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n 1943 in New York City the body of French chanteuse Ondine Bisset is discovered on the stage of The Blue Aster Nightclub Stabbed over a dozen times covered in blood and red roses; Ondine leaves few clues to her murder The silent chanteuse was beautiful mysterious and dangerous Some said she was destined to destroy everything she touched Jack Kelly a reporter for the Gazette investigates her murder uncovering a network of intrigue deception and death

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    Cynthia Westland has crafted a humdinger of a whodunit and her characters include some of the nastiest members of the Mob a couple of unsavory Nazis a hard hitting investigative reporter and his spunky sidekick and the recently murdered Ondine Bisset Who did kill Bisset? That's the premise for this story and the search for the killer leads the reader into a tangled web of international intrigueThe dialogue is spot on The characters are well crafted And the ending worthy of O Henry himself will have you nodding your head in agreement Of course It makes perfect sense For content this is a 5 star book no doubt about it Editing issues are a minor concern and I'm looking forward to a revised version with grammar and punctuation errors corrected