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From international favorite and bestseller Harriet Evans the charming seuel to beloved novel A Hopeless Romantic that asks the uestion Do you believe in happy endings?Laura Foster used to be a hopeless romantic She was obsessed with meeting her own Prince Charming until she grew up and realized real life doesn’t work like that Then she met Nick A romantic hero straight from a fairytale with a grand country estate and a family tree to match They’ve been together four years now and Laura knows that what really matters is the two of them not everything else around them She can’t imagine ever loving anyone the way she loves Nick Now though people are openly asking when they’ll hear wedding bells and Nick is keeping secrets from Laura She’s starting to feel she might not be ‘good enough’ for his family Can an ordinary girl like Laura make it work with one of the most eligible men in the country?

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    This is a story of an ordinary girl Laura who is having a relationship with the Maruis of Ranelagh Dominic but there’s one problem Laura doesn’t have the ring on her finger and she really wants itNick and Laura who have been together around three years He comes from the aristocracy and she is an ordinary girl and this aspect of the relationship governs a lot of how the heroine thinks about herself and their lives

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    ‘You have to be patient when you see your future for the first time Laura Sometimes you don’t recognise it when you see it Because it’s going to be totally different from what you know and it seems frightening’‘And what do you do when you find it?’‘You walk towards it’ You’ve got to be prepared not scaredWhen I was searching for a book from the previous Authors I read I stumbled upon this and I was truly excited that there was a seuel about Nick and Laura's story Well its about time because their first book ended like a blank space and it needed a proper ending I enjoyed the drama about this two characters even though its always the same I was thinking of giving it 3 stars instead of four but I truly enjoyed it I love Nick as always and Laura was still the same her she's still worrying if she's the right one for Nick and I think the author intended to make her that way in order to face what is really what she really wants in life and that is to be with Nick no matter what and yes this issue was already taken in the first book relationship is like a maze You just have to find your way throughI really wish the story could have been long though I was reading it a while ago and then a little hours later I was shouting in my head that's it? Lol I know it feels like the first book's ending again but at least it was drawn with a period and not a contiuation any I could have been glad if there were happy moments the author have overdrawn the drama bit but hey happy ending woohoo;D if you love someone or you think you might love them you should definitely go for it first and worry about all the small silly stuff that gets in the way later And it might just sort itself out

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    I love this story and these characters I wish there was

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    A short story really And it was shorter than I thought as It was finished on my Kindle at 71% I enjoyed it as a follow up to A Hopeless Romantic

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    This is the first book I have read by Harriet Evans and it was not until I had finished it that I realised that it was a seuel of A hopeless romantic This I don't think matters it can be read as a short stand alone story The story is chaptered in rules although they are rules it reads as a good story and flows well We meet Nick and Laura Nick has a royal heritage and Laura is your regular girl Laura finds it hard to 'fit in' to what Nick's family want and she is unsure if she wants all that too This is a light hearted fun little novella which is easily read in a few hours It is typical chick lit and if you want a little short story for the beach this one is for you I personally read in bed with a lovely cup of tea either way it will leave you feeling a little fuzzy inside I would read from Harriet Evans

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    Laura met Nick who is the heir to Chartley Hall and although she loves him she's not sure she fits into the liefstyle She has set up a charity that will encourage children to become readers and get free books and a mentor It sounds so wonderful You can imagine living in such a wonderful place Great characters and a gorgeous setting

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    This would probably be my favourite of the uick Reads I've read over the past few months It was sweet and charming and a good introduction to Harriet Evans' longer novels While there was nothing startling it was still enjoyable as Nick and Laura struggled to become a couple despite their vastly different socio economic backgrounds Rules for Dating a Romantic Hero is perfect for lovers of Chick Lit and romance who are looking for something that isn't too onerous A cute read

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    This was a lovely little uick read I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it as short stories sometimes leave me wanting for It was lovely to be reacuainted with the characters Nick and Laura again getting to see how they are getting on

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    Are you kidding me?I don't know why I thought this short story would magically pull together the things that bugged me about A Hopeless Romantic but I really didAnd I was wrongI actually like Laura better this time around but Nick is just blah That goes for the rest of the characters as well I thought the characters were well rounded and interesting before They were just hollowed out shells in this short storyIt's way too short I mean it's great that we actually see the happily ever after don't get me wrong but it actually seemed like the outline for their happily ever after and that left me cheated There was uite a bit of potential for a full length novel here that might have been spectacular Not getting it makes the happily ever after less happyAnd where was her brother? Just saying Was there even a mention? Probably Hopefully I'm willing to believe that I overlooked it because I was waiting for and skipped itBasically this just didn't give me enough and what it did give me was flat and trite I almost wish I could go back to my own ending for the story It worked a lot better than this

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    Ok i admit it had been a few years since I first read about Nick and Laura but it didn't take me long when reading this to get back into their story The book basically takes place a couple of years later and Laura still finding Nicks life a difficult adjustment you even learn they briefly split up for a few months luckily however they got back together and for a while you think the relationship is once again going to come to an end I should have had faith in Nick I almost forgot how perfect he is lol anyway this book was a really nice little addition to their story funny warm and I thought really uite realistic not every relationship is simple or easy after all A really good read ☺☺