite part however Want to know what is?? SABBY'S BACK Yay I loved Sebastian her little brother he is so damn cute I loved it all though just like I loved the first Willows powers developed as well as her as a person She became strong courageous compassionate and loyal At first I was a little wary I mean I just wanted my boy Alec back However Tony was a welcome distraction I'd take a piece of that hotness This book is so much happier I mean everyone gets reunited even if its only for a little whileThis book was captivating from start to finish I read it in an hour straight It proved to be another uick fast paced and brilliant book An excellent seuel that I thoroughly enjoyed The story never slowed it was so full of action I just soaked up the pages There was no room to be bored I couldn't look away I just wanted The authors sure know how to end the book with the most agonising cliff hangers Project Ele's cliffhanger had me screaming for the next book this one has me begging I did get a little peed off with Willow however I mean I so did not want another love triangle But other than that I loved this book

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    A five star read Hands downOnce finishing Project ELE I couldn't just sit back and try something else I just HAD to know what happened to Willow and her crew I was pleasantly surprised to see that Finding ELE picked up right where Project ELE left us I am totally intrigued with the plethora of abilities that surface in this seuel The link to eye color just blows my mind And Willow having as many as she does Without giving anything away you will be blown away with what's in store for Willow I have to say Alice uickly became one of my most favorite characters Her determination not only as a leader of her people but also as a mother was amazing I do have to say that you could totally tell that being on the outside fighting for months made her a bit hard I can't imagine not wanting to spend every waking moment with my child after being reunited with them after 4 months Not knowing what ALL she experienced in the time that she was away from Willow and her husbandI guess we really can't be too hard on her coolness at times On to Mr Tony BOY OH BOY Do these ladies know how to write oh so cute and lovable guys or what?? I loved seeing how there was definitely some tension between him and Willow And how being the teenage girl that she is Willow is really torn throughout the story with her feelings I have to take a minute to comment just a little on Connor Oh my word I think he's a riot Super cheesy and funand I love that he dotes on Claire yet still is able to be a smart ass He's one of my most favorite characters I'm also uite impressed with the intensity of the relationship between Alec and Willow I don't know that I have ever seen someone as completely and totally dedicated to another person as Alec is to Willow At least not at the age that they are at I have to keep reminding myself that they are only 16 and 17 But I guess when you're faced with such an uncertain future as these kids have you grow up fast This book was almost impossible for me to put down And again with the cliffhangers I'm anxious for the third installment That oh so horrible ZackI know he's going to play a huge role in book threeAgain a five star read Awesomesauce Read it loved it and reviewed

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    This is the second book in the ELE Series We pick up where Project ELE left off Willow has escaped the facility In Finding ELE Willow is reunited with her mother brother Her Mother is the leader of a resistance front Her her group have survived built a new life for themselves Willow meets Tony who it is obvious is going to be a rival for Willow's affections with Alec I thought this as a great story well thought out fast paced I could barely put it down to go to sleep It just pulls you in We meet some new characters reunite with some old ones like Willow's cute baby brother Sebastian Rebecca Courtney really know how to tell a story by keeping you wanting then making sure you will read the next in the series I love these ladies cannot wait for stories from them

