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On a spring morning in 1951 eleven year old chemist and aspiring detective Flavia de Luce gathers with her family at the railway station awaiting the return of her long lost mother Harriet Yet upon the train’s arrival in the English village of Bishop’s Lacey Flavia is approached by a tall stranger who whispers a cryptic message into her ear Moments later he is dead mysteriously pushed under the train by someone in the crowd Who was this man what did his words mean and why were they intended for Flavia? Back home at Buckshaw the de Luces’ crumbling estate Flavia puts her sleuthing skills to the test Following a trail of clues sparked by the discovery of a reel of film stashed away in the attic she unravels the deepest secrets of the de Luce clan involving none other than Winston Churchill himself Surrounded by family friends and a famous pathologist from the Home Office—and making spectacular use of Harriet’s beloved Gipsy Moth plane Blithe Spirit—Flavia will do anything even take to the skies to land a killer   Acclaim for Alan Bradley’s beloved Flavia de Luce novels winners of the Crime Writers’ Association Debut Dagger Award Barry Award Agatha Award Macavity Award Dilys Winn Award and Arthur Ellis Award   “If ever there were a sleuth who’s bold brilliant and yes adorable it’s Flavia de Luce”— USA Today   “Irresistibly appealing” —The New York Times Book Review on A Red Herring Without Mustard   “Original charming devilishly creative”—Bookreporter on I Am Half Sick of Shadows   “Delightful and entertaining”— San Jose Mercury News on Speaking from Among the Bones From the Hardcover edition

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    ”The Marble Tombs that rise on highWhose Dead in vaulted Arches lyeWhose Pillars swell with sculptur’d StonesArms Angels Epitaphs and BonesThese all the poor Remains of StatesAdorn the Rich or praise the Great;Who while on Earth in Fame they liveAre senseless of the Fame they give”Thomas Parnell A Night Piece on Death 1721 Alan Bradley must spend a good deal of time combing the dusty poetic tombs of libraries to find the archaic titles for this book series Whenever a new Flavia book is released my first order of business is to look in the front of the book for the few lines of poetry he shares; that includes the title of the book I then usually shake the bones of the poet and read beyond the tasty morsel that Bradley shares What is interesting about Thomas Parnell is he is one of a group of poets who existed in the 18th century who are commonly referred to asGraveyard PoetsOrChurchyard PoetsOrThe Boneyard BoysThey were a gloomy morbid bunch obsessed with worms coffins and skulls They took their own mortality very personally and bemoaned the end that eventually finds us all Of course they were before and certainly influenced the romantic movement and one of my favorite genres Gothic I’ve certainly neglected The Boneyard Boys but I have a feeling that there is a lot of interesting inspiration for my own writing to be had from reading these atmospheric poems But I digress We are here of course to talk about the latest adventures of the almost twelve Flavia de Luce I have moved from bafflement to absolute acceptance of why I am such a fan of this book series I don’t read very much YA nor do I usually enjoy reading about kids Even when I’m reading biographies I can’t wait to get through the necessary childhood years and onto the subject’s adulthood life Now Flavia is no ordinary kid She has such a passion for science that she has scoured the library at the family home and also the public libraries for every book about chemistry natural sciences and human behavior she could find She also has a particular penchant for stumbling across dead bodies The story begins with her and her family waiting at the train station view spoilerfor the return of her mother after she has been missing for several years To fully appreciate the evolution of the ongoing story with her mother please do read the books in order hide spoiler

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    Rating 35 starsIn which the mystery is solved surrounding the disappearance of Flavia's mother during World War II Also in which Alan Bradley prepares to take the series in an entirely new direction This is a wise move Life at Buckshaw is growing stale and it's time for Flavia to take her chemistry skills out into the wide world After all she is almost twelve years old and beginning to show signs of growing up This works best as a just for fun sort of read I thought the mystery and its resolution were a bit weak The set up is intriguing with special code phrases and a murder on the train tracks and a revealing old home movie which Flavia discovers and then develops using her chemical cleverness However when we finally get to discover why Harriet Flavia's mom disappeared and who was involved the revelations are sketchy Bradley doesn't develop a clear picture so to speak of what went down so to speak all those years ago what exactly Harriet's mission was and what the villains did What makes the book worth reading is the playfulness you've come to expect from the Flavia de Luce series Yes Flavia is maturing but she's still devious and her imagination still takes her where no one's imagination should ever go In this installment she toys with the possibility of becoming a young Frankenstein and attempting to reanimate the dead She decodes secret messages written in bodily fluids She asks inappropriate uestions such as How long does it take a person to bleed to death? And as always she's an unrepentant snoop Fans of the series will not be disappointed I'm looking forward to discovering how Flavia fares as she moves out among people who are not yet familiar with her precocious and pesky ways

