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The Road to Key West is an adventuroushumorous sojourn that cavorts its way through the 1970s Caribbean from Key West and the Bahamas to Cuba and Central America In August of 1971 Kansas Stamps and Will Bell set out to become nothing than commercial divers in the Florida Keys but adventure or misadventure seems to dog them at every turn They encounter a parade of bizarre characters from part time pirates and heartless larcenists to Voodoo bokors a wacky Jamaican soothsayer and a handful of drug smugglers Adding even flavor to this Caribbean brew is a complicated romance a lost Spanish treasure and a pre antediluvian artifact created by a distant congregation who truly understood the term “pyramid power” Pour yourself a margarita sit back and slide into the ‘70s for a while as you follow Kansas and Will through this cocktail of madcap adventures – on The Road To Key West IF YOU ENJOY THIS NOVEL BE SURE TO READ THE SEUEL BACK ON THE ROAD TO KEY WEST To be released in late August or early September 2013 Jimmy Buffett should set this tropical tale to music The best Key West stories can only be written by those who have lived here and Reisig expertly captures the steamy seedy beautiful allure of the islands “The Road to Key West” takes readers on a hysterical journey through the humidity and humanity that only exists in the lower latitudes And much like the Keys in the 1970s it’s a hell of a trip —Mandy Bolen The Key West Citizen The Road to Key West combines the dry cleverness of Lewis Grizzard the wit of Dave Barry and Reisig's impeccable sense of timing It's an action packed romantic charming hilarious take on the ‘70s and its generation A must read —John Archibald Ouachita Life Magazine

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    Just finished The Road to Key West Very fun road indeed Kansas and Will were creative and fearless and the many antagonists whom continuously tormented them all came together in an exciting conclusion on Fort Jefferson in the Dry TortugasThe many different adventures the boys either pursued or found themselves embroiled in produced a string of vignettes that tightened into a Gordian knot of excitement The plot was a combination of Buffett's Where is Joe Merchant? and Hiaasen's early character driven stories that kept readers gripping their paperbacks with white knuckles Hard to catch a breath between adventures as Kansas and Will ricocheted from the Florida Keys to Costa Rica to Cuba and many other settings in between Very entertaining and a special joy to anyone who like me was lucky enough to live in the Keys in the 70's which is when and where the story was set Well done and I look forward to reading from this author

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    A very enjoyable and very funny novel about the adventures of two free spirited young men living in the Florida Keys in the 1970s The book is uite entertaining provided that you don't expect their adventures to be believable The book is somewhat informative about the craziness that is South Florida and the Keys but it is not as well written cynical or as much of a social commentary as any novel written by Carl Hiaasen or even Tim Dorsey That being said this is the first book in a series about the Keys by Reisig and I will read books in the series just because of their humor and entertainment values

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    Reading this book was so much fun I read this on my way to and from Key West making it even relatable The story takes place in the 70's The author has a way of taking you right back to that time The two main characters are a real hoot The crazy things that happen to them and the people they get involved with had me laughing out loud I would compare his writing to Bob Morris and Carl Hiaasen The author should make a movie from this story with the right director and actors it would make one hell of a comedy We all could use moe really good comedic movies

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    Extremely entertainingIf you can suspend your disbelief this book is a rollicking good time and I couldn't put it down till the finish

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    A lot than I expected Let me start by saying at first I was very unimpressed with the narration I am sorry but it just was not my cup of tea BUT as the book went on and the story became engaging It sort of grew on meme Now I hope the second book uses the the same man to narrate Go figure This is sort fo a coming of age story 2 guys Key west transplants and lots of adventures how could it go wrong? The answer is it can't The characters the stories the pace all were perfect Some of it a bit unbelievable but so much fun The story is about 2 guys best friends ; Kansas Stamps and Will Bell and its begins in 1971 and its a romp through the early part of the decade I highly recommend this book

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    Enjoyed the lighthearted humor and the breezy flow of the story It definitely fit well with the backdrop of the Florida Keys Will and Kansas wacky adventures had me itching to go out and discover the world The ending was a little to convenient for me The part where Kansas gets the perfect girl had me rolling my eyes A good first book for sure I think it would be nice to read about these two characters

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    Right On Dude A most excellent adventure A very fun read Kansas and Will are funny dudes with an exceptional friendship As they make their home in Key West and try to make a living and a life hilarious adventures happen The cast of crazy characters is great So many bad guys to hate They often have to ask each other “are you going to get us killed?” with answer always “not intentionally” This novel has great dialogue and snippets of lyrics from 70’s songs Great job

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    Absolutely a blast to read True it does stretch the imagination with some of the tales but that makes it exciting The humor used describing the incredible adventures just makes this fun to read I was laughing aloud The descriptions of the Keys of the past just ring true as do the attempts to capture the beauty of the sand and sea in words Read it

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    As told in the 1st person from Kansas Stamps viewpoint we follow Kansas and his buddy Will Bell to Key West following their college graduation What starts as a desire to take a break and chill following college turns into an adventurous life style starting with capturing exotic tropical fish and evolves into adventure after meeting up with a mystic Rasterman Rufus who intrigues these pals into adventures inspired by the Curious and often bored creators of the universeThis book is slow reading at the beginning but is well worth hanging in there for the humor and misadventures

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    EntertainingAn entertaining read Well written fictional account of two friends who find an idyllic lifestyle diving for tropical fish off the coast of Florida New unintended adventures find them to make their lives than a little exciting If you enjoy well put together light reading you'll enjoy this book