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Fifteen years may have passed since graduation but it has not been enough time for Jessie to get over losing Kiera her first love To make matters worse Kiera had never even known Jessie her best friend was in love with herNow both friends have returned to their home town for a class reunion Can a late night encounter in a dark hotel room rekindle the flame that was never uite extinguished?

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    After 15 years Kiera and Jessie return to their home town for a class reunion Jessie has been in love with Kiera since high school but Kiera was straight and married well until recently Things change people change The story is basically only one erotic scene nice and romantic but low heat the feelings are not palpable

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    A really really short read with no real plot and no character development other than one sexy scene I do like the writing though which I thought was goodRatings 35Downloaded from with no charge

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    This is total spank bank material Short free and hot Not much plot but smoking hot FF loving sex

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    I would give it a 355 just because it was too less just 4300 words It was uite sensual and written well So if you wanna have an erotic experience you just need to spare 15 minutes D

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    Reunion tells the erotic story of two women realising that they always loved each other In a way this is a thoroughly explored topic – two individuals reunited after a certain amount of time apart realising that they were always in love with each other It’s been done in hetero and same sex combinations over and over so in a way it’s an easy topic to write – everybody knows how the story is going to go But on the other hand that’s the difficulty – it’s predictable How can the author make their story uniue?Ferris doesn’t uite manage to be uniue but she does manage a good style generally attractive sex and a reasonable amount of emotion Sadly for her I read Paisley Smith’s First Taste before Reunion and in comparison Ferris just isn’t as goodStill it’s a good little erotica and not to be ignored nonetheless If you’re into this type of uick little erotic story go for it – you won’t lose out for it

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    Aww This book leaves you wanting wanting to know how the relationship either progresses with the characters or did they move pass three fiery passion for each other good reads

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    Detailed score 375I'm not sure how long it was last or even if it applies in other countries but as I downloaded this book from AU at no cost I must say this short story is very good value for money and well worth an investment of your time Perfect length for a lunch breakI agree with other reviewers that there was enough there for a longer story but this is a very good example of how to write an engaging short story

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    This was a perfect story for the moment I am in my life right now Eve handled the romance the tension and back story beautifully in a short story that was complete to me yet I could have happily read if she continued It has a sensual and seducing tone to it that was deep and yet playful I am looking forward to reading of her work

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    Good stuffA uick and sweet read about reuniting first loves Lots of heat Would be a great chapter in a full length book

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    uick and alrightThis was good but lacked an emotional depth that it felt like the author was trying to force into a plotless smut story But it was a good read still