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    I spend a year waiting for it and a day reading it From the first Flavia mystery five years ago I have been hooked The Dead in Their Vaulted Arches did not disappoint There is so much I wish I could say about it but won't for fear I will give something away I will say this after reading the first lines I said to myself I knew it But I didn't know it I didn't know the half of itJust as Bradley has done in each of the Flavia books as they progress he brings us deeper into the lives and nature of the characters centered at Buckshaw and Bishops Lacey but in this latest installment he reveals them to us so that we finally understand what it is that has made them who they are There is a tenderness in Flavia that has been hinted at before and spills out in this book Colonel de Luce is less of a character and of a grieving husband and father holding himself together because he has to We get a pick inside Daffy that is very honest and telling while Feely remains a bit well Feely like She's just so unlikeable Once again it's Dogger that I love With each book he turns out to be even than what we imagined Even Aunt Felicity is much interesting than we imaginedI can safely say that the action stays closer to home at Buckshaw and that we come to some real resolution The tone of the book is serious than a Flavia fan is accustomed to but there is still humor to be found All the things about Flavia that makes her such an endearing character are still there but she is forced to know and deal with things that are beyond what she wants to and still what she wants most is a happy family and a home that's full of life Oh just read it for yourself uicklyThe one thing I can't determine is if there will be Flavia books please yes please yes The Dead in Their Vaulted Arches could reasonably end the series gasp or it could mark the beginning of a great deal to come in the life of Flavia de Luce I really hope it's the latter

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    Flavia de Luce is a brilliant young girl whose knowledge of chemistry is on par with many PhDs Flavia uses her abilities to investigate murders and delights in solving crimes ahead of the police In this sixth book in the series Flavia once again uses her skills to track down a killerThe book could be read as a standalone but it's much better to start with book one and go on from thereTwelve year old Flavia de Luce and her family are at the train station awaiting the return of a relative when a mysterious man gives Flavia a cryptic message for her father Before long the man is dead his mutilated body lying under the train Thus begins a Flavia de Luce novel that is of an espionage story than a murder mystery Nevertheless Flavia is up to her usual tricks in this book cooking up exotic chemical experiments to reanimate the dead and to decipher hidden messages As always Flavia is also plotting to best the local police with her superior detective skills The book is filled with interesting characters including Mr de Luce's faithful manservant and jack of all trades Dogger eccentric relatives uirky acuaintances and Flavia's sisters I was a little annoyed by Flavia's continuing arrogance and often expressed high opinion of herself and I found the convoluted espionage tale slightly confusing Nevertheless it was an okay light readYou can follow my reviews at

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    There would be one chance—and one chance only—to convince the family of my worth If I failed I would remain forever an outcast There wasn’t a second to wasteThis is a critical juncture in the life and deeds of Flavia de Luce The mother that she never had a chance to know Harriet is coming homeor rather her body is being returned to the family mansionWho is this Flavia de Luce? She is the youngest of three daughters of the current occupiers of the De Luce estate Buckshaw Everything has been on the decline since Harriet died and Flavia’s father is a prime example of that Everything is seen from the perspective of 12 year old Flavia de Luce who sees her work in the mansion's chemical lab as central to her life She is a bright bulb with excess drive and a dearth of conscience She barely gets along with anyone and has no close friends outside of her sisters with whom she constantly is at war For those who have been following the series through the first five books you know that the previous book ended with a “cliff hanger” We knew that in this book we and Flavia would finally find out a lot about her motherBut what Flavia gets is a coffin moved off a special train and accompanied by Britain’s finest including ex PM Winston Churchill At the same time as this is going on there is a death at the train station murder? that for once doesn’t capture Flavia’s full attention It can’t until things involving her mother are resolvedFlavia goes through a full range of emotions of which the most important might be that she will use her vast knowledge of science to bring Harriet back to life and restore her father’s mental balance With Harriet home and alive and happy among us on the drawing room hearth Father would be a different person He would laugh make jokes hug us ruffle our hair play games with us and yes perhaps even kiss usAnd there are darker thoughts I wonder if she had time to suspect as she saw me standing there staring up at her that Harriet had come back from the dead for vengeanceAs much as readers of this series have learned to have faith in Flavia’s abilities this seems a good bit beyond reality and we are anxious as to how she will cope with the coming disappointments Flavia is trying very hard to please For example “Feely was by this time back into the Beethoven sonata I put the teacup silently on the table and sat down in a bolt upright attentive position with my knees together my hands folded daintily in my lap modeling my posture on Cynthia Richardson the vicar’s wife I even pursed my lips a little prunishlyBecause she gets along well with the help and she is a great observer of humanEnglish conventions we get some great insights into how Buckshaw and the people in the neighboring village conduct themselves and speak of things “Her Majesty is demanding a cup of tea” I told Mrs Mullet “If you’ll be so good as to make one I’ll take it in to her myself” “Of course” said Mrs Mullet “You shall ’ave it in two shakes of a dead lamb’s tail” Mrs M always said “in two shakes of a dead lamb’s tail” when she was peeved but didn’t want to show it “ ‘A dead lamb’s tail’ is a way of saucin’ ’em off without gettin’ yourself into ’ot water It means ‘kiss my chump’ without actually sayin’ so” she had once confided but had now obviously forgotten she’d told me “Mr Churchill was at the station” I found myself saying “He spoke to me” Oh fluff I had blurted it out without thinking “Winnie uite often likes to insert himself at the heart of the action” Adam told me “Rather like Alfred Hitchcock’s cameo appearances in his own films but somewhat riskyThis is a high point in the series and we get a full measure of all the things we have come to enjoy history social commentary comedic behavior personal drama deep dark secrets various levels of mystery and the interesting perspective of a bright young girl Or as Flavia says For better or for worse I had done what I had done and now there was no going back I had done the right thing and I would jolly well have to live with it