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    Review From Amy's Book WorldThe dynamic duo of Rebecca Gober and Courtney Nuckels are back with the second installment of the ELE series This is a much anticipated book because we have to know what happened to Willow Finding ELE has a different vibe than it's counterpart This one has of a apocalyptic survival feel to it since most of the book is outside the confines shelter It's also action packed and fast paced Finding ELE has something for everyone romance action paranormal and a kick ass heroineSo here is the breakdown I picks up were Project ELE ended Willow is free from the shelter but doesn't know where her friends are She meets up with survivors and surprise the people on the outside have special powers too She is rare with all of her abilities so is constantly tailed by Hot Tony her bodyguard I smell a love triangle with Willow Hot Tony and Alec Pieces of the puzzle come together and we learn how everyone got powers and a possible reason why Willow has so many On top of everything there are Reapers humans who have no humanity stealing powers and killing peopleI loved this book It is a roller coaster thrill ride It really shows the aftermath of an apocalypse There is no shelter to hide in It is every man for themselves The authors show that in a time like this the least likely person can be your savior In this case it is Willow's mom Alice and grumpy old Mr Leroy Alice takes on a leadership role Everyone in her camp looks up to her From the few moments that she appeared in Project ELE the change from mom to survivor leader is amazing And who ever knew Mr Leroy could kick butt? The book was well written You feel the emotion of the characters because you become so easily attached to them Once again I am amazed at how they write a book so seamlessly and you can not tell which part belongs to which author This is something I have seen only a few times in dual author books I have readOverall I thought this book was awesome even if it ended in a cliffhanger ; I enjoy reading books by these authors and with Finding ELE I think they have another hit on their hands This series is a must readDisclaimer I received this book courtesy of the authors in exchange for an honest review

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    I received a copy of Finding ELE from the authors for a honest review Willow has made it outside a find a whole new world She finds her mother and little brother and discover they have powers as well Seems everyone has some kind of power and your eye color reflects what power you have Willow wants to hunt for Alec and her friends so her mom puts Tony in charge of watching out for her Along with the past bad guys we find some new evil people as well they are called the Reapers Just when I thought it couldn't get better it does Project ELE was so great but i think Finding ELE tops it When I read the first book I never moved till it was finished well I just have to say the same was true for this one I read it all in one sitting The authors do such an amazing job with their writing you aren't reading this book you are in the world of ELE Willow is fantastic as always and I love getting to know her mom and little brother Got to say the little brother is such an adorable person Even some of the characters you met at the beginning of Project ELE come back and surprise you A few other nice surprises are Candy I love how she has changed and will like to see where her character goes Alec is a sweety as always and I thought he was the one How ever after reading this book I am Team Tony I love this guy and if I could I would write myself into the book and take him The book has a great fast pace where you get to see what life is like now on earth and it even introduces you to older games the characters have never heard of Bad to say with todays technology I can see this being true one day with people only knowing stuff they can play on a computer of some sort The love is still sweet and clean to where you will have no problems letting a younger person read this book Great job on that ladies The action is incredible you get to see the bad guys creatures and what they can do To wrap this up I love this series and see it becoming a favorite reread of mine Pick this up for a futuristic series with human with powers love survival and so much I am not so patiently waiting for the next book I want it now lol

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    I was given this book in return for an honest review This is the seuel to Project Ele The book starts at the exact second that the last book ended I loved that Usually it' several months later yada yada Willow has just found out her mother is alive and so is her little brother Turns out that the imunizations that everyone were given have altered everyone in some way Once activated each power comes with a different eye color Willow is the only one known to be able to pick up peoples powers and make them her own hence her eyes are a myriad of colors depending on which power she is using Then there are the Reapers they can take powers for themselves but unlike Celeste they kill the person while taking their powers The Reapers eyes are red and they are evilvicious power hungry mobs They are the enemy Willow's mom is the leader of the rebels They have a safe haven for the time being Willow's mom wants her trained and appoints Tony as her trainer and bodyguard if the Reapers were ever to get ahold of Willow's powers it would be disastrous Willow is feeling a little out of sorts due to the way she is feeling towards Tony and that is amplified when they find Alec after they enter the shelter to find her him and Conner who went in looking for her Her motley crew of Alex Conner Claire and one additon Candy evil Zach's sisteradjust to life outside of the shelter Jealousy becomes an issue between Alex and Tony and Willow has something about her powers that she must keep secret at all costs or it could mean losing the trust of everyone This book is just as fantastic as the first one The characters while having powers are still typical teenagers The book is action packed and sucks you in from the very first page Great for young adults and adults alike I loved it that their was a little added humor when the kids discover board games they've never seen them before Monopoly Twister Clue etc and they have a blast playing them Fully recommend this book it is fantastic WaAr

