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The #1 New York Times bestselling author and master of the modern day thriller returns with his All Star team There’s a new strong man in Russia but his rise to power is based on a dark secret hidden decades in the past The solution to that mystery lies with a most unexpected source President Jack Ryan

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    What is it about spy stories that captures our fancy? From all indications the reality of spyhood is one of boring inactivity anonymity and numbing loneliness And yet writers keep writing about them and readers devour these booksFor sure there's a certain degree of spy romanticization and in Command Authority such is liberally lathered Thirty years before he became US president Jack Ryan as a CIA analyst and liaison with the British MI6 was on the trail of a Soviet assassin codenamed Zenith In the course of his investigation he found himself in the thick of the action in Walled Berlin and would not have survived if not for the help of a mysterious British spy codename Bedrock Ryan's son Jack Jr in present day London by the reckoning of this Clancy created timeline as a financial analyst gets on the track of Bedrock as he investigates the Soviet nationalization of a billion dollar oil exploration company And with these two parallel story threads 30 years apart the narrative takes readers on a contemporary escapist trip filled with flash bang hits from numerous hand to hand and field battles distracting us from our disbelief until the final revelations on the identity of Zenith There is no cliff hanger ending here just a neatly tied story with cameos from other Clancy book characters such as John Clark and Ding Chavez In terms of universe timelines the present day sections of Command Authority follow directly from the events of 2012's Threat Vector but it's intriguing flashback parts take readers to the time of The Hunt for Red October and perhaps a reminder of early Clancy and how he first caught our fancy If this turns out to be the last book written by Tom Clancy who sadly passed away in October 2013 it is fittingly nostalgic and reminiscent For three decades we gamboled in Clancy's playgroundNotwithstanding the you're kidding me parts of the tale I thoroughly enjoyed this book and am glad to add a 5 star rating to a Clancy book after the recent disappointments Be warned that there's a lot of testosterone in this book and clearly needs a credible female character Other than that enjoy Some others may continue this series such as co author Mark Greaney but it may not be the same without Clancy's mug on the inside back cover

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    About two years ago I re read all of Clancy's work after many years of liking it After the re reading a felt a little let down by his writing style as it felt very juvenile It left me with the same feeling of re watching an 80s movie I really liked back in the day and realising it was very cheeseyBut hats off to the late Clancy Mark Greaney this book has a great storyline and is well told Excellent work

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    A FAREWELL GIFT FROM THE KING OF TECHNO THRILLERJack Ryan a former CIA agent is now into his second term as the president of United States His son Jack Ryan Jr is in England working as a financial analyst When Russia seized the oil company of a Scottish billionaire on account of non payment of taxes Jack Jr knew that something fishy was going on Though advised not to pursue the matter Jack Jr decides to investigate and get to the bottom of itDuring a luncheon with President Ryan a Russian friend and former FSB agent is poisoned by a radioactive agent Though a clear set up Russia accused the CIA’s hand in the poisoning and started rolling its war tanks and planes When NATO forces foiled Russia’s bid to conuer Estonia Russia turned south to the Ukraine and the autonomous territory of Crimea with the plan to go as far as Kiev Valeri Volodin the Russian president is determined to restore the past glory of the nation and put Russia in the forefront of the nations of the world The Russian president wields enormous clout and is bent on upstaging the United States With the money earned from gas and oil export being funneled into various shady organizations he is also keen to steer Russia back to the Old Way Roman Talanov the head of the Russian secret service FSB is the right hand man of President Valeri They are determined to establish Russian hegemony in the regionPresident Ryan knows that the US cannot intervene as Ukraine is not a NATO member And Russia would face little opposition from the small Ukrainian forces He must find a way to stop the Russian invasion and time is running out In the course of his investigation Jack Jr stumbles onto a decades old case It was a case President Ryan investigated thirty years ago when he was a CIA operative in London It is a startling connection a case that involves a KGB assassin code named Zenith Jack Jr is determined to unearth the mystery as it will enable President Ryan to counter President Valeri Volodin without resorting to violent means avoiding a global conflictCommand Authority by Tom Clancy with Mark Greaney is a full throttle all action political adventure thriller which is highly entertaining It commands your attention and though you have an idea of how it is going to end you keep on holding tight Clancy in a way is brutal with his characters He is not afraid to toss them out however important they may be except Ryan His creativity is uite a marvel One of the most important factors that contributed to the success of his books is his painstaking and meticulous research of his subjects His attention to details which are without errors is impeccable His characters are well defined the actions thick and fast and the dialogues engaging Clancy has managed to reach out to all strata of society with his brand of books A TRIBUTE TO THOMAS LEO “TOM” CLANCY JRIt is hard to imagine that we will no read from Tom Clancy who died Tuesday October 1 2013 of an undisclosed illness in his hometown of Balti Command Authority which you are holding in your hands is his last gift to us his devoted fans worldwide His untimely demise is an irreparable loss He will be missedHis rise to fame was not an easy one It was a path strewn with obstacles and rejections Yet he rose like the proverbial phoenix shining brightly among the stars to become one among the few to hit #1 with all his 17 books on the New York Times bestseller list Yet when it all began in 1984 Clancy couldn’t find any established publisher He had to settle for the small and hitherto unknown Naval Institute Press to publish his cold war thriller “The Hunt For Red October” which was the first fiction they published He was paid a meager 5000 for the book Clancy’s gripping plot and mastery of technical details made it a massive bestseller It was made into a smash hit movie starring Sean Connery and Alec Baldwin He went on to write 17 others several of which were also made into blockbuster moviesTom Clancy may be no but he will continue to live on through the characters he created especially Jack Ryan and the books he wrote He gave the world a genre called techno thriller of which he was the undisputed king and his name will live on as long as the genre livesIt is difficult to say goodbye to someone who gave you so much thrill and entertainment for the past nearly thirty years But it must be said Goodbye and adieu – Thomas Leo “Tom” Clancy Jr April 12 1947 – October 1 2013 RIP

