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When we are able to tap into the humurous side of life the erupting laughter becomes a mighty healing stream Many believers cannot accept that laughter is part of God's relationship with us But it is Watching Him fulfill His purpose for us should cause joy and yes laughter to well up in our hearts and overflow out of our mouths Bishop Noel Jones shares his exciting and challenging truths about God laughter and promises fulfilledHighly motivational this book uses many biblical stories and personal experiences to show how God made and then fulfilled His promises despite doubtful circumstances Knowing that God can and will bring you through any and all circumstances gives you hope for each and every day Watch your worry and uncertainty turn into confidential laughter as Gods shows you what He is up to in your lifeAbout the AuthorBishop Noel Jones pastors the City of Refuge Church in Gardena California

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    The message in this book is powerful and timelyOne of our greatest emotional spiritual and mental needs next to love is the need for laughter God wants us to live a joy filled life He has promised great blessings for us than we can imagine but we need to wait for them because God's timing is perfect This means actively waiting not passively waiting The story of the five wise and five foolish virgins was mentioned The five wise virgins were busy preparing while they were waiting and were allowed into the wedding supper That is the same with us We can't expect God's promises if we aren't going through the process of preparing for them The process can be very difficult but it prepares us for the blessings God has promised When we receive those promises we will be able to laugh Laugh with delight that God's promises are true and that He is always faithful The story of Abraham and Sarah was mentioned They laughed to soon which was a laugh of disbelief when God told them that they were going to have a son in their old age Thousands of years later the problems in the Middle East have stemmed from them trying to take matters into their own hands How often do we mess up God's perfect plan for us when we lack the faith to believe that God will provide for us and keep His promisesWe need to be willing to get out of our comfort zone and be willing for whatever God asks of us Sometimes what He reuires doesn't make any sense but when we obey we we will receive a blessing Some people misunderstand God's will for their lives For example person may think the only way to serve God is to be a minister of the gospel That is not true If God has asked you to do something else than you need to be obedient what He has told you to doGod has chosen you He will reveal Himself in His time We need to hang out with people who have a positive influence in our lives; people who will encourage and believe in you What we believe is what we will attract Negative thinking produces negative results and positive thinking brings about bountiful rewards It is dangerous to listen to the lies the enemy feeds usWhat God has promises He will perform We just need to able to receive the blessings He has promised If we are not ready to receive it He may pass it on to the next generation God has promised outrageous blessings for us and our actions prove to Him whether we believe Him or not It was humanly impossible for Abraham and Sarah to have a child in their old age but with God nothing is impossible We too can have those amazing and incredible blessings and laugh with joy delight and amazement at what God has done Timing is everything and with patience we will receive

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    Awesome word This was a reminder of God's amazing love He loves us in the mist of it all Scandalous Blessing How Success Is Define was a stepping stone to a better walk with ChristAngela Y HodgeAuthor of Daybreak A Prayer Book For Children

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    The main topic of this book in how God loves to reward our faithfulness with ridiculous blessings The author's sense of humor and honest transparency regarding his own faith struggles makes this a very good book to read when things are going well and an excellent and insightful one to read when things are really tough and you can't see how God will ever bring something good out of all the bad that you are experiencing and have experienced I heartily recommend reading this book and listening for God's voice speaking through Noel Jones' words

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    There are some good kernels in here some passages I would have underlined were I the underlining type but I was uncomfortable with the repeated references to God blessing through wealth money and status Those things can be a blessing sure but God blesses in so many ways If you don't have and never receive wealth it doesn't mean you aren't blessed or that God has passed you by A focus on material things misses the boat in my opinion

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    Excellent book God has a specific time for events to occur in our lives We have to be patient and trust God no matter what and no matter how bad the trial struggle becomes The blessing is always greater we laugh last and best of all we laugh with a God

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    BlessedThis book spoke volumes to my soul it felt as if Bishop Noel was speaking to me like we were having a personal conversation or personal teaching just for me I thank God for my blessings and will continue to wait on the Lord

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    Makes you rethink your lifeThis book helped me to look at events in my life differently and to seek God's guidance daily; to be thankful to God for what I have Put things in perspective regarding my inner circle

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    want a self help book that will make you laugh This is a good book Everyone should read this book

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    Great book I just posted my blog review

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    Insightful Profound reminder that God timing is always timelyGiving this one 5 stars