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    As much as I love Flavia there's just no plot in this one just a lot of needlessly convoluted attempted exposition of past events in the series

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    Thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for providing a copy in exchange for an honest review45 starsI adore this series The character of Flavia the complexity and layers of the relationships the setting the players the word craft etc In book #5 for the first time Mr Bradley left us with a cliffhanger and with book #6 we are treated to a roller coaster ride It's almost as if everything that was creating an undercurrent of tension is blown wide open It did feel like the last few books have been leading to something I'm glad it was something big there's only so long that we can read about Flavia stumbling upon another murder and solving it before it gets rote and tired So it happened the series and plot certainly took a 180 I really can't feel like I can disclose much about the plot without spoilers Because there is so much going on and so many things being revealed at times I had to check myself to make sure I could keep track of it all We know Harriet come home and we find out the how why and what of her disappearance Flavia continues her hijinx but we can clearly see maturation she is starting to turn into a young woman I loved how Dogger's story is filled in the reconciliation with her father and a greater understanding of her family dynamics as Flavia discovers who she really is These books are not fail proof and life changing They are exuisitely delicious If you are looking for a mystery that will make you fall in love with reading? You've found it Mr Bradley you have a fan As does Flavia I certainly will enjoy watching her be challenged in ways I never thought possible Give the marketingart department an award for these covers It makes me happy just to look at themalso Mr Bradley you betta be following up that cliff hanger with one HECK of a book Don't let me down

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    Life has suddenly become serious for 11 year old Flavia de Luce Her beloved mother Harriet's body has been found in a glacier in the Alps where she disappeared ten years ago and has been returned in state to her family waiting at Buckshaw station There will be no tinkering in her Uncle Tar's chemistry lab or freewheeling around the village on her trusty bicycle for Flavia for a while Her Aunts Felicity and Lena arrive for the funeral as well as several old family friends As the family are leaving the station to follow Harriet's coffin a stranger whispers an enigmatic messsage for Flavia to give her father and shortly after falls to his death on to the train tracks just as the train is leaving I think this is the best book in the series to date This is no murder mystery for Flavia to solve with her investigative skills and knowledge of chemistry but a sombre tome where Flavia learns about her mother's disappearance and is entrusted with family secrets Nevertheless there are some lighter moments as Flavia manages some tinkering gets to meet the Gypsy Moth that Harriet loved to fly and solves some puzzles regarding both the death of the stranger and her mother Flavia also comes to realise that there are big changes ahead for her and she will need to start growing up to meet the challenges We can only hope that her spirit remains unchanged and she still manages to get into the scrapes and adventures that make this series so much fun

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    Gasp I can't believe I am giving a Flavia book a rating of just three stars but alas I am I have loved this series so much and with much anticipation of book 6 wrapping things up was a bit disappointedThe book starts out good and has uite the climax in the middle but then it fizzles out Things are vague and the past sleuthing that Flavia did did not happen in this book Things just kind of fell into her lap so to speak It did leave me wondering if Alan Bradley was using book 6 to lead us in another direction with Flavia as she is growing up It felt like a bridge to another chapter or series in Flavia's life I do miss our little detective Flavia though

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    In the 6th novel redacted redacted redacted We get some answers a whole lot uestions and a little bit of heartbreak Also I might be a tiny bit in love with Dogger There's really nothing I can say that wouldn't be spoilery except that the only bad thing about a Flavia book is waiting a whole year for the next one