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    it is a little sad to Know that the man who created Jack Ryan John KellyClark and some of the best stories i have read is dead but i must say the book was written just well enough to say good bye and maybe lead to some for Junior through Mark Greenburg lets hope so

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    I felt a sense of constant nostalgia as I read this book Clancy's last RIP Tom I enjoyed the chronological device that Clancy used going back in time to chronicle the young Jack Ryan's relationships with MI 6 MI 5 and the various and sundry Russians bent on destroying the West I think he showed a little too much leg early on when Jack Ryan Junior was called off of his economic forensics work because of relationships that his boss had with the Russians I have to admit though that I didn't see all of the plot twists and turns that Clancy treated us to in getting us to that pointThe Russian crime bosses felt real enough to me; I hope their ability to pull off shenanigans in the US and Europe as portrayed in the book is limited otherwise we're all in deep kimcheNice ending Kept me on the edge of my seat throughout and as we have come to expect with Mr Clancy's writing the attention to detail and immersion into germane securityintelligence matters made me realize how much I am going to miss this voice

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    Thank you Tom Clancy for all the enjoyable hours of reading your work since 1984 The last one is among the best onesIt doesn't get better than Command Authority

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    As much as I enjoyed Command Authority it also saddened me to end it because this was the final book written by Tom Clancy with the book being published posthumously when he passed away unfortunately which saddened me greatly Mr Clancy captured the attention of many readers with his 1980's debut of The Hunt For Red October and since then he made uite a name for himself But even though Mr Clancy has left us I have a feeling we haven't yet seen the last of Mr Jack Ryan because I know since Clancy's passing the series has continued by many various ghost writers I was first introduced to Tom Clancy by playing the video games that had his name written on them such as Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Rainbow Six Ghost Recon et cetera And my first few books which I thought were originally written by him such as the Op Center series Net Force and Power Plays but it turns out he was only the creator And his work has inspired the video game series But as I got older I jumped into the Jack Ryan Series which I've loved since thenWhen a longtime family friend of US President Jack Ryan is poisoned by a radioactive agent the trail leads to Russia The trail leads to a killer dating 30 years back during Ryan's younger days as a CIA Analyst where he was sent to investigate the death of an operative only where he uncovered the existence of a KGB Assassin codenamed Zenith But the killer is never found and the case goes unsolved until 30 years laterNow in the present Jack Ryan Jr who decides to leave The Campus and the spotlight of the media now resides in London working for a corporate analysis company But Jack realizes he can't put the past behind him so easily With his father fighting against Russia and her new President Valeri Volodin who wants to return Russia to a new Soviet Union and sets a plot in motion which took thirty years in the making Meanwhile Jack Jr teams back up with his old crew John Clark Ding Chavez and Dominic Caruso to not only face an enemy with a grudge against the US but find out what happened 30 years ago with his fatherAn excellent final entry by Tom Clancy even though the Ryan Saga continues Note that the story goes back and fourth between the past and the present throughout that's where you really have to stick with it For a while for me it was very hard to follow when they kept going back I found myself getting lost but in the end it all comes togetherRIP Mr Tom Clancy you are still missed to this day but your imagination and creativity lives on in your books

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    Greaney Commands Authority on StorytellingI loved every minute of Greaney's Campus Novel as a fan of the past characters and a lover of reading The point I make of reading is that this is a story teller's book One can tell that the author did extensive research across global military and intelligence entities organized crime geographic setting business intelligence and banking and combatives Any one of these topics would be a handful but Greaney executes like an artisan crafting these worlds together with an interesting mystery that sews the elements together Readers who only want a fast paced light read with high body count may struggle slightly with the non linear story line if they just want a Dick and Jane shoot 'em up For avid readers wishing to dig in and become immersed in a book with espionage political intrigue conspiracy assassination and Classic Clancy military firepower Greaney has delivered itI close saying thank you Mark for spending so much effort on subtleties than many will miss but that others will recognize as spot on authenticity You are a craftsman

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    As this was the last book written by Tom Clancy I started it with trepidation I have been enjoying these books for a couple of decades and the thought that I was about to read the last book was depressing I took my time reading it until the familiar characters and fabulous story line sucked me in and propelled me through this wonderful chapter in the Jack Ryan series Once again this master storyteller wove a tale of several different and divergent thought threads that he slowly and expertly braided together until the final tumultuous climax I don't know what the publisher intends to do with this series since Mr Clancy had already been working with co authors but if this is the final Jack Ryan book it has reached a satisfactory conclusion Of course I hate to think of these wonderful characters languishing in the ether so I encourage the publisher to find a way to continue these stories with these remarkable characters even if only with the next generation

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    President Jack Ryan Son vs a Putin like Russian President in this slow paced overly detailed thriller I've always maintained that the late Tom Clancy was badly in need a page slashing editor to trim his otherwise excellent books into readable prose Unfortunately this book is no exception to the existing template even with Mark Geary's assistance