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Four years after a massive solar storm knocked out the world's power grids Adrian Hunter is off on another adventure He has heard that the US Navy may have docked some ships at Corpus Christi so he saddles up and heads that way Before he gets there he unintentionally rescures several girls and has no idea how to get rid of them so he does what comes naturally and trains them in hunting and combat proficiency turning them into a tough and deadly fighting unit But his troubles aren't over He uickly finds himself leading a group of Texas volunteers against a much larger invading army from Mexico

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    Teachable MomentsAnother riveting installment in the Distant Eden series Texas is pulling itself up by its boot straps and as things go along a government begins to form Mixed in with the wild and crazy adventures are many well thought reasonings for the setting up of said government Bring on Book 5

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    I love our hero Adrian Hunter Nothing wishy washy about him He takes out the bad guys When you think you have the story line figured out it changes I love not being able to predict what will happen What an imagination this author has Start with book one and read all of the series It is most entertaining

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    Warriors Good book Read easy and story was great Really thankful to realize maybe in our life time this could happen and we have great people to stand up for us Thanks again

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    Need to review earlier books in the series to refresh my aging memory before moving on to book four; Eden's Warriors Book four tends to head off in its own direction The original premise of apocalypse after a humongous solar storm is left by the wayside to some degree in exchange for a story about Adrian taking charge of 16 orphaned girls Adrian is headed to Corpus Cristi to validate rumors of the US Navy establishing a base there En route he rescues two young girls from being raped then finds an orphanage or home for young ladies to leave them with The caretakers not being what they appear to be are pimping the girls to travelers for food and supplies Once Adrian disposes of them he acuires 14 girls to his charge He spends the next two months teaching the girls survival and self defense techniues It felt unusual to me for young girls to receive this training but considering the time and circumstances it does make sense and Adrian after all is used to training men so perhaps it seemed natural to him So becomes Eden's Warriors Considering everything Adrian taught the girls it is uite amazing that this was accomplished in two short months This is much much better than the US Army's current training program Following that Adrian and his newly dubbed Adrian's Angels make their way to Corpus Cristi Get this Mexico is suspected of planning to invade Texas What a plot twist So much is going on as the country pulls itself out of the apocalyptic uagmire Texas being the genesis of the country's rebirth Adrian via successful military campaigns grows in popularity and prominence becoming the political as well as military leader Too many spoilers possible by continuing The closing chapters seem rushed as so many new issues and options are raised in preparation for book five Eden's War I'll have to get it to learn the outcome

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    In his fourth installment of the Distant Eden series author Lloyd Tackitt takes on a larger scope of the problems facing the United States after a solar storm knocked out most electronics and much of organized civilization His hero Adrian Hunter heads south in Texas to find out the truth behind rumors that the Navy has restarted refineries His mission to see if he can help and bring about some positive change for his community and even state What he finds is a brothel run by some low lifes who pimp out young girls He rescues them and trains the girls to take care of themselves eventually turning them into a special ops unit He's somewhat conflicted by this but the times reuire drastic measures He makes contact with the Navy and finds out there's a much greater threat coming from south of the border by formerly well funded and organized cartels Tackitt continues his great storytelling just making the series better

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    An Entertaining Read I borrowed Eden's Warrior's the fourth book in Lloyd Tackitt's A Distant Eden series from Kindle Unlimited I HAVE read the first three books I thoroughly enjoyed this tale from the opening paragraph until the lastMr Tackitt has developed a totally different storyline from his previous books added and improved characterization Adrian's character is growing and adapting as his circumstances dictateThis story kept a nice pace and the common typos sprinkled throughout did not distract me from enjoying this adventureI do not feel it is necessary to add a synopsis If you are reading this you already have that easily available with the click of your mouse I will say I recommend this novel I am anxious to find the time to read the next book Eden's War

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    I was given a free copy of this book via audiobookblast in exchange for an honest reviewI really enjoyed the first half of this book when Adrian finds the girls and then tries to find them a home realizing the home for girls was not what he though and ultimately liberating 16 young girls from a life of tortureI liked how he trained them and loved them and taught them to be independentbut they took it and ran with itand that was actually kind of endearingthe last part of the book was kind of boring to mevery military based and at times it was a little muchI do like Adrian thoughhe rocksGood Story

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    I thoroughly enjoyed Adrian's adventures and the Distant Eden Series The main characters though borderline super heros on occasion that's fine; it's a story are well developed with an absolute sense of individuality I loved the girls who certainly learned uickly and became proficient in no time due of course to unparallelled leadership If you are a fan of post apocalyptic novels where the good guys ultimately prevail or less Lloyd Tackitt won't disappoint

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    I love this series I think I enjoyed this one than any of the others I would love to see this series made into a movie

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    This is a very good series to read