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    The Good New charactersCharacter growthMore family involvementTwistsPacingMore world building The Bad The Other Cliffhanger Love triangle didn't like the portrayal of the new girl and Willow's attitude of “Oh she's flirty so she must have daddy issues How sad” Didn't like Willow's use of “man card” It felt off and I said “Wait why is she saying that? Do we still have this shit in the future? Fuuck” No specifics on where they are in the US or anything so when they travel I was disorientedThere's a lot conflict SO much drama All the drama Beyond the personal the outside world has a host of new issues including rebel fractions and ELE's outed as lying fuckfaces It revolves around the search for Willow's friends and leaves the conseuences of their findings for its seuel Survivng ELE It's about survival and learning surface learning and being a rebel It's great finding out about everyone outside the FEMA shelters The dystopian global government conspiracy is on the back burner for the momentI did like how there are bright spots and down time for them so it's not all doom and gloom 247 Willow wasn't all that personable as she's going through some growing pains It's a good thing though for character progression The repercussions and changes are coming in the next book There's enough going on and her mindset is explained well enough that she's not insufferable Love Triangle UGH However there is a heartwarming moment when she seeks advice about being torn She actually struggles with realizing she can be attracted to other people while in a relationship She's the epitome of sheltered and it makes sense I was also ready to hate Tony because ugh He's a standard tough guy with a dark past of course But he at least backed off when Willow said noAnd their connection is well done so it's not a stupid or shallow pairing Man I really hope I'm not jaded from seeing so many godawful ones I'm happy to see mediocre or something lol

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    Finding ELE is the second book continuing the story from Project ELE and following the story of Willow a 16 year old girl having to cope with unimaginable circumstances that are developing around her at the same time as her remarkable powers are evolving Where Project ELE left us with Willow escaping the facility and ready to see what life on the outside was like Finding ELE reunites her with her mother and brother and a team of people that have not only survived but created a whole new life We get to meet Tony who from the beginning is obviously going to be a rival for Alec on Willows affectionsThe story is well developed and fast paced with excellent and importantly believable character development from the first book After all underneath everything we are dealing with a 16 year old and it is refreshing to see that the inevitable temper tantrums and silliness that comes with that age isn't lost despite the difficult circumstances Yet again I felt the authors did a great job of building the intensity and I was disappointed to have finished it so soon leaving me with so many answers that I will have to wait for book 3 to receiveDefinitely a great addition to any YA lovers collections and suitable for even the younger teenagers whilst not losing appeal for older readersVV

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    Disclaimer I received an e copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewWow That's what first comes to mind when I think of Finding ELE It picks up exactly where Project ELE ended and the story just builds from there We follow Willow as she meets her mother's group of survivors tries to both explain and deal with her boatload of powers and starts to train with Tony her mother's right hand and her new protector On top of all this Willow's friends are still nowhere to be found and her Dad's still inside the shelter What happens with them? Well you'll have to read to find outI really enjoyed this story as it delved deeper into Willow's different powers and she gets a few during this book it showed her struggle between being back with her Mombrother but missing her Dadfriends and it started the idea of a love triangle which is just so much fun I feel like this was an awesome continuation of the series and once again there's that cliffhanger at the end I can't wait to see what Rebecca and Courtney give us in the third installmentIt would only let me give 5 stars

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    I was given a copy by the author in exchange for an honest review Courtney and Rebecca have outdone themselves in the 2nd book in this series It starts straight back from where we left them in 'Project Ele' and carries on with great development of the characters we all love and the build up of an already creative plot You will find lots of Unexpected Twists in this book along with many surprises some arriving when they are least wantedI am TEAM TONY all the way and I can't wait to find out how their adventure continues We get to see of Willow's cute brother Sabby and read about awesome new powers Not to mention the reappearence of someone's dad and another's younger sister as well as an unwanted character we have always hated The uestion is Will they survive and will Willow master her powers in time to save many innocent people?Keep on writing these amazing stories Courtney and Rebecca but you better hurry up because I don't think Willow can wait much longer and neither can I ;