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A Senses and Sensations StoryAfter their troubled pasts and their rocky road to “happily ever after” the time has come for Jordan Waters and Sebastian Sumner to officially declare their love for each other With the wedding two days before Christmas the happy couple can’t put off addressing their tenuous relationships with their birth families Between supportive friends like Jack Waters Kevin Thompson Bro Sumner and Lacey Adair they've had a taste of what a happy home means regardless of blood ties As the wedding approaches all three couples must make peace with their pasts as they prepare to celebrate friendship brotherhood and true love

10 thoughts on “Sensible Commitments (Senses and Sensations, #5)

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    15 starsYes I know this is the final book of the series Yes I didn't read the others only the first one But today I came across this while searching my TBR and thought WTH won't be that difficult And it wasn't nope It was rather easy Too easy to be honest Didn't like the dialogue and everything felt like a lot of words around nothing Don't want to say shallow but nothing else comes to mindI guess this author's just not for me

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    I love this series of books I'm curious why people are saying this is a wrap up book bc per the author's website book six is a wip

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    35 This is a sweet wrap up to the Senses and Sensations series with a chance to see each couple as everyone heads to the wedding of Jordan and Sebastian There is very little conflict along the way even as past people come into play My favorite couple Lacey and Bro have to deal with Roger and I thought Lacey handled it all with grace and class as always It’s a family oriented story and not necessarily blood family but the important kind the kind you choose Opening gifts was adorable and it ends very happy on a high note Just have to mention Bro is just the greatest character Whether he is protecting Lacey fake grumbling over a hug from Sebastian or planning a stag party he’s just awesome A very nice way to give closure

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    I'm going to miss Jordan and Sebastian A perfect ending to their journey Their wedding perfectly filled with love devotion and sensuality

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    A nice wrap up to the series Each couple gets some time and a sex scene I also thought it was a great idea to highlight how they are have become a family together by talking about their birth family that has left them behind Nice angst free book with a great theme of family and marriage

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    Always love this series

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    I read this book as part of a challenge and although it was book 5 in the series I was able to follow the storyline okIt takes place a few weeks before Jordan and Sebastians wedding All their other friends appear and each set of lovers get a very hot sex sceneI will probably go back and read the series from the beginning

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    Totally loved it